About Us

We’re a mess.

Not really, but we are pretty goofy.

Strangely enough, we met at the gym. {Not what would be expected from me at all}. I was friends with most of the guys in a fraternity, and during freshman year, one night they invited me to go to the gym. I decided to stay and work on homework go and hang out for a while. Then, I met him. I thought he was cute and way out of my league. Until he invited me to dinner the next night. I was floored. And excited. We still have no idea what we talked about because the husband and I can be a little awkward with new people. I guess it worked.

6 years later, here we are.  After the {perfect} proposal at the zoo, and a gorgeous ring, and a year and a half of planning, we are {finally} married. I am still getting used to being “wife” and introducing him as “my husband”, but we are loving every minute. Getting married right before law school seems like a huge deal, but we couldn’t imagine waiting another 3 years. These next few years should be entertaining at least.

I just graduated with a B.A. in Secondary English education, and have been booted into the real world, but also enjoying every minute of it. He has a B.A. in Political Science, finishing his MBA, and will be starting law school in August to get his J.D. How many initials does one man need??

We are super goofy. We love to have lazy Sundays where we lay around, watch too many hours of Netflix OnDemand, order in food and cuddle with a blanket.  While we enjoy being silly and spending time together, we are both focused on what we want from our careers and we both have some pretty high goals. We support each other in every endeavor and push each other to do the best we can.

He’s a southern gentleman and I’m a northern city girl. He likes history and CNN, and I’m addicted to sleazy reality tv and GLEE. Opposites attract. And make for some hilarious stories.

Feel free to e-mail me at newteacherwife {@} gmail {dot} com


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  1. Glad I’ve finally found sonithemg I agree with!

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