About the blog

Hello world.

This is me.

I’ve started this blog in February 2010. I was engaged. A new college graduate. Finding out that the world was not as nice and easy as I was expecting.

I got my degree in secondary English education, a career that “always has jobs” and “they will always need teachers”. That is until some silly state cut their education budget and they are firing teachers left and right. Marvelous.

But, we made it work. 5 months of unemployment, 9 months working in retail hell, and things  finally fell into place. I started grad school in August 2011 and have an amazing opportunity to be both the student and the teacher. I am loving my assistantship and learning new things, both about myself and teaching.

I’m married to a law student. Yes. Both of us are in grad school. At the same time. There are a lot of reading and wine nights in this apartment.

We recently adopted/rescued an adorable little kitten. Her name is Scout and she is feisty and full of attitude. She runs this place. We are so screwed when we have kids. (Years from now. Don’t go wishing that on us. Remember- grad school. BOTH of us.)

I took a little blogging sabbatical. It was feeling like a chore and I needed to take a break. But I’m back because I missed all the great friends I made and reading the funny stories. I have “met” some awesome people who share my sarcastic sense of humor. Many of you have been here through the ups and downs and I love all of you. I love snarky blogs. They make my day.

Welcome to New Teacher. New {ish}  Wife. Let the adventure begin…

–You can e-mail me at    newteacherwife {@} gmail {dot} com or


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