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Only comment.

I have not whispered a peep about this trial. Not one. My husband and i discussed it, but beyond him, I have not expressed one single opinion.

And I still won’t. Only one social media friend knows how I felt/feel and that was through private messages.

I knew that no matter which side I was on, someone would disagree with me, and it was not that important to me for me to get involved.

Even more?

I have no legal background. None.

Even more reason for me to keep my English degree mouth shut.

Yes, I do know what beyond a reasonable doubt it. Yes, I do know about circumstantial evidence and things have to be proven.

But I remained silent.

Except that I’m friends with A LOT of lawyers/law school people in social media. I actually got into this whole world through Law School Wife, so naturally, that’s who I have originally made friends with and connections with. And I’ve loved it. Law has always interested me so it’s fun for me to talk to people on the other side and hear their opinions and just how it all works.

But today.

Today a rift has formed.

Between lawyers and non lawyers.

And it’s probably not even a big deal. And the things being said are probably just over generalizations. But for some reason, they have deeply bothered me and hurt me some.

I understand many people who don’t understand how the law works and who had their own verdicts made years ago are ranting about everything. I get that. it’s annoying. Especially for the lawyers who truly understand how this works. even those who thought she was guilty knew that they did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt, so they were glad that the justice system worked how it should. We don’t want to lock people up just on mass opinion.

But the comments that ALL non lawyers are ranting and that NONE of them understand how this works bothers me. Yes it’s dumb. Yes, I’m taking something personal that has nothing to do with me.

But I have been quiet and I may be a “non lawyer”, but doesn’t mean that I’m dumb or ignorant of the justice system and the process that is involved.

No, this isn’t earth shattering. And should I care? Probably not. But if people are going to get all riled up, so can I.

So this non-lawyer is still keeping her opinions to herself. But the next time a non-educator talks about our education system, I won’t be biting my tongue.


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Blah Blah Blah

Welp, I was planning on giving you a post about finally going for the job and e-mailing the principal and her telling me she would love to schedule an interview and all of that jazz. And then she decided to skip the interview and just hire me over the phone. (If only…)

Instead, today I wake up, get on the website to get her e-mail address and the job is no longer posted. Mind you, it was JUST posted on Thursday. I didn’t find out about it until about 9pm Friday night. Either they found someone already or decided not to move that teacher to the new position.

So, I’m a little miffed. Especially after all the stress and thinking and finally getting a little excited about the job and then it’s just gone.

Then you think that I shouldn’t be too upset since I have the other job. True, except they still haven’t called to tell me my schedule. I know my manager had a family emergency come up last Thursday, but come on. Just freaking tell me when to come in. And I will be sooo pissed if they don’t have me start till next week during the big sale they’re having. Don’t make my first day be when a super crazy sale is going on and no one will really be able to help me. Yes, I know how to use the register, but I have yet to be on the floor and I don’t even know where everything is. Gahhhh.

So I’m just doing random crap that comes to mind since there is nothing to really talk about since this job stuff seems to be stalling and it’s pissing me off.

–I was all excited about these Christmas cards, but now I’m not so sure why. I mean, just a few months ago we were slaving over writing addresses for wedding invitations. And then I had to write a billion thank you cards and send all those out. I barely got them finished in a timely and proper manner. And now I have 65 to do. Yes, I bought 15 to send out to a few people, then I got the free 50 and now I don’t know who all to send them to. So, anyone want a Christmas card? haha

— I went for a run outside today since the weather was better. Well, I figured going to run at 4:30 would be just fine. Umm…the sun was already setting, and when I got back 30 minutes later, it was nearly dark. Now, at 5:30? Pitch black. Also, the temperature was dropping the entire time I was out, which just hurt the lungs with all the cold air. It looks like I’ll be gym bound. Boo.

— Also, I know I know wayyyy less about politics than most of you, but my husband brought something to my attention, but all i can find are examples to the contrary. My husband told me that most the time, Republicans wear red ties and Democrats wear blue/light blue ties. But all I’ve seen is the contrary. Watching the news discussing Obama’s trip to India, I’ve only seen one scene where he’s in a blue tie. Thes rest of the time he’s in a red one. There have been times he’s in silver and black and such, but very few blue. And at the Social Security Office, in the picture, Joe Biden is wearing a red tie. So, is Mr. A wrong? Or am I just only noticing the opposite??

— I love my husband. He’s wonderful. Most of the time. Today at lunch? I wanted to strangle him. First of all, I’m trying to cut out a lot of my processed carbs and bleached white flour. He comes home and puts in a frozen pizza. One of my weaknesses. And this isn’t the only time. He is constantly eating things right in front of me that I love that I’m trying to avoid. And this wouldn’t be such a big deal if he hadn’t said he was going to try to cut out the same things and eat better with me. The he makes baked potatoes, spaghetti, and pizza.

Then, while the pizza was baking, it started to smell really bad. It hadn’t been in long, but I told him to check to see if it was burning. He said it wasn’t. But the smell continued to get worse. I joked that he would never be allowed to make pizza again if it was going to smell like that. Finally, I got up to look because it was making me sick. When I looked, he had set the pizza on a dirty cupcake tin from where I made cupcakes for the championship soccer game Sunday. So he was burning the leftover reside onto the pan, making it even harder for me to clean it because I know he won’t clean it. And I also found out that he started by cooking it straight on the shelf in the stove. No foil. No cookie sheet. Nothing. No wonder it smelled like burning and gross. And this is the man who almost went to culinary school and can make some yummy food. No common sense sometimes.

— Conan premieres tonight and I’m so bummed because we don’t get TBS. We aren’t paying for cable but we get a few channels and I won’t be able to see it. Sad day. I guess I’ll watch it on Hulu tomorrow. I hope it’s good. Anyone know who his guests are tonight??

— We’ve been looking at apartments since we have to tell our landlord in January whether we are staying or not. It’s been frustrating. The super apartment with the awesome company that we wanted in the complex feet from where we are now, doesn’t allow dogs at that complex. Most of their other compounds, yes, but not this one. And the one we wanted was a one bedroom, but it was a loft so it had more room. THe others that allow dogs? One bedroom flats or two bedrooms that are crazy super expensive. Annoyed to no end. And why do they need to know now?? I have no idea what might happen in 8 months. Shit. I could get pregnant and have a baby in that amount of time. (Man I hope not!!) I need someone to decide to move, have lots of money, so they will let us rent their house for free. I wish.


I don’t have much else. I’m just crabby, so I should stop before I start picking at everything. What’s going on with you?? Tell me something funny.


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Laundry Etiquette 101


I dream of a room like this. Don’t quite need 3 dryers, but all the space. A folding table. In my own home.

But we are not so lucky.

We thought it was a key item to have a washer and dryer in the apartment when we were apartment shopping, but after seeing hell hole after meth lab after rat home, we decided to go for clean and safe and  get over the laundry situation.

Our apartment complex has it’s own laundry room


You have to have a key to get in, so only people from our little complex can use it. There are 12 washers and 5 dryers.

I have no clue who decided a place that holds 12 washers only needed 5 dryers. Yes, the dryers are big, but they aren’t new and if you put too much stuff in them, things NEVER dry. EVER.

It’s also stupid expensive. I spent nearly $10 yesterday on our laundry and didn’t even wash sheets or all of Mr. A’s clothes.

Yesterday, I had lots of laundry. And it drives me nuts to have to take everything over there, including two hampers, our big tub of laundry detergent, a book to keep me occupied, and the ridiculous amount of quarters it takes to do our laundry.

When I show up, 7 of the 12 washers are full of wet clothes. And guess what? Not a single person around. Also, a dryer was full of clothes.

I know these are college kids, but I was a college student a year ago and I still had common sense and manners.

So, here are my rules for sharing a laundry room with other people, even though I’m sure all of you reading either have the privilege of having your laundry in your own home or you are nice enough to be considerate of your neighbors.

1. We are on limited space here. Don’t put your laundry in, go to lunch, then your afternoon classes, all the while, leaving your clothes in the washers and dryers. Otherwise, I’m putting them on the floor. (I was there for about 2 hours and NO ONE came in. How do you forget all of your clothes are in the laundry??)

2. If you use powdered detergent, more power to you. But when you pour it all over the top of the washers, the folding table, and the only open space in the room, CLEAN IT UP!! It’s sticky. I don’t use it and don’t want it all over my stuff. My clean, folded clothes.

3. Don’t get mad at me when one of the only washers you left open, starts to make insanely loud and obnoxious noises during the spin cycle. I can’t fix it and I’m not paying another $1.25 to switch washers.

4. More than 3 pairs of jeans can go in one washer. And more than 5 tshirts fit in another. Please don’t take up 9 washers.

5. When you and another person are in the laundry room, you both have 3 washers (which is completely understandable since you both came in with a decent amount to wash and the washers aren’t huge.), please don’t take up all 5 dryers. Especially when we put our clothes in at the same time. Meaning, I will have to wait the 30-45 minutes for your clothes to dry since you insist on drying your jeans on the lowest possible setting for the longest time allowed.


Basically, common sense and manners. (Not all of these happened yesterday. These are things that have happened to us since we’ve lived here.)

This and how much the rent will skyrocket a month if we want a puppy, we are quickly leaning towards moving to the other apartments that we fell in love with. They have washers and dryers in each apartment, and only $20/month for a pet. Yes, please!


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Ready for a change

It’s one of those weeks where everything either upsets me, makes me mad, or I start second guessing everything I do. Rollercoaster for the emotions.

I thought I would have gotten a call by now to sub at some point this week, but I haven’t and it makes me nervous. I NEED to be working. I can’t afford not to.

I was supposed to have a sub job for tomorrow. She called while I was in the doctor’s office, so I called her back and left a message that I was available. I was excited because it was at the school I student taught at, so I would get to see the teachers and students that I miss a lot. Well, last night she called back while I was in the shower and left a message that she didn’t find my message till later and she had already found another sub.

WHAT?? Why wouldn’t you check your messages BEFORE looking for another person? I’m frustrated. It’s probably not a huge deal, but this week it is.

I also decided to spend some more time at my apartment since I haven’t been there in almost a month. I’m ready to leave again. The roommates drive me nuts and someone has put something down the sink that makes the entire kitchen smell like, well, I won’t tell you what it smells like, but it’s awful.

I even made food for all of them last night in an attempt to be nice. They ate it. But no “thank you”. I guess I shouldn’t do things for recognition, but a thank you would have been appreciated.

Also, trying desperately to get my diet and exercise schedule back on track. It’s killing me. I’m not going to be a size 2 by the wedding, or ever for that matter, but I would like to lose some and get my arms toned up before the wedding. I don’t want to hate all of my wedding pictures because I look HUGE in them. I actually have enjoyed my workouts. It’s the eating that is sabotaging my efforts. I mean, grilled chicken or pizza? Pizza sounds MUCH more appetizing. And the fiance is back to cycling 4 times a week, so he can eat practically whatever he wants because he will burn it all off. It’s just not fair.

I really need to buckle down and find some motivation within myself. I need to look at my long term goals, and not just what I want right now. Not only do I want to look good for wedding pictures, I want to be healthy. I want to start cycling and be able to keep up with him. I want to have the energy for when we have children so I can play with them. Also, I don’t want to add pregnancy weight on top of weight that I want to lose.

Not only in my diet, I need to get to work on finding job openings and applying, which can take about 3 hours per application. YIKES!

Okay. Done whining. Going to go walk and then hit the books again. In 4 more days, I won’t have to talk about studying, at least for a while! Yay!

New Teacher. New Wife.

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