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Blah Blah Blah

Welp, I was planning on giving you a post about finally going for the job and e-mailing the principal and her telling me she would love to schedule an interview and all of that jazz. And then she decided to skip the interview and just hire me over the phone. (If only…)

Instead, today I wake up, get on the website to get her e-mail address and the job is no longer posted. Mind you, it was JUST posted on Thursday. I didn’t find out about it until about 9pm Friday night. Either they found someone already or decided not to move that teacher to the new position.

So, I’m a little miffed. Especially after all the stress and thinking and finally getting a little excited about the job and then it’s just gone.

Then you think that I shouldn’t be too upset since I have the other job. True, except they still haven’t called to tell me my schedule. I know my manager had a family emergency come up last Thursday, but come on. Just freaking tell me when to come in. And I will be sooo pissed if they don’t have me start till next week during the big sale they’re having. Don’t make my first day be when a super crazy sale is going on and no one will really be able to help me. Yes, I know how to use the register, but I have yet to be on the floor and I don’t even know where everything is. Gahhhh.

So I’m just doing random crap that comes to mind since there is nothing to really talk about since this job stuff seems to be stalling and it’s pissing me off.

–I was all excited about these Christmas cards, but now I’m not so sure why. I mean, just a few months ago we were slaving over writing addresses for wedding invitations. And then I had to write a billion thank you cards and send all those out. I barely got them finished in a timely and proper manner. And now I have 65 to do. Yes, I bought 15 to send out to a few people, then I got the free 50 and now I don’t know who all to send them to. So, anyone want a Christmas card? haha

— I went for a run outside today since the weather was better. Well, I figured going to run at 4:30 would be just fine. Umm…the sun was already setting, and when I got back 30 minutes later, it was nearly dark. Now, at 5:30? Pitch black. Also, the temperature was dropping the entire time I was out, which just hurt the lungs with all the cold air. It looks like I’ll be gym bound. Boo.

— Also, I know I know wayyyy less about politics than most of you, but my husband brought something to my attention, but all i can find are examples to the contrary. My husband told me that most the time, Republicans wear red ties and Democrats wear blue/light blue ties. But all I’ve seen is the contrary. Watching the news discussing Obama’s trip to India, I’ve only seen one scene where he’s in a blue tie. Thes rest of the time he’s in a red one. There have been times he’s in silver and black and such, but very few blue. And at the Social Security Office, in the picture, Joe Biden is wearing a red tie. So, is Mr. A wrong? Or am I just only noticing the opposite??

— I love my husband. He’s wonderful. Most of the time. Today at lunch? I wanted to strangle him. First of all, I’m trying to cut out a lot of my processed carbs and bleached white flour. He comes home and puts in a frozen pizza. One of my weaknesses. And this isn’t the only time. He is constantly eating things right in front of me that I love that I’m trying to avoid. And this wouldn’t be such a big deal if he hadn’t said he was going to try to cut out the same things and eat better with me. The he makes baked potatoes, spaghetti, and pizza.

Then, while the pizza was baking, it started to smell really bad. It hadn’t been in long, but I told him to check to see if it was burning. He said it wasn’t. But the smell continued to get worse. I joked that he would never be allowed to make pizza again if it was going to smell like that. Finally, I got up to look because it was making me sick. When I looked, he had set the pizza on a dirty cupcake tin from where I made cupcakes for the championship soccer game Sunday. So he was burning the leftover reside onto the pan, making it even harder for me to clean it because I know he won’t clean it. And I also found out that he started by cooking it straight on the shelf in the stove. No foil. No cookie sheet. Nothing. No wonder it smelled like burning and gross. And this is the man who almost went to culinary school and can make some yummy food. No common sense sometimes.

— Conan premieres tonight and I’m so bummed because we don’t get TBS. We aren’t paying for cable but we get a few channels and I won’t be able to see it. Sad day. I guess I’ll watch it on Hulu tomorrow. I hope it’s good. Anyone know who his guests are tonight??

— We’ve been looking at apartments since we have to tell our landlord in January whether we are staying or not. It’s been frustrating. The super apartment with the awesome company that we wanted in the complex feet from where we are now, doesn’t allow dogs at that complex. Most of their other compounds, yes, but not this one. And the one we wanted was a one bedroom, but it was a loft so it had more room. THe others that allow dogs? One bedroom flats or two bedrooms that are crazy super expensive. Annoyed to no end. And why do they need to know now?? I have no idea what might happen in 8 months. Shit. I could get pregnant and have a baby in that amount of time. (Man I hope not!!) I need someone to decide to move, have lots of money, so they will let us rent their house for free. I wish.


I don’t have much else. I’m just crabby, so I should stop before I start picking at everything. What’s going on with you?? Tell me something funny.



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First Day


Yes, I work at a department store, but whatever. It was a first day at WORK. After 4 months of no work at all.

It was glorious. 8 hours in dress pants, nice top, and heels (albeit comfortable ones). Hair was done. Makeup on. I even woke up early enough to shower before work. I’m impressed with myself.

The funniest part was that I was supposed to be there at 10am. We still had to do all of my paperwork and such, so I thought I would get there early. Well, I had been told about an employee entrance, but I didn’t know where it was. So, I was walking around the outside of the mall by my store, in dress clothes, and it was like 55 degrees this morning. Also, the mall didn’t open until 10, so I was there for 30 minutes, wandering outside hoping to see someone else who worked there and follow them in.

Even better? I saw a girl walking in, in black like I have to wear, but she was on the phone so I just followed her. Turns out, she works at a hair salon in the mall and the entrance I followed her through was just an entrance to the mall, so I STILL couldn’t get into our store.

Needless to say, the little old ladies already in the mall, waiting for the stores to open, were looking at me like I was crazy.

Today was pretty much paperwork and training. Reading over the handbook and code of conduct and such. They have it where everything is done on the computer and you watch little things and read stuff and follow along. They even had a section of work outfit options to show you ways to style it up and what is appropriate or not. Other than the black requirements, their dress code leaves it so you can add color and style and you don’t look like you’re always going to a funeral.

Then, for 3 hours, I was trained via computer and training register how to ring out customers and make returns and exchanges and all that fun stuff. Need a department store credit card? I’m your girl. Can’t find something in our store and need to see if it’s at another? I’d be happy to help you.

Is it lame how excited I am about all of this? Because I am.

Working with people. Having real conversations. Interacting. I’m even looking forward to being a little stressed out. Small amounts of work stress are a good thing for me. Keeps me on my toes. And keeps the job from getting boring.

The discount is pretty good, especially since we can use coupons with it. And they even have special employee days where we get an added discount. Hello Christmas shopping. Even better, it’s a store I love and would shop at anyways. Or would wish I could shop there but couldn’t afford it. But now I can!!

So thank you for all of the well wishes and support through all of this. I’m finally employed and will be sure to share the amusing stories that will inevitably come along with working retail at the holidays. But without disclosing where I work or indentifying features. Just to be on the safe side.


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The Time has Come

For me to get off my ass and work!

Yep. That’s right. This girl has a job.

Many of you already found this out from Twitter, but I wanted to share with the blogosphere.

I ironed all my clothes the night before. I hung them super neatly on hangers.

I woke up early the day of my interview. I washed my hair that morning, which never happens because I usually just wash it at night and I also don’t wash my hair everyday.

I spent time straightening my hair and applying to makeup to look professional and not like a street walker headed to the club.

I dressed. put on my small and simple diamond stud earrings. No necklace and worked hard to create a very professional and put together look.

I worked very hard on my look since I usually wear sweat pants and t-shirts on a daily basis. Or jeans if I venture beyond our front door. Occasionally I try to look a little nicer, but not always. I mean, I’m home far too many hours to try to dress up.

But I walked into the interview with my head held high. My mom kept telling me “Make sure to show enthusiasm for the job and that you really want it.” Woman, I sit in the same spot on the couch everyday and hear about people and work and shopping because they have a paycheck. I REALLY want this job. Two words. Store. Discount. I’m sold.

Yes, I know. I will get crazy rude and ridiculous customers and I will just have to plant a smile on my face and try not to get stabby, but I am looking forward to the job. I really do love working with people and, most of the time, the public.

And shoes. And clothes. Dude. I get to see them when they first come out, which means they will have my size! Woohoo!

And no, I won’t go blowing every paycheck on clothes, like my husband made obvious when I was talking about purses, but it’s nice to know we have a little more wiggle room. Not much, but at least there is money coming in. Finally.

So thank you to everyone who sent prayers, warm wishes, hugs, or just gave an encouraging word. You are wonderful and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Now to go buy clothes for my work wardrobe because I don’t own that much black.


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A little catch-up

Lots has been going on around here. And without internet for a little over a week now, I’m so behind and feeling disconnected. So, I figured I would just do a quick over view of everything.

1. We’ve moved. Yes, I know we moved about 4 weeks ago, but we weren’t actually staying in the new place until last Sunday. I set up our kitchen. All by myself. I must applaud myself because I have NO domestic qualities, at least I didn’t until we moved into the new place. Mr. A was gone Monday and Tuesday for work/school stuff, so I had the place all to myself and I got our baker’s racks set up and unpacked all the boxes of kitchen/wedding presents. I’ll post pictures once I’m done done with everything.

2. I learned I’m a 5 year old. Monday night, my first night alone in the apartment, I freaked out about being there alone. I kept looking in the other rooms and I wanted lights on and I checked that the door was locked a million times. I didn’t go to bed until my eyes wouldn’t stay open because I knew if I went to lay down in the dark and I wasn’t exhausted, I would hear every noise and think I was getting broken into. (it doesn’t help there was a very terrifying home invasion a block over from my MIL’s while we were staying there. I don’t need those ideas in my head.) I’ll learn…..maybe.

3. Lonely. It’s a problem. I need a fun night out. Like none other. Problem? We don’t know ANYONE here in this new town. I figure we’ll meet people once law school orientation starts on the 18th, but that’s 17 more days of NOTHING to do. This week I can hang out with the husband and job search and we’re having some of our college friends come to visit us this upcoming weekend, but Sunday night Mr. A leaves. Again. For a whole week. What am I going to do for a whole week by myself. Have I mentioned I don’t have a job? Which means I don’t need to be spending much money because we’re broke. I think the librarians at the public library and I are going to become close friends. I hope they like margaritas.

P.S. it worries me that I’m feeling the lonely bug already since law school starts in 17 days. And while the husband plans on studying at home so we will at least be in the same building, he will be studying and wanting it quiet. I need some friends. Any of you want to move here and hang out? No? Darn.

4. I might have the greatest mom on the planet. She has been super with helping with all sorts of things. She bough our amazing baker’s racks, knowing we couldn’t really afford them. She bought me shoes while she was shopping yesterday. She says she’s been trying not to call as much because she doesn’t want to “bother me”. She’s cute. I tell her that since I have no social life here, she’s more than welcome to call. Her and I can also tell each other, “Hey. I don’t feel like talking on the phone. We’ll talk tomorrow.” She’s pretty cool. If only she drank. Then she could enjoy some margaritas or wine with me….

5. Mr. A’s cousin and his wife have safely returned from the country in Africa from which they adopted a baby. It’s been 2 years dealing with all of the legal aspects and such and longer dealing with the idea that they couldn’t have children. The baby is freaking adorable. 4 months old and the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. He will be a heartbreaker one day. And the parents couldn’t be happier. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough so I can see and hold this little guy. Hoping it doesn’t inspire baby fever. We’re too broke for that.

6. I re-read through our lease. I knew we could have a dog. However, I missed the part about it being another $100 a month for “pet rent”. WTF???? I want nothing more than a scottish terrier. I adore them. And husband has already agreed that when we get one, he will give it to me with a giant red bow tied around his neck. I never got a pet as a present as a child, so I really want the big red bow thing. I have a name picked out. We were going to get it for my birthday next March because ( hopefully!) I would have a job and we could be saving for it and be more settled. But I don’t want to pay $100 more a month for the dog. That’s insane. You remember the other apartment I fell in love with, but cost a little more so we went with the cheaper option? Yeah…they allow dogs for just a $150 deposit. And they have townhomes. With fenced in backyards. Think I can convince the husband to move next August? Yeah, I’m not so sure either.

7. I miss internet. Terribly. And cable. Did you know it was Shark Week???? I love shark week and I’m missing it. This is depressing.

Well, tomorrow starts the 8hr/day job of searching for a job. Wish me luck so I can quit talking about it. Mostly, I want a fun job with fun people I can make friends with. Know of any? Let me know.


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The Waiting Game

Have I mentioned how not patient I am?

No? Well then, let me tell you.

I am not patient. I hate waiting. And waiting for big things, is even worse. Thanks, Mom. Your impatience has rubbed off.

So, the interview.

It happened. I think it went well, but it’s rather hard to decipher smiles and people taking notes about everything you say. It’s rather intimidating.

And while Beth believes in me, I am not so sure about this drama department duty as well. Not only would I be a new teacher with two preps- meaning I have LOTS of planning since I don’t have years of material behind me, I have KTIP, which is more work- observations, units to plan, lessons to be scrutinized; all the fun perks of being a new teacher, and add casting, rehearsing, and directing a school play?? Not so sure.

To put into perspective, since some of you may think, “Hey, it’s a school play. No big deal. Throw it together.”


The teacher whose position I would be filling, left teaching to go pursue her acting career. Also, the school did Les Miserables in the spring. What high school does Les Mis??? And from what I’ve heard, it was fantastic.

They adore their theater department. I would be more than happy to help out, but I’m not sure I want to be the one in charge, at least not yet.

So we wait.

I’m supposed to hear something by the end of the week, but we all know how that goes.

I’ve decided what happens, happens. If I get offered the job, then I will work my ass off this next year and try to figure out a way to get it to work. If they pick someone else, then it wasn’t meant to be and I’ll figure something else out.

So that’s where we are people.

I wore hair half up and I wore the glasses. I decided once it was all put together, the glasses looked good with it all. A girl I graduated with was also interviewing, so we shall see what comes of this.

Working on pictures of the apartment and the wedding. There are a TON!

Thank you for all the support and kind words. It means a lot.

Also, I think my husband is in love with Lance Armstrong, but that’s for another day….


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Just wanted to do a quick update and let you know that I have a job interview. Even better- a teaching job interview.

They called at 4 yesterday and the interview is tomorrow at 10:30am. I’m so incredibly nervous.

It’s with the school I student taught at, so I’m hoping I at least have a reasonable chance. The only issue is that I believe the drama club is attached to this teaching position. I love drama and theater, but as a first year teacher, that’s a lot to take on. Here, my first year is an internship year, where I have a mentor and have so many observations and lesson plans to turn in. It’s A LOT of work, so I would be a little scared to also add two plays to that mix.

But I hope you guys will wish me luck and think about me tomorrow morning. I could really use this job. We could really use this job.

Thanks everyone!

***Update- Interview appropriate?

–2 Questions

1. Do I wear my hair down, or do I pull half of it back into a clip? Not sure which one is more “professional”

2. Glasses or no glasses? I’m not sure if glasses will block my eyes, so I should leave them off, or if they add a touch of “teacher-ness”? Input?

I’ll be wearing a suit, if that helps at all….

***Wedding pictures tomorrow!


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