My Embarrassing Addiction

I’m a couple years behind on this addiction.

It started because I couldn’t find anything else to watch. We don’t have cable, and after 5 months sitting at home, I watched A LOT of Netflix. (If I searched how many times I typed Netflix on this blog, it might be astronomical. They should pay me. Just saying.) I quickly have run out of shows and movies to watch because I had days on end where all I did was watch television series’.

I have made it known my love of The Office. I mean, the Jim and Pam story? Their engagement? That amazingly sweet wedding? I cry every time. Michael cracks me up and I love to hate Dwight. And while this is embarrassing, not as embarrassing as my new love.

Grey’s Anatomy.

I know. I’m hanging my head in shame.

I so made fun of everyone who watched it when it was on tv. (I know it’s still on, but I mean from the start.) I would try to watch an episode here or there, but it all seemed like a ridiculous soap opera. Not as gritty and awesome as ER. Not as dumb as General Hospital. But, if you watch, it’s not really a show you can jump in and out of. You need to know back stories and all that.

So, about a month ago, Mr. A and I couldn’t decide on what to watch so we thought we would give G.A. a shot from the beginning.

Yeah. We’re both hooked now.


We watch a couple episodes when we’re eating dinner. On a lazy Sunday, we watch hours of the show.

And why didn’t anyone warn me about the fact that nearly every episode is a tear jerker?! And not just a couple tears. There are episodes that I have sobbed. Mr. A has teared up at a couple episodes.

Kids who we think might live die unexpectedly? Tears. Episode with the guy and girl who are connected with a pipe and the girl dies before her fiancé gets there? Sobbing. The whole Izzy and Denny storyline? Balling.

And I’m currently watching an episode where I know what is going to happen because I read the episode summaries and I’m all choked up and George hasn’t even died yet. Derek and Meredith writing their vows in the locker room? Adorable. And when she made the blueprint of their house with candles? Precious.

Yes. I’m hooked.

And since there is only one more season left on Netflix, I will have to either wait for them to put season 7 on Netflix or see if it’s on ABC online.

I guess I should also admit that I love Make It or Break It as well. That might be even more embarrassing.

(George just died. Izzy sees him on the elevator. He’s all in his army clothes and looking handsome. How did I get so effing attached to characters on a show?!?)

I think I just have a problem getting attached to book and movie characters. Harry Potter? I will be a sobbing baby when the final credits on the last movie roll. I’ve been reading those books since 5th grade and I balled at the end of the last book. (Basically I’m just announcing how easily I cry at stupid things…)

So what are your embarrassing addictions? What shows or movies do you find it impossible to peel yourself away from? Please share so i feel less lame. Haha.



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8 responses to “My Embarrassing Addiction

  1. Have you seen the musical episode yet? It will make you laugh in a bad away.

    Another suggestion… Parks & Rec. We watched it one day because we were bored. Unfortunately it rained the next day so we watched it again… and now we’re all caught up. It’s pretty funny and also on Netflix online.

  2. Sarah

    I love Grey’s.

    And Harry Potter. I always got Harry Potter withdrawl after I finished one of the books. I still have a stack of books to finished because they got interrupted by a Harry Potter release.

    My current addiction is Mad Men. (OK, it’s really more like a constant addiction. I mean, have you seen jon Hamm?!) I’ve been working my way through the DVD’s for the umpteenth time. There’s a very good chance that once I finish, I’ll start over. Is that bad??? 😉

  3. Don’t be embaressed! I adore Greys. That episode where George dies was amazing. I didn’t see it coming because all the news outlets were reporting it was Izzy. This current season has been a little boring though…

    • I figured out the guy with the smashed face was george from the beginning just by his eyes. It was a hard episode. Again, I’m a cry baby. But I cant wait for the singing episode!

  4. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I adore Grey’s Anatomy. But I will admit it was better in past seasons, the ones that you’re mentioning in particular. It’s so wonderful – don’t be ashamed about loving it!

  5. Do you watch Friday Night Lights? Or Parenthood? (By the same writer or producer or director or something – no wonder I love them both!) They are MASTERFUL at getting you to love the characters.

    I… cannot stand the fact that Eric and Tami Taylor will no longer exist after this season. SOB.

    The other show I got totally attached to was Six Feet Under. Bawled like a baby at the finale of that one. Really a well done show.

    Like Sarah I LOVE Mad Men. But… I hate all the characters. Like, ALL of them. And yet I can’t wait for the next season to start.

    I love TV. Love love love.

  6. Meredith

    OMG HARRY POTTER!! I love HP. Love it. A Lot. First books I ever read more than once. And watching the trailer gets my heart going.

    I was also addicted to Grey’s for like the first 4-5 seasons.

    We are currently watching Lost. First it was 24 (finished 8 season in about 8-10 months). And now we are on season 4 of Lost. Netflix streaming is incredible.

  7. grey’s is precious, but i have to be in the mood for it (read: emotional).

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