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Favorite Summer Products

I am no fashion blogger or anything of the sort. I can appreciate pretty shoes and clothes, but until we have real money coming in, I will just have to stare from store windows and online catalogs.

This also applies to fancy makeup and beauty products. This girl here is balling on a budget. And I never know what things I actually need. Sephora and all its pretty things always lure me in, but then I get overwhelmed and leave.

But, I do have a few new summer products that I am LOVING right now and I thought I would share.

So, first up:



And this Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock is amazing. I am a very pale girl, and by looking at my parents, I never had a chance. Which means I burn incredibly easy. Mr. A and I sat outside for lunch on the first warm day and my arms burned after no more than an hour. So when I was going to a baseball game during a 100 degree day and my seats were in the sun, I asked what sunscreen I could wear all day and not feel greasy and gross. A couple people mentioned this one and I am hooked. I put it on in the morning before I drove up and I felt fine all day. Even better? No burn after sitting in the direct sin for about 3 hours. Go buy some. You will love it.


This is Biolage Smoothing Gel.

In this Midwest humidity, my hair can get all kinds of crazy frizzy and this stuff helps a lot. It doesn’t make my hair feel like I have gel in and at least helps my hair maintain some smoothness and shape.

Add in this:


CHI Silk Infusion and my hair will still be shiny, smooth, and straight. And that is one heck of a feat for my hair. And the silk infusion also helps keep my hair looking great since I have to flat iron my hair.


Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless

Folks. It’s hot. Like really freaking hot. Like heat warnings on the second day of June and oh my word what is August going to be like hot. And while we like to be all ladylike and think we just glisten, that no longer applies in 100% humidity. So yes, I sweat. But this deodorant is amazing and I love it. And it really does help make the underarms look better for all those tank tops and fun summer dresses. Never been so in love with a deodorant before.


Australian Gold Forever After Moisturizer

I found this lotion last year when I was tanning to get ready for the wedding and Mexico. I needed some color so I didn’t look like a ghost in all the wedding pictures and so I didn’t scorch the second I jumped off the plane in the Mexico sun. But since I burn so easily, I wanted to make sure my skin stayed moisturized and didn’t look like leather. Also, this lotion helps the tan stay longer. Even better? It doesn’t smell like coco butter because I HATE the smell of coco butter. It’s not greasy and I use it as my usual moisturizer. Even has some aloe in it for when I inevitably turn my shoulders into lobsters.


Nivea Kiss of Smoothness Chapstick

And I can’t forget about the lips. They burn just as easily and this stuff is amazing. Not sticky and goes on smooth. Even better, if I put it in before my lipstick, it just seems to make it look better.


And I love summer wedges. No, these aren’t fancy, or even my favorite ones, but I love that summer wedges can dress up an outfit. And heels always make legs look even better. Also, the perfect way to show off those fun summer pedicures.


So what are YOUR favorite summer products? What are your must-haves for the days in the sun and staying cool?



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Things I Love

We all have certain brands or products that we are addicted to. We wouldn’t switch if someone paid us and we cry when we leave them at our hotel after a great vacation. Thought it might be fun to share some of mine and see if anyone else loves them as much as I do, or if they think they have something better.

CHI Hair Straightener

Chi (Source)

I had this beauty until some husband I know knocked it into the toilet, didn’t tell me, tried to turn it back on which probably fried it, and then explained the next morning when I was in a panic because it wouldn’t turn on. I now have a black one, but it’s still a CHI.

I have super thick and coarse hair. Meaning, the cheap-o straighteners from Target or Sally weren’t cutting it. It wasn’t smooth and wouldn’t truly straighten and look right. My best friend had one, and when staying at her house, I would “accidentally” forget mine and use hers. I was hooked and my MIL bought me one for my birthday last year. I won’t ever use another straightener unless forced to, but who would force someone to use a sub=par straightener? That’s just mean.


Nutella (Source)

If only my head was small enough to fit into the opening…

I had never had Nutella until about 2 months ago. It was in my mom’s pantry. I dipped in a finger, just like any self-respecting adult, and fell in love. On warm toast? Yummm. On a banana sandwich? Heavenly. In a banana, peanut butter, dessert wonton I created? Pure calorie glory. I love it. Not healthy, but not as unhealthy as I imagined. I try to limit myself, but sometimes when I just need a taste of sweet, I put some on a spoon and lick away. Now I want some…

Biolage Shampoo and Hair Products

Biolage (Source)

A few months before the wedding, I was noticing a part of my scalp that wouldn’t get un-greasy. I would wash and scrub and not put conditioner on that part, but it just wouldn’t come clean. So I asked my hair stylist and she said the hair products you buy at Walmart or wherever can buildup on your hair over time. She used a naturalizing shampoo and I started clean. She recommended Biolage naturalizing shampoo and I use the hydrating conditioner since my hair can be really dry. I won’t buy anything else. It smells amazing, makes my hair look great, and I just love it. The smoothing balm is perfect to add and little shine without gunky buildup. Did I mention the smell is amazing??

Bare Minerals Make-up

bareminerals1 (Source)

I used to buy Cover Girl and just used what I found at the store. My mom used it, so that’s what I used also. My mom has never been super girly, so make up wasn’t a huge thing for her. Also, she didn’t want to spend a fortune on the stuff. But it wasn’t cutting it. Again, my mother in law came to the rescue and bought me the starting kit for a graduation gift. She uses this and had heard me say I would like to try it. She also bought the eye makeup kit. I love this stuff. The picture above says it perfectly. I never used liquid makeup, so I didn’t have that to worry about. The color is great and it blends perfectly. I personally use what they call bronzer as my blush, but it’s light and I love it. I even got my mom to try it and she’s hooked as well. It’s a little pricy, but I’ve only had to buy more foundation powder twice since December. Everything else is still from the original kit. So even if it’s pricy, I don’t have to buy it often. Looking for a new makeup? Try this. Might change your world.

Dove Body Wash- Cucumber and Green Tea

Dove Body Wash (Source)

The smell is amazing. Clean and crisp and refreshing. Love this so much.


netflix (Source)

I’ve talked about my addiction before. We use the instant que constantly, streaming through our Xbox or Wii. Also, the usual dvds in the mail. Weeds, Dexter, The Office, Law and Order,  and so many other shows and movies. Remember all those amazing cartoons you watched as a kid? Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Ahh!Real Monsters, Rocko’s Modern Life…those are on instant que also. Once they add Doug, I won’t leave this couch. Maybe they shouldn’t add it…


So what are your favorites? What wouldn’t you want to give up?


**None of these companies paid me to talk about their products. I just love them and wanted to share!**


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Catching Fire

catching fire2


I could never be a book reviewer because I wouldn’t be able to write about it without giving away spoiling information and ruining it for everyone. On to other career options…

So, I read Catching Fire.

The other night, my eyes wanted nothing more than to close and drift peacefully off into dreamland. But I had to finish the last 20 pages. No choice. It had to be done.

Some of you may have seen my tweet at 1:30am. The one about my mind being blown? Yeah. The ending to this book was intense. And shocking. I NEVER saw it coming. I knew something had to happen, but not this.

But let me go back to the beginning.

First of all, I’m a HUGE Peeta fan. Like, in love with him. And I think he and Katniss are cuter than anything, if only she could let her guard down and let herself feel for him what she knows is deep down. Gale is nice and all, but there’s something about him I can’t connect to. I can’t see them together and he just seems whiny and moody. Am I alone in my love of Peeta? Yes? Sad day…

Then, when they said that the new players would be other victors, I almost died. It broke my heart. These two had been through enough and I couldn’t stand to see them go back.

Also, do I find out in Mockingjay why Snow’s breath smells like blood? I can’t figure it out and it’s incredibly creepy.

I loved that Peeta and Katniss continually fought back, whether intentionally or not. Offering their winnings. The noose and painting with the Gamemakers during training. The pregnancy. The outfits. Etc. Also, whenever they make this movie, I can’t wait to see Cinna’s outfits. I hope they stay true to the descriptions in the books. They seem fantastic.

And then there’s the Games themselves.


The only thing I was confused about after reading was who all was involved in the plan and who wasn’t. Obviously Finnick and Johanna and Beetee and Wires. Duh. But the others? Were they just there, fighting each other, trying to be the ultimate victor, or were they trying to save Peeta too? Especially when the Careers attacked at the cornucopia.

I love how Collins wrote the ending.

It was fast paced and confusing and hard to quite figure out what was going on. She wrote it just like Katniss was experiencing it. It threw me off and I loved it. Especially when I found out what was really going on. I never saw the ending coming, and I’m the person that usually figures out books and movies halfway through. I knew the chink was important, but I never would have imagined what they would do.

These books are captivating.

I know they’re YA (young adult) fiction, but who cares? They are written so well and the story just draws you in. As a teacher, I would want to teach it along with either Communist societies, or even the Holocaust and talk about people doing what they are told and ignoring the atrocities happening around them. I think this would be a powerful book in any classroom. Also, it would be a book to draw in the boys. Traditionally, boys don’t want to read and too many books can’t keep their attention. However, this would be great for both. Yes, it’s violent, but so is The Great Gatsby and Killer Angels and The Odyssey and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. This book would also be a gateway book. Many would want to know what happens in the rest of the story, and anything that gets kids to read is great. I may just talk to some teacher friends and see if they would teach it. I know there may not be a lot of lee-way in curriculum, but I think this would be good.

So, if you’ve read it, what did you think? Any big surprises headed my way in Mockingjay? Am I going to be devastated? Will Peeta and Katniss finally be together for real? Probably not, but a girl can dream….


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