I finally had one of those moments where I knew my direction.

No, I don’t have all the answers. I will still have bad days and days when I want to quit.

But when I stay at school till 7pm setting up a whole project for all my students, I know I’m doing something right. I was so excited about the project I had come up with that I was more upset to realize that it was 7, and I still had a 45 minute drive home.

I was excited to get to school today so that we could start the project. I put so much time and effort and imagination into the whole thing that I just wanted to share it with the students.

It had been a tough week, and because of their behavior, we were doing mostly book work so they could figure out how to act/behave in  a classroom. I just wanted to do something fun and something they could enjoy, while still learning.

I feel renewed. I feel like I am in the right career and I’m excited about what’s to come.

Now, ask me during testing time and you may need to remind me of this little post.No Child Left Behind is terrible, but I won’t get on my soap box tonight.

I was in the best mood. I was so excited. I wanted to call everyone I knew to tell them about it. Granted, most people wouldn’t see any excitedment about a project for 8th graders about adverbs and adjectives. But I guess it’s the small things.

Also, the fact that our engagement announcement was in the newspaper may have added to my over-joyed mood.

I am so excited for this wedding that is in 2.5 months. I want to put up a picture of what my boquet will look like, but it won’t let me. Still working on this blogging stuff.

I started this thinking I had more to say, but I am exhausted. I’ll get more sleep and do better tomorrow.

New Teacher. New Wife.


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