Need a 9-5

People seem to think that because teachers get summer break and Christmas break, then the job is cake. Throw in “getting off” at 3pm, and people think monkeys could teach.

My schedule:

5:15am: stumble out of bed

5:30am: realize I haven’t actually gotten out of bed, only thought about it.

5:40am: realize that I have no more time and MUST get out of bed.

5:45am: start cussing because I have to get up

5:45-6:15am: get ready…try to make sure clothes match and I’m not repeating the same outfit too much. (I did just graduate, so still working on broadening the wardrobe, but on a limited budget. Also, 8th graders can be ruthless.)

6:20-7:15am: make my daily drive. listen to anything that will keep me awake. silently wish the principal will call me and say I deserve a paid day off

7:20-3:05pm: deal with everything a 13 year old can possibly throw at you (literally and figuratively), all while trying to expand their minds. it’s intense. and tiring. you wouldn’t believe how tired I am by the time 3pm rolls around.

You get the idea. Tonight, I stayed at school till 7:30pm, and I will be back at school in less than 12 hours. Geeze.

I’ve never worked so hard before.

Side note: fiance is SUPER stressed. He has had some exams in his MBA classes and at least in one class, it looks like the professor is intentionally trying to fail students. Fiance told me that one girl literally wept during the exam tonight because NOTHING on the test had been covered/talked about/taught/read/thought of during the past 2 months. I feel awful.

All he needs to do is pass this class. He’s been accepted to law school, so he just needs to get through this.

Thoughts/prayers/whatever you feel like sending is appreciated.

Must sleep. Goodnight.

–New Teacher. New Wife.



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3 responses to “Need a 9-5

  1. I have not had the opportunity to read through your blog yet, but I saw you commented on Law School Wife’s blog. I am one of her most faithful (and original) readers. I just wanted to stop by and say “HELLO”, as I will probably frequent your blog, since I am a teacher! Look forward to reading your stuff!

  2. And, sorry, I am totally not stalking you, but let me tell you. The teacher schedule has it’s ups and downs with the law school schedule (my hubby is in law school)…. but it’s great, since we def. spend more time at work than 7:30-3:30! Lol.

  3. Well, welcome. I am VERY new to this, so excuse me while I figure this all out. And try not to ramble. haha. And Lawschoolwife’s blog is awesome!

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