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Just thinking about this summer makes my heart race.

Mr. A had another interview with the company he will be a legal intern for this summer. The company, based in Mville, is a worldwide college book distributer. The guy that owns it has a total of 23 companies, all under one management company. This guy, I shall call him JAC, is friends and partners with Mr. A’s best friend’s dad, who is also super freaking rich, but also amazingly nice and down to earth.

Anyways, Mr. A actually talked to friend’s dad about possibly seeing if JAC would take him on as a legal intern and have him work with the law firm he has on retainer. So the position didn’t even exist. Friend’s dad talked to him and JAC interviewed Mr. A and kind of seemed like he was all for it and said he would have the attorneys contact him. Today, he went and met with the attorneys. It was less of an interview and more of a “make sure he isn’t an asshole and actually knows something about the law” meeting. Even better, the law firm doesn’t do any litigation. Only transactions, contracts, wills and estates, and all things Mr. A is into. He will also be paid for this internship, which will be nice to have a little extra money coming in, even if it’s just to cover gas back and forth.

His last final is May 13th. On Saturday, he has some orientation/seminar thing for the first half of the day. On the 15th, he will have to head to Mville because his first day with JAC (as I will refer to it instead of internship1 all the time) is the 16th. I will get my work schedule for that weekend tomorrow, but I bet I work that Saturday, so I might see him for a few hours.

Since Mville is only 2 hours away, he is planning on coming back here every weekend, or I may go there if I’m off, but only seeing each other on the weekends isn’t going to be easy, at least not at first.

Last day at JAC is July 1st, a Friday. I assume he will come here after work because the next day, we have to move into our new apartment. On Sunday, the 3rd, he will get into his car and drive the 12-13 hours to Other State for kickass internship number 2. And since 12 hours isn’t really feasible, or affordable, every weekend, we won’t see each other. MIL has said she is going to buy my plane ticket so I can go and visit for a week, but I will probably wait until late July so he has time to get a little adjusted there and I can work the first part of July and then visit him and have another week off before my assitantship workshop starts.

I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath because I’m sure reading all of that makes you as exhausted as I feel just thinking about it.

In case you missed some of the stuff:

– I won’t even get 24 hours with my husband before he leaves for a week

– I will then have to adjust to basically living alone and trying to overcome my fear of someone breaking into the apartment (another post for another day)

– While he can come here on the weekends, I bet I will be working on a lot of weekends, so the time together is limited.

– I have to basically pack this entire apartment by myself. MYSELF. AHHHHHHHH

– We have ONE day to move. Before we got the final timeline of events, we thought we would have 5 days and could set up rooms, one at a time, that way there was less boxes to unpack and when we moved everything, it was all just set up and ready to go.

– We have ONE day in our new apartment together before he has to leave for Other State.

– I’m making my last day at work no later than July 13th. And then somewhere before the beginning of August, I will be making a trip to visit Other State.

– He gets back August 15th. My last day of orientation is the 17th. We’re hoping to have a mini vacation the 18th-21st. First day of classes for both of us is the 22nd.


I think I will start drinking Red Bull now to get me through August.



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My Embarrassing Addiction

I’m a couple years behind on this addiction.

It started because I couldn’t find anything else to watch. We don’t have cable, and after 5 months sitting at home, I watched A LOT of Netflix. (If I searched how many times I typed Netflix on this blog, it might be astronomical. They should pay me. Just saying.) I quickly have run out of shows and movies to watch because I had days on end where all I did was watch television series’.

I have made it known my love of The Office. I mean, the Jim and Pam story? Their engagement? That amazingly sweet wedding? I cry every time. Michael cracks me up and I love to hate Dwight. And while this is embarrassing, not as embarrassing as my new love.

Grey’s Anatomy.

I know. I’m hanging my head in shame.

I so made fun of everyone who watched it when it was on tv. (I know it’s still on, but I mean from the start.) I would try to watch an episode here or there, but it all seemed like a ridiculous soap opera. Not as gritty and awesome as ER. Not as dumb as General Hospital. But, if you watch, it’s not really a show you can jump in and out of. You need to know back stories and all that.

So, about a month ago, Mr. A and I couldn’t decide on what to watch so we thought we would give G.A. a shot from the beginning.

Yeah. We’re both hooked now.


We watch a couple episodes when we’re eating dinner. On a lazy Sunday, we watch hours of the show.

And why didn’t anyone warn me about the fact that nearly every episode is a tear jerker?! And not just a couple tears. There are episodes that I have sobbed. Mr. A has teared up at a couple episodes.

Kids who we think might live die unexpectedly? Tears. Episode with the guy and girl who are connected with a pipe and the girl dies before her fiancé gets there? Sobbing. The whole Izzy and Denny storyline? Balling.

And I’m currently watching an episode where I know what is going to happen because I read the episode summaries and I’m all choked up and George hasn’t even died yet. Derek and Meredith writing their vows in the locker room? Adorable. And when she made the blueprint of their house with candles? Precious.

Yes. I’m hooked.

And since there is only one more season left on Netflix, I will have to either wait for them to put season 7 on Netflix or see if it’s on ABC online.

I guess I should also admit that I love Make It or Break It as well. That might be even more embarrassing.

(George just died. Izzy sees him on the elevator. He’s all in his army clothes and looking handsome. How did I get so effing attached to characters on a show?!?)

I think I just have a problem getting attached to book and movie characters. Harry Potter? I will be a sobbing baby when the final credits on the last movie roll. I’ve been reading those books since 5th grade and I balled at the end of the last book. (Basically I’m just announcing how easily I cry at stupid things…)

So what are your embarrassing addictions? What shows or movies do you find it impossible to peel yourself away from? Please share so i feel less lame. Haha.


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So, busy week around here, huh?

Mr. A gets a dream internship. I get into grad school AND get an assitantship that pays for school AND I get a pay check.

But, life continues beyond these things, so I figure a quick little update on things would be great.

* So, not only will he be in another state as of July 5th (probably a couple days earlier, but the 5th is the start date), he will be working for a law firm for the first part of the summer. This is kind of a big deal on its own because the law firm is basically in house council for a big company, so he’s kind of on cloud nine right now. Hopefully that will help him keep his sanity as finals approach.

* Too bad other job is in his hometown. In case you didn’t catch that, it means we will be living apart from mid May through mid August. Yeah. 3 months apart. Not so much a fan. We did the long distance thing for a year and a half in college, but we saw each other every other weekend usually. And if not, then two weeks was the most time we ever spent apart. I assume he will come home on weekend while he’s in Mville, but still, the day to day won’t be fun. And when he’s in the Other state, no idea how long until I’ll be able to come down. MIL is apparently buying my plane ticket to go visit as an early birthday present to Mr. A. Which is pretty amazing of her, but still.

Also, we move into our new apartment June 28th. He will probably be going to Other state at least a couple days before he starts, so I will be in a new apartment with him for maybe 2 nights before I’m there alone. Guess who gets creeped out easily? THIS GIRL. New noises and shadows and creaks and neighbors. Yeah. I might start sleeping pills so I won’t think Jason or Michael are coming to get me.

* Work is basically unbearable at this point. Knowing I get to quit makes me dread it even more now. This is a problem seeing as I pretty much hated it before. I haven’t told them yet since I’m waiting on my paperwork and finding out when my training for the GA position is. I’m pretty much expecting a shit storm when I do and probably going to quit a little early so I can go visit Mr. A and just have some off time before my very crazy and busy semester starts.

* This blog will not be all about grad school. Promise.

* I also will not talk about how much I miss Mr. A all summer. Every so often, but not constantly because no one wants to read that all the time. Promise.

* I need a new blog/twitter name. I had a fun blog name idea, but it doesn’t translate to a twitter name, or I don’t think so at least, so I need some help. As of May 30th, we will have been married for a year, so I don’t want to still be saying I’m a new wife. And while I will finally be teaching again in August, I’m not going to be a teacher, or at least not in the respect many people think, and as I’m getting a Master’s and want to be a college professor, I think I need to ditch the teacher part. If interested in what my idea was, e-mail or DM me. I would like some input because I am terrible at coming up with fun and catchy names.

* Diet has crashed and burned. Going to work on getting back on track this week. Same goes for running. Apparently depression makes you only want to eat fried foods and lay on the couch all day.

* And before anyone calls me naive, I do not think all my problems have magically vanished with this week of amazing news. Just this week I was so conflicted because all of this stiff has finally fallen into place and this next year should be amazing for us. Yet, I still felt sad and not nearly as happy as I thought I should, or would. I am still working on that and will probably seeking professional help, whether just talking to someone or taking something. To be honest, just talking to someone on any sort of regular basis will probably help me. I talked to a therapist for a few months when i was living at home in undergrad and it helped immensely. So no. Not everything is just perfect, but I think the stress of not worrying about jobs will help me move past all that has been bothering me.

* So, watching the documentary The Cove on Netflix. Heartbreaking and very interesting. Go watch it.

* Going home this weekend for a baseball game and just hoping the weather is beautiful so I can enjoy my hot dog and nachos and my over priced beer in the sun and watch some fun baseball. And hopefully a win. Hopefully.

Enjoy your weeks and send me your new blog name ideas. I need your help!


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Back to School…For Sure This Time!

So, from the last super short and dull of CAPS post, I got into grad school! Eeeeep!!

In case you didn’t know, I will be getting a Master’s of Arts in English. The program is kind of a survey program. I may want to focus on American Lit, but more than half of my classes can’t be just that. I think it is cool because then I am encouraged to try different classes and work with different authors and genres. Also, means I don’t have to pick something now which is awesome because that seems difficult right now.

Also, there’s a professor whose focus is on graphic novels and hoax poetry and comic books. YES PLEASE!!! Also, several who have PhDs in multicultural literature, which fascinates me, and another that focused on the Harlem Renaissance, which is something else I enjoy. (Yes, I also like the classics, but I thought these were unique enough that I will be taking those classes if possible!)

On top of just getting into a graduate program, I was also offered a graduate assistantship. Which means a couple things

First, free grad school (YIPPEEE). Which means not adding to our student loan debt. Also, I will get paid. Not sure I feel comfortable sharing the amount, but it’s decent. Not like I’ll be buying a new wardrobe by any means, but WAY more than I am making working retail.

Second, I will be teaching two sections of freshman composition. I’m both excited AND nervous about this. I am excited to be teaching again, (and yes I’m going to make Mr. A call me a professor hahaha) and even better to be teaching at a university since my ultimate goal has always been to be a college professor. Have to admit, it’s kind of an ego-boost, which I’ve needed.

But I’m also nervous. Teaching college kids?! Yes, I taught high school seniors, so basically the same age group, but it’s a whole new level. If it’s freshman comp class, so basically all writing, so LOTS of grading. The department outlines how many grades and how many things the students have to write, but we get to decide how we go about it. Both exciting and nerve wracking. I haven’t had to plan a whole semester’s worth of material, especially not ALL writing, but it will be fun to make up activities. No, I’m not going to do busy work because it’s college, but having straight writing gets boring at any level, so need to mix it up.

But mostly, I’m so excited about this amazing opportunity. Yes I know it will be a lot of work, especially at the beginning, but I’m ready to be doing something productive again. I’m not the smartest person ever, but I do have smarts and not using them for the last year has made me feel, literally, stupid. I’m ready to feel challenged again. I’m ready to feel needed and have students looking to me for answers or at least a grade.

Ready for this new adventure to start.

Still lots of details need to be worked out, such as which classes I’ll take, which ones I’ll teach. Where my office will be. 😉

And I will be sure to fill you in on all the fun details as I get them. Especially how work takes it when I tell them I’m quitting.




(Also, unrelated, any of you with WordPress blogs that are not paid for, need your help adding Google Analytics. I’m usually good with this stuff, but I can’t figure out where to paste it. Yes I’ve looked it up, but nothing is helping. And college kids are smart and I want to know if anyone from here is reading the blog…)


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Even Better News…

So, not only did my husband get a kick ass internship this summer, but……



Know what that means?!?

Free grad school. A paycheck.

And I get to quit the horrible job I have now!

Yep. It’s a truly fantastic day. Too bad I’m on lunch and have to go back soon, but at least I know there IS an end to my retail torture.

Thank you for all of your prayers, kind words, and support. Thank you. Thank you.

Now to go read some Chaucer or O’Connor or Austen because being out of school for a year has made my brain decide that Grey’s is a great screenplay with dynamic writing.


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Good News

Well, this post would have been a little longer, but Mr. A is smart and has instructed me as to what information I can and cannot give out.

BUT……drumroll please…..


Like, huge deal.

And I am so stinking proud of him. I couldn’t get the stupid smile off of my face yesterday. I felt like a proud mom, only that’s a little creepy, but you know what I mean.

He had been so bummed about not hearing about some other summer jobs he had applied for while his classmates got placements, but just shows that everything is for a reason and he just had to be patient for an amazing opportunity to come around.

Downside: he will be out of state for almost 2 months, BUT it’s just another reason for me to have a little week of vacation this summer to go visit.

Sorry I can’t give out more, but he can’t and doesn’t want to let something slip, so we are being extra careful. (And if I happened to tell you where it is yesterday, please don’t put it in the comments. Not sure how big a deal it is, but he really doesn’t want job/school stuff on here, so I won’t do it.)

((Also, a grad school update: I e-mailed the director of the program (would have called, but had to work during normal office hours, so I figured an e-mail was better) and he said they hope to have decisions within the next 2 weeks, so if I don’t hear anything by the 25th, then I should e-mail him again. So 2 weeks folks. This could be bad…))

So we had some celebratory wine last night, and Thursday he has another surgery, Saturday we go see Avenue Q, I’m off Sunday and Monday and then next Saturday we go home to see an awesome baseball game. Let’s hope they get off their butts by then and start winning some games. Please.

How’s your week??


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Well, a couple people know.

And while it basically is, until it’s official tomorrow, I’m trying to keep my mouth shut.

But we got some AMAZING news today.

News I will share tomorrow.

Once it’s truly official.

But I can’t get this smile off my face.


Good to know we still get some good news in this house. 🙂


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