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Week One

Technically, I still have one more day tomorrow, but we’re close enough.

I was going to do just a first day post, but it, yet again, involved me making a complete idiot out of myself. And after the rolling down a winery hill incident, I wanted to give my ego a few days to recover.

Well, it’s about as recovered as it’s going to get.

Monday was my very first day. I was super prepared. I had made a PowerPoint and had handwritten notes and I had double checked to make sure I had enough copies of everything. I ironed my clothes the night before. Everything people do before their first day at a new job.

To begin the day, as I was getting ready to walk out the front door, I leaned over to pick up my purse and my pants completely split open. Like, waist to crotch along the seam. And I swear, the pants weren’t even tight. I had, no less than 10 minutes before, told Mr. A how the pants felt loser even after just wearing them the week before. I was not happy, but thankfully, there was a pair of khakis already ironed in my closet. Mortifying, but better at home than in class, right?

I teach at 8am and then at 9am. The classrooms are two doors away from each other. All good.

My first class went perfectly. I showed up to my room about 7:20 just because I wanted time to calm down and relax and not be rushing to get everything loaded up. There were students there BEFORE me. FOR AN 8AM CLASS. I took it as a good sign, and so far, it’s been right. They were friendly and, although a little sleepy, they laughed at my dumb teacher jokes and seemed willing to do what will be asked of them this semester.

I was on cloud 9. I was all full of confidence for class two.

Well, as you can imagine, this is the point in the story where it all goes downhill. (Luckily there were no literal hills for me to fall down or I’m sure I would have.)

I went into my second classroom. I logged onto the computer and was loading my PowerPoint. But the computer wouldn’t recognize my thumb drive. I was annoyed, but the ppt wasn’t crucial, so I was just going to say what was on the slides. I started writing on the board some of my other notes and things to cover.

Then, my fellow officemate and GA walks in. I thought he was just saying hello, but he then said that he thought the room was his classroom.

I checked my notes and told him that this was the room I was given. He left and i figured he had just looked at the wrong thing.

Nope. Turns out it was his classroom. They had switched classrooms and didn’t tell me.

I was embarrassed and annoyed because I had spent all this time setting up. I had given out my syllabus, but luckily the other GA just gave me his stack so I would have enough for my  real class.

I was scrambling to gather up all my stuff and get to my class since by now I was 5 minutes late.

The instructor’s podium is immediately in front of an emergency exit door. So as I was stepping out of the way so the other GA could get signed onto the computer, my butt BARELY tapped the bar and the door went flying open and causing all the emergency alarms to start going off.

Talk about embarrassing.

I was already frazzled from being in the wrong room and all of that and then to set off the alarms to half the building?! Mortifying.

Luckily, I was super prepared so as soon as I got to the right room, I was able to recover and just keep going.

I’m hoping this is the end of my embarrassing stories for a while.

But after the first day, this week has been amazing. I think I lucked out and ended up with some great kids in my classes. Or they haven’t shown their true colors yet. I’m thinking the latter.

My own classes that I am taking are going well. I like my professor and I think I am really going to enjoy the readings and such.

So, that’s been my week.

Hubs and I are having a date night tonight. Tomorrow, I am taking my friend from North Carolina to the fair and it is going to be hysterical. She is excited for fair food, mullets, and corn. Again, hilarious. I will definitely be telling you about that adventure.



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End of the Summer

Again, I apologize for my terrible blogging. But it’s for a good reason this time.

I have been having a freaking blast finishing off my summer.

Wednesday was the last day of workshop. The sexual harassment session became its own beast and some issues within the department became evident, but that thing deserves its own post and I’m still waiting to find out about a few more things.

But, it was over. Thankfully. I learned a lot, but like any training time, lots of it could have been shortened and there was NO need for it to be a week and a half.

Despite training being long and boring, I have met some of the greatest people. I have made some fantastic friends who crack me up. My group leader was so nice and the big group leaders were thrown into their positions last minute, but they did a great job and I know if I have a question, they will be more than willing to help.

So, to continue the fun and to get ready for the school year, M and K came over to my apartment on Friday for a lesson planning party before heading out for the night.

We didn’t really get much lesson planning done. We DID create our blackboard accounts for our classes and filled in our gradebooks. We discussed a couple things and asked a couple questions, but we then decided we needed a Target trip. Target rules all.

M’s friends from home came down, so we all headed out to dinner then to get ready for the night. I was so excited to take them to my favorite bar. And hey, they had $6 mixed drink buckets on Friday nights. It was going to be an awesome and cheap night out.


My all time favorite bar in Cville is under new management and no longer has their drink buckets. They no longer have their rail drink specials.


It was pretty much dead. All night. And that place used to be wall to wall packed by 9:30. Hopefully it picks up because the other bar options aren’t my favorite.

BUT. M and I decided to meet up with a couple of her other friends at the “undergrad bar”. It’s not only undergrads, but it’s 19 and up and it always has a much younger crowd. I had never been, but had heard about it.

I have never felt so old in my life. And I’m only 24.

We both were entirely too covered up and not drunk enough. Girls were in painted on dresses and I saw more butts and other things than I ever needed to see. We kept getting looked at like we were aliens since we weren’t showing all of our personal space to the bar.

But, it may have been the best place on earth to people watch. Holy cow. I know I didn’t act like that when I was in undergrad.

And…since when did mom jorts come back in? And I’m not talking about cute jean shorts. Full on mom jorts. We saw at least 4 girls wearing them. Ridiculous.

All in all, it was a good night. We’re fairly certain we will see some of these kids on our classes tomorrow. Which will be even more awkward for them since 99% of them will be freshmen and shouldn’t have had that beer in their hands anyways.


Oh Saturday.

We all headed to the best breakfast place around before heading out to go hiking. We didn’t know which trail we were going to do, but decided to do the moderate one which was a mile and then the rugged trail which was just over a mile.

First of all, this area of the state is SUPER hilly. You don’t think that when you think of us, but it is. Crazy hilly. The moderate trail was about to kill me because my legs were just killing me.

However, there was also some amazing sights. There are some cool rock formations and cliffs and we all had fun climbing all over the rocks. We saw the biggest daddy long legs that I have ever seen in my life. Pretty sure they have been living there since the dinosaurs and have just been chillin’.

Everyone still thought the rugged trail was a good idea. My legs were already sore and a little shaky, but I wasn’t about to be a party pooper, so I went with it. it was amazing until we came to these rock steps that went straight up for 100 yards. Pretty sure we all thought we were going to die.

And then I had the only injury of the trip when my foot slipped on some moss and my knee slammed into a rock. It’s all kind of scraped and bruised, but at least I got it doing something fun.

Then, the winery happened.

We all got cleaned up and headed to one of the best wineries around here. We live right in the middle of a huge wine trail and there are probably 20 different wineries within a 45 mile radius.

There were about 12 of us and we were all just joking and having a good time. A wedding was going on so we were having fun making fun of the absolutely horrific bridesmaid dress and the late guests that showed up. But the bride was stunning, and other than it being super hot, they had a pretty day for it all.

However, the outdoor area is on a slight hill. This is important to the story.

K was sitting next to me. She is a riot and we were making jokes and she likes to mimic people’s hand movements. The problem is that I tend to use my hands when talking as well, and we both motioned at the same time. She had her wine in her hand and I ended up making her spill her entire glass all over her shirt and side of her face.


I felt absolutely terrible and I was embarrassed. So what do you do when you’re embarrassed?

You start laughing uncontrollably. I was crying and we were all laughing.

And then it happened.

I leaned back a little while laughing and my chair fell backwards and my feet came up and over my head and I rolled down the hill.

Yes people.

I rolled down a hill. At a classy winery. While a wedding party was taking pictures feet away from us. Mind you, I was not even drunk.

I shall let you pause while you imagine this scene. (There were also about 200 other people outside enjoying the winery and the sun. )

I just laid there, on the ground, in the grass, laughing uncontrollably and dreading having to get up because then I would see all the people staring at me.

Our group was all crying laughing. I have never been so publically embarrassed in my life. My husband was considering possibly never taking me out in public again. I think K forgot that I just spilled wine on her since I had just rolled down a fucking hill at a winery.

I keep repeating it because I just can’t believe it’s true.

But I have the worst purple bruise on my arm to remind me.

So that was the end to my summer. I spent it with fun new friends. I explored our area a little more and made an ass of myself. Good end, no?

So tomorrow is my first day with the college kids. I’ve spent time figuring out how to look tough so that maybe they will fear me enough to do what I tell them to. I’m betting they figure me out by Wednesday. Here’s hoping I don’t fall in front of them!


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First Week

Yes, I AM still alive after my first week of GA training. But it was one busy week so it’s taken my forever to find the time to sit down and blog. I’m hoping once my true schedule kicks in, I will be a better blogger. Or so I hope.


The first week was pretty awesome.

Yes, there were some lame sessions and sometimes it felt like this could all have been condensed into about 3 condensed days and be done with it. However, then I wouldn’t get to see my new friends and take daily trips to Starbucks and make jokes about the silly assignments and ask a million questions and predict what our students will be like. And all of that has been a blast.

I will admit, I was a littler nervous about what type of people would be there. I know the stereotypes about English majors, and while I may not fit into that group, stereotypes are there for a reason and a lot of times they are true.

Luckily, I was very happily surprised that my small group is amazing. We even all went out for pizza and $2 pitchers on Wednesday night and spent 4 hours just talking and telling jokes and having a good time. One girl is actually from my hometown, but went to the other high school, so I didn’t know her before. She’s hilarious and we are in the same class, so at least I won’t be walking in without knowing anyone. Another girl I’ve become good friends with is from NC and might be one of the funniest people I have ever met. She usually says what she’s thinking, but not in a rude way, but in a “what the heck must be going on inside her head for that to come out” kind of way. She is also easily entertained by all things “Midwest”. Such as:corn fields, the fact that our squirrels are different, she assumed we would all be wearing denim shirts, and her obsession with knowing if we listen to Nelly on a daily basis. Again, hilarious.

They are lots of fun. I even took them to our favorite bar one night and a drunk dude decided to join our group and wouldn’t leave until M gave him her number. She made up a fake one. Sorry if you got that message.

Oh, you didn’t want to know only about my new found social life?

Well, luckily, I have been paying attention in training and learning a lot.

Since we teach ENG 101 our first semester, they give us all of the prompts and paper assignments and we get to decide how we teach it. It’s nice to know we are all on the same page and makes it easier to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other. I teach two sections, 20 students each, so come paper times, I will be the lucky one grading 40 essays. And since there are 5 paper assignments and a final essay, lots of grading for me.

My classes are at 8am and 9am, MWF. Wasn’t super excited about the 8am, but it will make me gets up and then I am done by 10am those days, and I am done by 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hopefully, I can make my butt stay in my office for a few hours everyday in order to get my  own homework done and stay on top of grading and planning. That’s the plan at least. Also, since I have to drive by the gym to get home, planning on bringing gym clothes with me and going straight there so I’m not distracted by the couch. (Couches are evil things making it impossible to be productive.)

Basically, it’s all been great. Meeting some fun people that aren’t in law school is a definite plus. My office mates are fun, which might mean I spend more time in the library so that I can actually get stuff done. 🙂

Now, have I started planning anything?? No. I think I felt a little overwhelmed for most of last week and then Mr. A got home on Saturday (YAYYYYYYYYYY), so working on school stuff hasn’t happened. But it will tomorrow. Need to get a few things knocked out. Mostly do I don’t look like an idiot in front of all those freshmen!

So, from time to time, I may ask for teaching or activity suggestions, or possibly run ideas by you. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an idea sounds good or not when you were the one who came up with it.

And yes, I may have to post the really terrible sentences. I can’t post the entire paper, but I have a feeling some sentences will be too amazingly bad to pass up. (But if someone writes in all LOLcatz, I’m getting them to sign something so i can post that entire bad boy. And they might get bonus points.)

I promise to write more as soon as things get going. And probably to ask you what you think of when you think “Midwest”. Because Nelly and corn fields?! Really?!?


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Giveaway Winner!

Happy Wednesday!

I feel Wednesdays are good days to get good news because it helps your week go by faster.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I loved reading all of your stories, and as soon as I am done with my mountain of homework, I will try to respond to everyone. You guys are great and I love it!

But, the random number generator was in charge this time, so….drum roll please…

The winner of these fun goodies:


Is Ashley from The Accidental Olympian Alaskan!! Congratulations!! E-mail me your address and I will get that into the mail this week!


And I DO want to blog about everything going on, but it has been crazy busy, or by the time I have free time, my brain is fried and all I would do is ramble, and no one wants that. So maybe later tonight after I finish grading sample essays, but definitely by the end of the week. There are some hilarious stories.


Congratulations to Ashley, again, and I hope to have another giveaway in the near future!!


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Back to School Goodies

When I was a kid, one of my favorite days was when I received my teacher assignment in the mail. Now only did I learn who I would be spending my days with, we also received our school supply lists. It was like Christmas in July.

Visions of new notebooks and pens and folders would dance through my head.

It was like a whole event for me. My mom would always start the trip saying that we would get what the list said, but we shouldn’t just buy frivolous things or the most expensive things. (I realize now how freaking expensive it can be to buy ALL those supplies. And some things on the list are ridiculous.)

I would wander the aisles, meticulously picking out notebook colors and coordinating folders. Searching to make sure I didn’t repeat colors, because how else would I tell the difference between my social studies and my math notebooks?!

The lists always said no mechanical pencils, but my mom usually gave in, or we compromised. One pack of regulars and a couple mechanicals. Pretty sure the regular ones ended up smashed and broken in the bottom of my backpack.

And then there were the crayons.

You could tell who was cool in grad school simply based on the crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Crayola folks. Crayola all the way. Those crappy Roseart ones were too waxy and never colored properly and their colored pencils were a strange color. Luckily, even my money conscious mother understood the importance of Crayolas. Even better? The package with the built in sharpener. How else can you precisely darken your outline and shade in the interior?!? Life in grad school sure was hard…

And this love affair with new school supplies has not decreased as I’ve gotten older. If anything, it’s gotten worse. I can now not only just go to Walmart with mom to get everything, I can go to Target, Office Depot, Staples, Barnes and Noble AND search the internet. The options are endless.

I mean, when Barnes and Noble and Target didn’t have any of the Molekines that I wanted, hulloo internet! (And side note- cheaper from moleskine’s website usually than the store.) Our living room is full of shopping bags from various stores filled with binders and planners and pens and highlighters and other silly things that I probably don’t really need, but man they sure sound important right now! I mean, colors and patterns and 1 inch or 2 inch binders and how on earth will I decide which pens I want to mercilessly butcher grade with?

My moleskines arrived on my doorstep today and I was like a little kid ripping open the box and looking at my pretty new notebooks. Thinking about the notes I would take in them about Beloved and Turn of the Screw. Yes, I am a complete nerd and I’m good with it.

But I figured I wasn’t alone in my obsession. I mean, how could anyone not like getting new things before the start of a new school year?

So, here I am with a Back to School Giveaway!!

Yep. Just for you wonderful readers.

I truly love giving gifts and just wish I had a never-ending checking account so I could send things to ALL of you. I really do. Unfortunately, until I win the lottery, I can only give one prize package away. (But don’t worry. The holidays are coming. I will come up with something!)

So here is what you can win:


I found some fun things that I thought would be great as the new school year starts. Even if you aren’t a student or a teacher, I think these things are usable and might just put a smile on your face.

Yes, that IS a Berenstein Bears coloring book in the back! Who doesn’t love to color? It’s a nice little stress reliever and I loved those books when I was a kid. So of course there are some Crayola crayons. (And hey, nice to have around in case any nieces or nephews or friends’ kids come over. )


I’ve been talking about these notebooks so much, that i just figured it wasn’t right to share. And I picked black because never know which color the lucky winner would like. Black goes with everything.

There are some pens and a pack of Sharpie pens. They are ultra fine and just great for notes and such.


And whether you’re headed back to school or not, a calming candle is great. This was a unique color combination, but it smells amazing. Might be nice after a long day, accompanied by a glass of wine.


This is a fun dry erase weekly calendar. Would be perfect for an office or a refrigerator. And black pens are boring, so i threw in some fun colored dry erase markers as well!


These were some fun Post-its. The blue says, “I’d rather be shopping” and the purple has some shoes.


And this was so fun that I bought one for myself. It’s a girl statue that holds two pens in her hands. She’s fairly sturdy, so shouldn’t tip over, even with the fanciest of pens.

So there it is!!

Now, for the rules:

To enter the giveaway, you must post a comment with one of your favorite school memories. Anything at all. Naptime, recess, school shopping, lunch, art class. Anything! Just tell me a fun story and you are entered!

For a second entry, leave a comment with your blog address and your Twitter name! (if you don’t have either, just leave me your email address!)

This contest runs through 11:59pm on Tuesday, August 9th.

I will use a number generator and announce the winner on Wednesday, and hopefully get it in the mail Wednesday as well!

**None of the companies that make these products paid me or paid for the products. These were just things I found and liked, so I bought them myself.

Good luck and have a great school year to all the students and teachers! And just have a great rest of the year for all you non-school people!


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Truth Time: Unemployment

Something I have always strived to do with this blog is be honest. To give as much of a real view of my life without giving away things that could come back to bite me in the butt. I don’t post my name or city we live in. I won’t air our dirty laundry and even some things that I want to blog about, I think better of and decide that maybe I don’t want to deal with those consequences.

But something I worked hard to be honest about was my time of unemployment.

I’m pretty sure it is obvious how miserable I was. Click any of the tags or categories called jobs, job search, life after college, freak out, WTF. There are tons. I would link them, but I don’t think you want 12 lines of links.

But something I found during that time was that I felt very very alone. I felt like no one understood what was going on, what I was going through, how I felt or the emotions I was battling every day.

But here I am on the other side.

In 3 days, I start my workshop training for my graduate assistantship. 2 weeks from Monday, I officially start grad school. Not only is my grad school being paid for, but I will also be getting a pay check. I am on the upside of this year long ordeal.

But it was an ordeal.

I couldn’t imagine that a year later, I would be sitting here, looking over my new school supplies, picking out which outfits to wear, getting keys to my office in the English department at the university. I never thought I would be here.

Unfortunately, I know there are plenty of others who are where I was a year ago.

This is my way of reaching out to YOU.

YOU are not alone. While every situation is different, I at least have some idea of what you are going through.

Whether you are just out of college, if you had a job and lost it because of downsizing or whatever reason, if you took the bar and are waiting for results, if you are underemployed, because believe me, I may have only been unemployed for 5 months, but I was extremely underemployed for 8 months and it was rough.

There was one blogger who I found that helped to just know someone else had gone through this. Ashley from Accidental Olympian Alaskan was amazing. She might be a little embarrassed and be all, “I just wrote my story blah blah blah”. She was the only other blog (that i found at least) that was honest about what being unemployed felt like for people who worked so hard in college and had degrees in fields that should have jobs and not finding anything. For applying for job after job and getting turned down. She was open with her emotions and depression that resulted. And THANK YOU ASHLEY! I told her in a million different e-mails how much I appreciated her honesty. (Ashley, i swear I’m not a stalker, but I think you deserve some acknowledgement! YOU ROCK GIRL!) And even if you have a job, go check out her blog. She has a job now, just moved to Alaska, and posts cute pictures of her dogs and of areas in Alaska that are breathtaking. And she’s pretty damn hilarious.

I am not nearly as eloquent as Ashley. I know that. I’ve re-read some of my posts from that time and they ramble and I come across very pathetic. I know it. It’s okay. But I always wanted my readers to know what was going on. I didn’t want to hide it and make it sound like I was thoroughly enjoying my time at home and being little miss homemaker and didn’t have a worry in my head.

So. Not. True.

I was a wreck. Maybe the first month was kind of fun since we had just gotten married, moved to a new city, had a new apartment. But that wore off quickly. In that first month, I never imagined I wouldn’t have a job for another 4 months.

And yes, the big D word hit me hard. I was not myself for a long time, even after I got the job in retail. I was so underemployed that I felt worthless. There were days that maybe I got out of bed, but only to stay in my pajamas, move to the couch and watch Netflix all day. I didn’t want to spend any money because we were truly living off of student loans. I cried more than I have ever cried. I was short with my husband. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I would snap on my parents when they would ask me how things were going, even though they were being incredibly supportive and knew that I was working as hard as I could to get a job.

I feel I’m rambling.

Basically, I just want anyone out there going through a hard time that you are not alone. And if you EVER just need to vent or talk to someone who has a slight idea of what you are feeling, do NOT hesitate to e-mail me. I won’t think you’re weird or anything. I don’t want anyone to feel isolated during this time. It is hard. I know that. But both Ashley and I are a couple of the stories that prove that it does get better. (I hope that phrase isn’t copyrighted…) And if I have to send you an e-mail everyday reminding you of that, I will. If that will help, I will do it.

One thing. People who haven’t been through this, they really won’t understand. They may empathize, but they won’t truly get where you’re at. My husband, who saw me every day and knew that I was doing everything in my power to find a job, he still didn’t get it. He would get frustrated at times because his new wife, the girl he knew to be fun and outgoing didn’t want to leave the house. Didn’t want to put on clothes or makeup. He couldn’t grasp how I was feeling.

But here I am. I am offering my support. My love. My words of encouragement. It does get better. I promise. Even if it’s 6 months or 12 months or 18 months, it will get better and we are here to help you along those rough days.

And lastly, this new song makes me cry every time. No one dies in it. It’s not about a lost love. But the man in the story of the song is so absolutely desperate that even though I didn’t have kids and a family to support, I can sympathize with his emotions. Take a minute and listen to his story. And maybe take a second before judging someone who is currently looking for a job. If you have one, it’s hard to understand why those of us can’t find one. But it is hard out there. There are millions of stories about people applying for jobs they are so overqualified for and being turned down even though they desperately need the money. It’s my PSA for the day.

Ronnie Dunn- Cost Of Living   (Won’t let me insert video, but this link will take you to it. Give it a few minutes. It’s something close to my heart.)


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The Other State

I thought this blog post would be one of the easier ones. I mean, I think trip posts are usually pretty easy to write. You say what you did. Tell funny stories. Done.

But there’s something about this trip that doesn’t seem to be coming out. I don’t know what all to say about the trip.

It was both a vacation and not all at the same time.

I guess it was a vacation for me, but Mr. A still had to work during the days, so I was left to finding things to do on my own and exploring a new city is not nearly as fun when you’re by yourself. I think maybe that’s why it didn’t feel like a vacation to me.

But I did have a good time.

I got there on a Thursday night and was pretty exhausted. I don’t like to fly and the stress just wears me out. We grabbed some dinner at a BBQ place close to his hotel and just kept it simple.

Since he worked during the days, I was going to take him to work and pick him up so that I could have the car during the day. Except I was fairly terrified of the driving there. I love driving in the city, but the drivers there think they are the only ones on the road and have no consideration for anyone else driving. No idea how there aren’t more accidents and that more people aren’t seriously injured. Mr. A basically had to Tokyo Drift down the highway one day so he wasn’t slammed into the guardrail.

Mr. A also didn’t know anyone there, so the whole time he was there, he didn’t do much, so when I showed up, I wanted to do some of the fun touristy things.

We went to the aquarium, which was really neat. They had a cool rain forest island with monkeys and other creatures and there wasn’t a barrier between you and them. The island was situated so that they couldn’t get out, but it was cool to feel like there was nothing stopping them from jumping over. They even had a sloth in a tree that, technically, was close enough you could touch and absolutely nothing stopping you from doing so other than sign that said “Do Not Touch the Sloth”.

They had some really cool fish and the shark tunnel is always fun to walk through. We also love sea turtles, and they had a couple huge ones. They also had penguins that were outside, which is just amusing since I always imagine penguins in the cold, not the 100+ degree weather.

The city is basically a lot of eating and shopping. We found some truly delicious restaurants. Ones that I am craving from home and so very sad that I can’t have it.

Of course, I went to Sprinkles Cupcakes more than I ever should admit to anyone. But ZOMG those things are the best cupcakes that I have ever had. Too bad their cake mixes you can buy have gotten bad reviews. I would give anything for one of their red velvet and a chocolate marshmallow. Nomzzzzzzzz

We also learned that this city has probably one of the highest concentrations of rich people, at least that I’ve ever encountered. Never seen so many Range Rovers and Panameras in one place. Also realized that a lot of the stores in the malls that I couldn’t even step foot in without them requesting to know my checking account balance. One day I can shop there, just not now.

And then we went to visit our friends in another big city in Other State, about 4 hours away.

We had a great time. I hadn’t seen them since January and it was great to spend time with really good friends for a weekend. A and Mr. A lived together for 3 years in college and P and I went to high school together. P and A got together about 6 months after Mr. A and I, so the 4 of us spent A LOT of time together. We talked about the fact that if we had to live with another couple, it would be them since we basically did it through most of undergrad.

P and I talked about their wedding plans for next fall. The boys were boys and talked about boy things. We just had a truly great time.

Too bad the trip had to end on a sour note.

We were heading to our car in the parking garage of their apartment complex. The garage is locked and you have to have a clicker to get in. Guests are supposed to park on the top level, sot hats where we parked. But when we got up there, we saw that someone had broken into our car.

They completely ripped out the window and some of his stuff was sitting on the ground around the car. Mr. A was so pissed off. I was mad and just didn’t know what to do. Mr. A has had one hell of a time since he’s been in Other State, and this was about the 4th thing to go wrong involving his car. Guy had only been there a month.

Thank heavens they didn’t steal anything other than an envelope of receipts he was keeping for tax purposes. And receipts don’t have full credit card numbers so it should be fine and I’m keeping an eye on our accounts.

We think they were either looking for drugs, a laptop, or a stereo system since they left all sorts of expensive things in the car. They left the gps and his expensive radar detector and hiking stuff worth well over $400 and other various things. They definitely went through everything and tore stuff apart.

So we got to drive 4 hours on the interstate without a window, which is pretty darn miserable. Luckily Mr. A’s boss was a saint and let us park the car in their garage since our other option was going to be taking turns hanging out in the car all night to make sure no one stole the whole car. I had to move my flight to the next day since we weren’t sure if we would get back in time. No real complaints about an extra day with the husband, but we spent 2 hours at the window place waiting while they replaced it. So happy Mr. A’s insurance covered it all or we would be out about $500. Insurance is awesome.

All in all, it was a good time. I was so very happy to see Mr. A and to get to spend some time with him. We missed each other and I know it was good for him to have someone there to get him out of that hotel room. We went to a ball game. We ate at delicious restaurants. We endured 100+ temperatures every single day.

I also got to meet some blog friends which was truly amazing. All three of them were great and I am so very sad that I don’t live closer so that we can hang out some more. I won’t say who because I don’t know how anonymous they are and I wrote all over Twitter where I was, so I will respect their privacy. (But ladies, you were all AMAZING and I hope one day we can meet up again. SO MUCH FUN!)

So that was Other State. I’m sure I’m missing something, but my brain feels like it’s a bit in a fog and I can’t quite think out this whole thing. I will write better. Probably about things that I have been seeing in educations systems that are ticking me off. Hello, soapbox!


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