Just thinking about this summer makes my heart race.

Mr. A had another interview with the company he will be a legal intern for this summer. The company, based in Mville, is a worldwide college book distributer. The guy that owns it has a total of 23 companies, all under one management company. This guy, I shall call him JAC, is friends and partners with Mr. A’s best friend’s dad, who is also super freaking rich, but also amazingly nice and down to earth.

Anyways, Mr. A actually talked to friend’s dad about possibly seeing if JAC would take him on as a legal intern and have him work with the law firm he has on retainer. So the position didn’t even exist. Friend’s dad talked to him and JAC interviewed Mr. A and kind of seemed like he was all for it and said he would have the attorneys contact him. Today, he went and met with the attorneys. It was less of an interview and more of a “make sure he isn’t an asshole and actually knows something about the law” meeting. Even better, the law firm doesn’t do any litigation. Only transactions, contracts, wills and estates, and all things Mr. A is into. He will also be paid for this internship, which will be nice to have a little extra money coming in, even if it’s just to cover gas back and forth.

His last final is May 13th. On Saturday, he has some orientation/seminar thing for the first half of the day. On the 15th, he will have to head to Mville because his first day with JAC (as I will refer to it instead of internship1 all the time) is the 16th. I will get my work schedule for that weekend tomorrow, but I bet I work that Saturday, so I might see him for a few hours.

Since Mville is only 2 hours away, he is planning on coming back here every weekend, or I may go there if I’m off, but only seeing each other on the weekends isn’t going to be easy, at least not at first.

Last day at JAC is July 1st, a Friday. I assume he will come here after work because the next day, we have to move into our new apartment. On Sunday, the 3rd, he will get into his car and drive the 12-13 hours to Other State for kickass internship number 2. And since 12 hours isn’t really feasible, or affordable, every weekend, we won’t see each other. MIL has said she is going to buy my plane ticket so I can go and visit for a week, but I will probably wait until late July so he has time to get a little adjusted there and I can work the first part of July and then visit him and have another week off before my assitantship workshop starts.

I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath because I’m sure reading all of that makes you as exhausted as I feel just thinking about it.

In case you missed some of the stuff:

– I won’t even get 24 hours with my husband before he leaves for a week

– I will then have to adjust to basically living alone and trying to overcome my fear of someone breaking into the apartment (another post for another day)

– While he can come here on the weekends, I bet I will be working on a lot of weekends, so the time together is limited.

– I have to basically pack this entire apartment by myself. MYSELF. AHHHHHHHH

– We have ONE day to move. Before we got the final timeline of events, we thought we would have 5 days and could set up rooms, one at a time, that way there was less boxes to unpack and when we moved everything, it was all just set up and ready to go.

– We have ONE day in our new apartment together before he has to leave for Other State.

– I’m making my last day at work no later than July 13th. And then somewhere before the beginning of August, I will be making a trip to visit Other State.

– He gets back August 15th. My last day of orientation is the 17th. We’re hoping to have a mini vacation the 18th-21st. First day of classes for both of us is the 22nd.


I think I will start drinking Red Bull now to get me through August.



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5 responses to “Whirlwind

  1. I did pack up our apartment in CA by myself last spring (I wanted him to enjoy his graduation and see his family… and also unpack all of it for me while I traveled the week we moved). My thoughts are:
    – Start early. Like start now. Pack up winter clothes and things you never use. I had more than half of our stuff packed before we began to feel like a lot of our stuff was disappearing. And even then, we just wore and used other stuff.
    – Get as many free supplies as you can… CVS loves giving away their big boxes! But most of what you will have to buy is expensive
    – Find somebody who has a big truck and become real good friends with them.
    – Make sure you pack in your actual stuff as much as possible… This seems obvious but I almost forgot to do it. Even things that you didn’t think you would normally “pack” in can hold a lot of stuff!
    – Make a really good meal plan so that you don’t accidentally pack something and realize you need it… Mashing potatoes with forks that one time was not fun for me lol

    Good luck! Exciting times!

  2. holy MOLY whirlwind is right. god speed to you two (though i’m sure you’ll make it look easy). 🙂

  3. Packing up the apt by ourselves would not be fun. I don’t envy you that, but you are such an awesome wife to support your husband and let him go to another state for a fab internship. 🙂 You rock! And you can do it!

  4. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    Oh my goodness. I thought my summer was crazy with weddings and graduations but this schedule made my headspin! Crazy!

  5. As someone who knows ALL TOO WELL the hells of moving, I say, “GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND.” There is nothing good about moving. Until it’s over at least.

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