Back to School…For Sure This Time!

So, from the last super short and dull of CAPS post, I got into grad school! Eeeeep!!

In case you didn’t know, I will be getting a Master’s of Arts in English. The program is kind of a survey program. I may want to focus on American Lit, but more than half of my classes can’t be just that. I think it is cool because then I am encouraged to try different classes and work with different authors and genres. Also, means I don’t have to pick something now which is awesome because that seems difficult right now.

Also, there’s a professor whose focus is on graphic novels and hoax poetry and comic books. YES PLEASE!!! Also, several who have PhDs in multicultural literature, which fascinates me, and another that focused on the Harlem Renaissance, which is something else I enjoy. (Yes, I also like the classics, but I thought these were unique enough that I will be taking those classes if possible!)

On top of just getting into a graduate program, I was also offered a graduate assistantship. Which means a couple things

First, free grad school (YIPPEEE). Which means not adding to our student loan debt. Also, I will get paid. Not sure I feel comfortable sharing the amount, but it’s decent. Not like I’ll be buying a new wardrobe by any means, but WAY more than I am making working retail.

Second, I will be teaching two sections of freshman composition. I’m both excited AND nervous about this. I am excited to be teaching again, (and yes I’m going to make Mr. A call me a professor hahaha) and even better to be teaching at a university since my ultimate goal has always been to be a college professor. Have to admit, it’s kind of an ego-boost, which I’ve needed.

But I’m also nervous. Teaching college kids?! Yes, I taught high school seniors, so basically the same age group, but it’s a whole new level. If it’s freshman comp class, so basically all writing, so LOTS of grading. The department outlines how many grades and how many things the students have to write, but we get to decide how we go about it. Both exciting and nerve wracking. I haven’t had to plan a whole semester’s worth of material, especially not ALL writing, but it will be fun to make up activities. No, I’m not going to do busy work because it’s college, but having straight writing gets boring at any level, so need to mix it up.

But mostly, I’m so excited about this amazing opportunity. Yes I know it will be a lot of work, especially at the beginning, but I’m ready to be doing something productive again. I’m not the smartest person ever, but I do have smarts and not using them for the last year has made me feel, literally, stupid. I’m ready to feel challenged again. I’m ready to feel needed and have students looking to me for answers or at least a grade.

Ready for this new adventure to start.

Still lots of details need to be worked out, such as which classes I’ll take, which ones I’ll teach. Where my office will be. 😉

And I will be sure to fill you in on all the fun details as I get them. Especially how work takes it when I tell them I’m quitting.




(Also, unrelated, any of you with WordPress blogs that are not paid for, need your help adding Google Analytics. I’m usually good with this stuff, but I can’t figure out where to paste it. Yes I’ve looked it up, but nothing is helping. And college kids are smart and I want to know if anyone from here is reading the blog…)



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14 responses to “Back to School…For Sure This Time!

  1. Beyond thrilled for you and this opportunity! You deserve it! Can’t wait to hear all about it. You’ll do great!

  2. Meredith

    YAY!!! So happy for you. And not only grad school but being in charge of teaching a freshman course?!? AWESOME. With all that coming your way it sounds like you’ll be super busy, but good busy. Fun busy. Enriching busy. WOOOHOOOO!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Mrs. Jones

    So very excited for you (again). Teaching college kids is all about confidence. I taught SO/JR and some SRs while I wasin grad school. It was intimidating at first, but I loved every minute of it. You will be AMAZING!

  4. This is so cool! Teaching college English has been one of my other life dreams, so you’ll have to fill me in minutely on everyhing!

    I’m so proud of you! 🙂

  5. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I am beyond thrilled for you. What an exciting week you’ve had! You’ll be a great teacher and it’ll be a great thing for you to work those academic muscles. Yay for offices!

  6. fattyfile

    So, so wonderful! Huge congrats! I LOVED the TAs who taught my freshman English classes. You will do great.

    Also, huge congrats to the mister! Law school is insane and the market is more competitive than ever, so snagging a great summer job is a huge accomplishment. The hubs and I were apart last summer because of his law school summer gig and while I missed him way more than I thought I would, our weekends together were that much more special. Also, I lived kind of like a monk while he was in NYC and I got into awesome running shape!!! So that was another good bit.

  7. to reiterate our gchat, CONGRATULATIONS. i am so excited for you. ❤

  8. EH

    I’m so happy for you! So nice for everything to start falling into place!!

  9. Holy crap how have I missed your posts the last two days?!! Congratulations, girl! I am so very VERY happy for you! I know how hard you’ve wanted this and we all know you deserve it. What a nice reward for such a crappy year! The tides are turning and I’m just so excited for your new adventure. You’ll be amazing!

  10. fattyfile

    Just saw your thing re: Google Analytics. I looked into this when I had my little blog because I also was weirded out about privacy. From the digging I did last year, you can’t install Google Analytics on a free WordPress blog. WordPress maintains that its stat counter is as good as it gets (although it doesn’t tell you where all your visitors come from). However, if you buy a domain and use WordPress to self host, you can install Google Analytics. Hopefully someone with more expertise can chime in.

  11. Congratulations! That is so exciting!! I’m new here, but it sounds like you’ve done your time and deserve a break job-wise! Good luck!

  12. I know I am a little late commenting on this post but SO HAPPY for you, congrats times a million!

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