So many new and wonderful things

I don’t even know where to start.

I guess I’ll start with how wonderful yesterday (Sunday) was.

4 year anniversary and 23rd birthday were this past weekend, and we had a lot going on. So, yesterday we intended on going to the gym and working on school stuff. Well, that never happened. Instead, we spent ALL day cuddling on the couch, glued to Rescue Me via our Netflix ondemand. (If you have an XBox360 or a Wii, and a Netfliz account, you can get your on demand videos to play through the consoles on your tv, instead of just through your computer. We get every penny out of the Netflix because of this. They have almost any season of any big show on there. Check it out if you haven’t. This will also probably be our source of entertainment during law school because we probably won’t pay for cable.)

Fiance and I have both been stressed out lately and a little testy with each other, so it was a perfect time for us to relax together and just have some good quality time. The only interruptions were to get a snack or a restroom break. It was glorious. We intend on having many more of these days int he next few years. We’re lame, we know.

Also, if you have been reading, my long-term sub position ends on Wednesday. While I will miss knowing what exactly I’m doing for money each day and I’ll miss a lot of the kids (and the steady paycheck), it is nice to know that a break is only TWO days away!!! This job would be easier if it had been my classroom and I started with it from the beginning, but it took the students a month before they figured out I wasn’t leaving the next day and that the assignments and tests I gave, actually counted towards their grade. Who would ever have thought?? 13 years olds……

Since fiance’s spring break was this past week and I still had to slave away, we will be headed to my hometown (in a different state than where I went to school and still live and a MUCH bigger city….so many restaurant options…my diet will be slipping away I believe). We are leaving Thursday and coming back Monday morning so fiance can get to his afternoon class. I am so excited. My own little break. No grading. No preparing anything. No worries and NO WAKING UP EARLY!!! It’s all about the little things in life….

While home, we will be doing family birthday stuff since I couldn’t go home the past weekend. My brother, who is seven years older, has a birthday TWO days before mine. So we always do joint family birthdays. I always felt jipped, until he told me that he got 7 whole years before I showed up, so he really felt the got the short end of the stick. Oh well.

Also, going to the GREATEST zoo on earth. I’ll save the engagement story for another post, but fiance proposed at this zoo because it is our absolute favorite place to go. No, I’m not from C a l i f o r n i a. That zoo costs too much. Ours is free. Why should you pay $40 a person for a zoo?? Doesn’t make sense.

When baseball season starts, you will probably find out where I’m from because I won’t be able to hide my hatred for baby bears and my favorite color becomes red for 6 months…… šŸ™‚

So, lots of good things going on right now. This next month holds in store:

2 bridal showers

Bachelorette party (which I know NOTHING of what we are doing….could be interesting)

Run through for wedding hair and makeup (Why this excites me I have no idea)

Licensing test for the state we will be moving to (They won’t take my PRAXIS scores, so I must spend ANOTHER full day testing to prove I can teach. Despite being in school for 4.5 years and graduating with honors.) Not exciting, but VERY important so I can, you know, get a JOB.

Another person’s wedding

I can’t wait.

I AM working on pictures. New camera and I are still adjusting. I promise to take lots and lots this weekend and post them. I love pictures, so I promise this blog will get more entertaining. Hopefully.

I DO have a question though, for the 4 people that read this. We are having a judge officiate the wedding (family friend- we thought better to have someone close than a pastor we didn’t know). BUT, I have to figure out the order of the ceremony and how things will go. The last wedding I went to was when I was 16. I’m lost on this front. Anyone give me a website or someone give me a general layout? I have NO idea how this part should go. Thanks blogging world.

Pictures to come. Two more days at school, then my own little spring break.

We also booked our honeymoon this week. A week in MEXICO on an all inclusive resort. Oh, I am counting the days. So I leave you with a picture of what I will get to look at for a week in June.

Have a good Monday!

New Teacher. New Wife.



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7 responses to “So many new and wonderful things

  1. Girl, do not EVEN get me started on the out of state business. Lol. I will go on FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER. Lol. I am in your same boat with having to take another test… but this time I have to take the Praxis. Blah.

    As far as the wedding goes… I have a little wedding photo business on the side. Ultimately, decide what it is you want. I had a bride who had 6 guests and a family friend performed the ceremony. It was intimate and sweet. Of course there was the “who gives this woman to be married” part, then the officiant prepared an insanely inspirational and moving speech (the couple was not religious, so there were no scripture readings), the couple did the sand pouring to show their union, they gave roses to the moms, exchanged their own written vows, and then kissed and were out to party at their awesome reception.

    I am sure many people will tell you about some of the more “traditional” ways it can be done. Their ceremony was extremely memorable. šŸ™‚ CONGRATS TO YOU! How exciting. It’s really cool to watch your journey. I started teaching when I just turned 23, got married a few months later, and well… a year a half later found myself as a law school wife. While you are doing the law school wife thing a little earlier, it will be exciting to see where your journey takes you! CONGRATS! LIVE IT UP! And for me, please sleep in on your break! šŸ™‚

  2. (I apologize in advance for the ridiculously long comment.)

    It really all depends on who you and your fiance are as individuals and as a couple. Your ceremony should reflect you. For instance, I’m Methodist; my husband was raised Catholic. We were married by my Methodist pastor in a non-denominational church. We decided not to have a soloist or extensive readings because above all, we wanted to keep our ceremony simple and frill-free because that’s who WE are.

    That being said, I wrote our ceremony by taking what I liked from the standard Catholic service and meshing it with the typical Methodist service and relied on The Knot’s vow wording wizard ( and’s outline of the typical Christian wedding ceremony ( to fill in any gaps.

    Our actual order of service was as follows:
    Seating of Grandmothers
    Seating of Mothers
    Entrance of the Bride
    Call to Worship
    Charge to Bride and Groom
    Declaration by Bride and Groom
    Exchange of Vows and Rings
    Pronouncement of Marriage
    Lighting of the Unity Candle
    The Lord’s Prayer
    Blessing of Marriage
    Presentation of the Couple

    In case you aren’t sure of what some of these are (I wasn’t), the link explains most of the components in detail. Traditionally, there’s also a “Presentation of Bride” (where she’s “given away”). I nixed that straight off.

    If you need help with wording your vows, you might try searching for vows (many of the bees chose to wrote their own vows or used otherwise quirky vows). (See for an example.) There are also good examples of alternative unity rituals (e.g., hand-fasting, sand ceremony, or my personal favorite, the wine and chocolate ritual). (Read about the wine and chocolate ritual here:

  3. I completely plan on sleeping in. I told everyone not to call me before 10 Thursday morning. haha.

    We are mixing traditional and non. We are using a judge because we felt it more important that the officiant be someone we knew, but his grandad is going to say a couple prayers-beginning and end. I just don’t know when we do the unity candles and all that. Weddings get VERY meticulous! haha

    And I think it’s cool how similar we are. The praxis has study books that helped me a lot when I took them. Just a tip if you don’t have them already! Good luck!!

  4. YEAH FOR YOU SLEEPING IN! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the advice on the praxis. I am actually going to take 3 this summer, so I have lots of books to read. Lol.

    I hope that all the wedding plans go well! šŸ™‚ Though I know you will stay anonymous, I hope you will post a few pictures! šŸ™‚ I am sure it will be beautiful. It sounds like it will be, because you are doing it the way YOU want… and that is what I always tell my brides… do what YOU want. Lol. šŸ™‚

  5. Not sure if you are english/language arts/ reading, but don’t feel you have to read EVERY book… the books and print of the synopsis…know character names, major themes, and basic plot line and you will be fine! i had to take three as well, so i understand!

    i will post pictures because there is no way I will be able to help myself. haha

  6. Meredith: THANK YOU!!! This will help SO much!!!!

  7. We used this as a base:

    Changed things up here and there, and then wrote in our own vows and then went into the traditional ones.

    And lucky you, Mexico looks AMAZING! I’m desperate to go on a first anniversary trip, but it’s not in the cards šŸ˜¦ Enjoy every minute you are there!

    Also, are you talking about the FW zoo?! I guess it’s not free, but it’s spectacular!

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