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Last day

Tomorrow is my last day at my current school.

Wish me luck.

PRAY I don’t start crying. I don’t plan on it, but if the right student says just the right thing and it hits me just the right way……

Being a girl blows sometimes. hahaha

Oh, 3:15……come on because I want a break!

Have a good Wednesday. I’ll stop wasting time with useless posts.

New Teacher. New Wife.


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So many new and wonderful things

I don’t even know where to start.

I guess I’ll start with how wonderful yesterday (Sunday) was.

4 year anniversary and 23rd birthday were this past weekend, and we had a lot going on. So, yesterday we intended on going to the gym and working on school stuff. Well, that never happened. Instead, we spent ALL day cuddling on the couch, glued to Rescue Me via our Netflix ondemand. (If you have an XBox360 or a Wii, and a Netfliz account, you can get your on demand videos to play through the consoles on your tv, instead of just through your computer. We get every penny out of the Netflix because of this. They have almost any season of any big show on there. Check it out if you haven’t. This will also probably be our source of entertainment during law school because we probably won’t pay for cable.)

Fiance and I have both been stressed out lately and a little testy with each other, so it was a perfect time for us to relax together and just have some good quality time. The only interruptions were to get a snack or a restroom break. It was glorious. We intend on having many more of these days int he next few years. We’re lame, we know.

Also, if you have been reading, my long-term sub position ends on Wednesday. While I will miss knowing what exactly I’m doing for money each day and I’ll miss a lot of the kids (and the steady paycheck), it is nice to know that a break is only TWO days away!!! This job would be easier if it had been my classroom and I started with it from the beginning, but it took the students a month before they figured out I wasn’t leaving the next day and that the assignments and tests I gave, actually counted towards their grade. Who would ever have thought?? 13 years olds……

Since fiance’s spring break was this past week and I still had to slave away, we will be headed to my hometown (in a different state than where I went to school and still live and a MUCH bigger city….so many restaurant options…my diet will be slipping away I believe). We are leaving Thursday and coming back Monday morning so fiance can get to his afternoon class. I am so excited. My own little break. No grading. No preparing anything. No worries and NO WAKING UP EARLY!!! It’s all about the little things in life….

While home, we will be doing family birthday stuff since I couldn’t go home the past weekend. My brother, who is seven years older, has a birthday TWO days before mine. So we always do joint family birthdays. I always felt jipped, until he told me that he got 7 whole years before I showed up, so he really felt the got the short end of the stick. Oh well.

Also, going to the GREATEST zoo on earth. I’ll save the engagement story for another post, but fiance proposed at this zoo because it is our absolute favorite place to go. No, I’m not from C a l i f o r n i a. That zoo costs too much. Ours is free. Why should you pay $40 a person for a zoo?? Doesn’t make sense.

When baseball season starts, you will probably find out where I’m from because I won’t be able to hide my hatred for baby bears and my favorite color becomes red for 6 months…… 🙂

So, lots of good things going on right now. This next month holds in store:

2 bridal showers

Bachelorette party (which I know NOTHING of what we are doing….could be interesting)

Run through for wedding hair and makeup (Why this excites me I have no idea)

Licensing test for the state we will be moving to (They won’t take my PRAXIS scores, so I must spend ANOTHER full day testing to prove I can teach. Despite being in school for 4.5 years and graduating with honors.) Not exciting, but VERY important so I can, you know, get a JOB.

Another person’s wedding

I can’t wait.

I AM working on pictures. New camera and I are still adjusting. I promise to take lots and lots this weekend and post them. I love pictures, so I promise this blog will get more entertaining. Hopefully.

I DO have a question though, for the 4 people that read this. We are having a judge officiate the wedding (family friend- we thought better to have someone close than a pastor we didn’t know). BUT, I have to figure out the order of the ceremony and how things will go. The last wedding I went to was when I was 16. I’m lost on this front. Anyone give me a website or someone give me a general layout? I have NO idea how this part should go. Thanks blogging world.

Pictures to come. Two more days at school, then my own little spring break.

We also booked our honeymoon this week. A week in MEXICO on an all inclusive resort. Oh, I am counting the days. So I leave you with a picture of what I will get to look at for a week in June.

Have a good Monday!

New Teacher. New Wife.


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Best time of the year

I love March. Spring is coming. It’s getting warmer and the frigid winter air is moving out finally.

I also love March because not only is it my birthday month, it’s also fiance and mine’s anniversary.

We have been together for 4 years. 4 years sounds like such a long time, but it doesn’t feel like that. I still remember when I met him at the gym. We had mutual friends through his fraternity and the guys had invited us to go, never intending a new romance start. I went to get away from doing homework that night. I just wanted to hang out.

Honestly, I thought he was too cute and out of my league. I have always been friends with guys, so I was very used to being in the “friend zone”. Well, we started talking. Watched a movie with the friends, and he invited me to dinner at the new thai restaurant in town (which was a big deal because the university we go to is in a VERY small tiny town, so a new restaurant is BIG).

Well, you know the rest. Dates, meet the parents, a few fights that test this new relationship, realizing we don’t want to be without each other. Yada yada.

4 years later, and we are two months away from our wedding, moving to a new town this summer for him to start law school, and trying to find a teaching job. Very much looking forward to it all.

And to top off the wonderful month, it was my birthday today! I know, most women as they get older, the dread birthdays, but I love them. Always have. I always joke that I will be the 80 year old woman in the nursing home still excited it’s my birthday. So to all of you who have a birthday today as well, I hope you had a great day!

I’m off to go sleep in tomorrow. Homemade french toast tomorrow morning and relaxing. Couldn’t be better. (I’ll post some more pictures this week.)


New Teacher. New Wife.


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Let me explain

I don’t think I fully explained my current job situation, and as it will end next week, I feel I should clarify.

I graduated in December with a bachelor’s in Secondary English Education. Basically, I want to be a high school English teacher. Gag. I know. But it’s been a love of mine for years, and I hope I can at least get students to appreciate it. We shall see.

Well, due to the economy falling into the 7th circle of hell (Dante reference??), many schools in the area are not hiring. While it is difficult to find a teaching job in December anyways, all the people that graduated the previous year in December had found jobs. So, it was a little upsetting not to find anything.

So, I decided to be a substitute teacher. As a certified teacher, a sub can make decent money, and I figured if I was on the lists in enough school districts, I would be able to work everyday.

Well, January 4th, I get called from a school district. They have a teacher going on maternity leave, and they needed a sub. For January 6th. Yes. 2 days notice.

Being the broke college student adult that I was, I happily accepted. Basically 3 months of a for-sure job sounded glorious. I wasn’t thrilled of not knowing whether I would work from day to day. I mean, who really wants to go to bed at 9pm if they don’t have to???

Fast forward 3 months. I am in my last week and a half with the long-term sub position, and I am not sure what to think. After days like today, I couldn’t be happier to leave. But then I realize that I will miss some of the kids and I love the team I work with. I work with people who truly love their job and want to help their children.I have truly enjoyed my time there and I have learned sooo much. Good and bad. But this is probably the best learning experience ever.

Working with teachers like that makes it more enjoyable for me, as a new teacher, who is feeling a little jaded already due to extreme testing standards and the fact that so many states are cutting education budgets by BILLIONS of dollars. BILLIONS!

How can you justify cutting so much money from an already struggling sector, but still want our children to compete with Japan and China?? it’s. not. possible.

They demand more from teachers, yet expect them to do it all for less pay. What other profession would people do this??? NONE! Yes, there are teachers unions, but who really pays the price when teachers strike?? The students. Their education is already suffering due to the fact that teachers are losing their want/desire/ability for creativity because we have so many standards and content to teach to make sure our students perform well on tests.

I digress. I could literally talk about this for hours. But I won’t. It’s one thing I am very passionate about and it just upsets me that politicians aren’t listening. Why is education one of the first things that money is cut from??


Well, I will step off my soapbox now and go on to lighter things.

Such as, the greatest dinner ever. Well, not ever, but it is rather tasty and fairly cheap and healthy.

Tortilla pizza

It is a tortilla. I put a little olive oil on it and put it in the oven at 400 degrees for like 3 minutes, just to crisp up the tortilla. I then put spaghetti sauce on it, then some low fat ricotta, fat free mozzarella, and a little Parmesan. Put back in the oven for about 5 minutes, sprinkle with just a dash of pizza seasoning or basil, and Voila! It may sound goofy, but it is soooo good. Fiance puts artichokes or onions or other things on his, but I keep mine simple. Yummmmmy.

Also, if trying to eat a little better, but have a salt addiction like myself:

The Best Pringles Ever

They are truly addicting. And yummy. Just a suggestion.

I hope you all have a good evening. I must find a way to teach clauses in a way that my students don’t die of boredom. Wish me luck.

New Teacher. New Wife.


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The refrigerator door

I’ll write a longer post tomorrow, but….. (drum roll please)

Our wedding invitations went out and while visiting friends, I was so excited to see our invitations on their fridge door!

Totally lame, I know. But fiance and I have a  few on our own, and it was excited to see ours at other people’s houses.

About 2 months and I will marry the absolute best man for me. My best friend. My everything.

OKay. Done being mushy. I’ll have better stories for tomorrow…..

New Teacher. New Wife.

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Oh to be in college still….

Oh, this anonymity thing is already difficult! How does lawschoolwife do it?

All I want to do is scream and shout about my alma mater and their truly amazing showing in the NCAA championship today!!!!!!! Well, I guess that narrows it down, but I can’t help myself. Go us!!!

All my still-in-college friends get to go out tonight, celebrate our victory, kick off spring break early and have fun. i still have to go to bed early. and no spring break next week. I’m not used to this being an adult thing yet.

Also, the weather is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l today. gorgeous. all i wanted to do was take a book outside and read. oh, spring, how I have missed you.

My mood is just through the roof today. We had testing the first 3 hours of the day (just nice because it was quiet and my students worked hard). So, as a reward, I took my group outside for like 20 minutes to enjoy the weather and stretch after working hard. I don’t know if I am still naive, but I was the ONLY teacher to do this. All our kids worked hard, and instead of giving them a short break before starting back into class and working, the other teachers went straight from the test to teaching.

These kids need a break and need to know WE know they are working hard. THEY are the ones who (unfortunately) hold funding based on NCLB in their hands. Let’s reward them and show them how important they are.

It was 20 minutes and when I saw those kids in the hall later, I could tell they were in a better mood and were grateful.

I try. Also, i wanted some fresh air. It’s a win-win.

Something I do not look forward to-teacher drama. They need to realize we are all working, while everyone may not see eye to eye, no need to get all ticked off and send e-mails.

Oh well. I went outside. Enjoyed the sunshine. Hung out with my students and showed them that teachers can be fun too. I think I earned some new respect.

Isn’t it what it’s all about anyways??

I hope you all have a fantastic day and get some sunshine (if it’s sunny where you are.)

New Teacher. New Wife.

—-All I want is to say is GO “ALMA MATER”!!!!


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Need a 9-5

People seem to think that because teachers get summer break and Christmas break, then the job is cake. Throw in “getting off” at 3pm, and people think monkeys could teach.

My schedule:

5:15am: stumble out of bed

5:30am: realize I haven’t actually gotten out of bed, only thought about it.

5:40am: realize that I have no more time and MUST get out of bed.

5:45am: start cussing because I have to get up

5:45-6:15am: get ready…try to make sure clothes match and I’m not repeating the same outfit too much. (I did just graduate, so still working on broadening the wardrobe, but on a limited budget. Also, 8th graders can be ruthless.)

6:20-7:15am: make my daily drive. listen to anything that will keep me awake. silently wish the principal will call me and say I deserve a paid day off

7:20-3:05pm: deal with everything a 13 year old can possibly throw at you (literally and figuratively), all while trying to expand their minds. it’s intense. and tiring. you wouldn’t believe how tired I am by the time 3pm rolls around.

You get the idea. Tonight, I stayed at school till 7:30pm, and I will be back at school in less than 12 hours. Geeze.

I’ve never worked so hard before.

Side note: fiance is SUPER stressed. He has had some exams in his MBA classes and at least in one class, it looks like the professor is intentionally trying to fail students. Fiance told me that one girl literally wept during the exam tonight because NOTHING on the test had been covered/talked about/taught/read/thought of during the past 2 months. I feel awful.

All he needs to do is pass this class. He’s been accepted to law school, so he just needs to get through this.

Thoughts/prayers/whatever you feel like sending is appreciated.

Must sleep. Goodnight.

–New Teacher. New Wife.


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