Let me explain

I don’t think I fully explained my current job situation, and as it will end next week, I feel I should clarify.

I graduated in December with a bachelor’s in Secondary English Education. Basically, I want to be a high school English teacher. Gag. I know. But it’s been a love of mine for years, and I hope I can at least get students to appreciate it. We shall see.

Well, due to the economy falling into the 7th circle of hell (Dante reference??), many schools in the area are not hiring. While it is difficult to find a teaching job in December anyways, all the people that graduated the previous year in December had found jobs. So, it was a little upsetting not to find anything.

So, I decided to be a substitute teacher. As a certified teacher, a sub can make decent money, and I figured if I was on the lists in enough school districts, I would be able to work everyday.

Well, January 4th, I get called from a school district. They have a teacher going on maternity leave, and they needed a sub. For January 6th. Yes. 2 days notice.

Being the broke college student adult that I was, I happily accepted. Basically 3 months of a for-sure job sounded glorious. I wasn’t thrilled of not knowing whether I would work from day to day. I mean, who really wants to go to bed at 9pm if they don’t have to???

Fast forward 3 months. I am in my last week and a half with the long-term sub position, and I am not sure what to think. After days like today, I couldn’t be happier to leave. But then I realize that I will miss some of the kids and I love the team I work with. I work with people who truly love their job and want to help their children.I have truly enjoyed my time there and I have learned sooo much. Good and bad. But this is probably the best learning experience ever.

Working with teachers like that makes it more enjoyable for me, as a new teacher, who is feeling a little jaded already due to extreme testing standards and the fact that so many states are cutting education budgets by BILLIONS of dollars. BILLIONS!

How can you justify cutting so much money from an already struggling sector, but still want our children to compete with Japan and China?? it’s. not. possible.

They demand more from teachers, yet expect them to do it all for less pay. What other profession would people do this??? NONE! Yes, there are teachers unions, but who really pays the price when teachers strike?? The students. Their education is already suffering due to the fact that teachers are losing their want/desire/ability for creativity because we have so many standards and content to teach to make sure our students perform well on tests.

I digress. I could literally talk about this for hours. But I won’t. It’s one thing I am very passionate about and it just upsets me that politicians aren’t listening. Why is education one of the first things that money is cut from??


Well, I will step off my soapbox now and go on to lighter things.

Such as, the greatest dinner ever. Well, not ever, but it is rather tasty and fairly cheap and healthy.

Tortilla pizza

It is a tortilla. I put a little olive oil on it and put it in the oven at 400 degrees for like 3 minutes, just to crisp up the tortilla. I then put spaghetti sauce on it, then some low fat ricotta, fat free mozzarella, and a little Parmesan. Put back in the oven for about 5 minutes, sprinkle with just a dash of pizza seasoning or basil, and Voila! It may sound goofy, but it is soooo good. Fiance puts artichokes or onions or other things on his, but I keep mine simple. Yummmmmy.

Also, if trying to eat a little better, but have a salt addiction like myself:

The Best Pringles Ever

They are truly addicting. And yummy. Just a suggestion.

I hope you all have a good evening. I must find a way to teach clauses in a way that my students don’t die of boredom. Wish me luck.

New Teacher. New Wife.



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3 responses to “Let me explain

  1. Have you met any other teachers at your school who are pregnant or close to retiring? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this lady you’re subbing for comes back to work for a couple of days only to realize she can’t be away from her baby and decides to quit and be a SAHM.

    Or maybe there will be a crazy lady like my mom, who burst into her principal’s office the day after her OB confirmed she was pregnant with me to resign. Seriously. She quit her job when she was like one month pregnant.

    But she’s also the woman who cashed out her teacher’s retirement account to buy herself a two carat wedding ring for her 10th anniversary and then got divorced a few years later. So maybe there’s no one quite that crazy at your school šŸ˜‰

    Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed someone in your school leaves after this May for whatever reason!

  2. Like you, I graduated in Dec (secondary ed/math), but I actually got married two days after finishing my internship. I’ve spent the last three months hoping someone will go on maternity leave, decide to be a SAHM, or have a husband (or wife) whose job gets transferred. No luck yet.

    Many of the school systems in my area are under hiring freezes. Others are planning on giving pink slips to every non-tenured teacher on staff at the end of the year (with plans to rehire when possible). So, so frustrating!

    Just wanted to say you’re not alone!

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