A little catch-up

Lots has been going on around here. And without internet for a little over a week now, I’m so behind and feeling disconnected. So, I figured I would just do a quick over view of everything.

1. We’ve moved. Yes, I know we moved about 4 weeks ago, but we weren’t actually staying in the new place until last Sunday. I set up our kitchen. All by myself. I must applaud myself because I have NO domestic qualities, at least I didn’t until we moved into the new place. Mr. A was gone Monday and Tuesday for work/school stuff, so I had the place all to myself and I got our baker’s racks set up and unpacked all the boxes of kitchen/wedding presents. I’ll post pictures once I’m done done with everything.

2. I learned I’m a 5 year old. Monday night, my first night alone in the apartment, I freaked out about being there alone. I kept looking in the other rooms and I wanted lights on and I checked that the door was locked a million times. I didn’t go to bed until my eyes wouldn’t stay open because I knew if I went to lay down in the dark and I wasn’t exhausted, I would hear every noise and think I was getting broken into. (it doesn’t help there was a very terrifying home invasion a block over from my MIL’s while we were staying there. I don’t need those ideas in my head.) I’ll learn…..maybe.

3. Lonely. It’s a problem. I need a fun night out. Like none other. Problem? We don’t know ANYONE here in this new town. I figure we’ll meet people once law school orientation starts on the 18th, but that’s 17 more days of NOTHING to do. This week I can hang out with the husband and job search and we’re having some of our college friends come to visit us this upcoming weekend, but Sunday night Mr. A leaves. Again. For a whole week. What am I going to do for a whole week by myself. Have I mentioned I don’t have a job? Which means I don’t need to be spending much money because we’re broke. I think the librarians at the public library and I are going to become close friends. I hope they like margaritas.

P.S. it worries me that I’m feeling the lonely bug already since law school starts in 17 days. And while the husband plans on studying at home so we will at least be in the same building, he will be studying and wanting it quiet. I need some friends. Any of you want to move here and hang out? No? Darn.

4. I might have the greatest mom on the planet. She has been super with helping with all sorts of things. She bough our amazing baker’s racks, knowing we couldn’t really afford them. She bought me shoes while she was shopping yesterday. She says she’s been trying not to call as much because she doesn’t want to “bother me”. She’s cute. I tell her that since I have no social life here, she’s more than welcome to call. Her and I can also tell each other, “Hey. I don’t feel like talking on the phone. We’ll talk tomorrow.” She’s pretty cool. If only she drank. Then she could enjoy some margaritas or wine with me….

5. Mr. A’s cousin and his wife have safely returned from the country in Africa from which they adopted a baby. It’s been 2 years dealing with all of the legal aspects and such and longer dealing with the idea that they couldn’t have children. The baby is freaking adorable. 4 months old and the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. He will be a heartbreaker one day. And the parents couldn’t be happier. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough so I can see and hold this little guy. Hoping it doesn’t inspire baby fever. We’re too broke for that.

6. I re-read through our lease. I knew we could have a dog. However, I missed the part about it being another $100 a month for “pet rent”. WTF???? I want nothing more than a scottish terrier. I adore them. And husband has already agreed that when we get one, he will give it to me with a giant red bow tied around his neck. I never got a pet as a present as a child, so I really want the big red bow thing. I have a name picked out. We were going to get it for my birthday next March because ( hopefully!) I would have a job and we could be saving for it and be more settled. But I don’t want to pay $100 more a month for the dog. That’s insane. You remember the other apartment I fell in love with, but cost a little more so we went with the cheaper option? Yeah…they allow dogs for just a $150 deposit. And they have townhomes. With fenced in backyards. Think I can convince the husband to move next August? Yeah, I’m not so sure either.

7. I miss internet. Terribly. And cable. Did you know it was Shark Week???? I love shark week and I’m missing it. This is depressing.

Well, tomorrow starts the 8hr/day job of searching for a job. Wish me luck so I can quit talking about it. Mostly, I want a fun job with fun people I can make friends with. Know of any? Let me know.



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2 responses to “A little catch-up

  1. I feel your pain about being lonely, like I said on Twitter. It’s hard when your husband is spending all his time in class or studying for class. Finding friends and things to do is a very good thing. Reading also helps. 🙂 You’ll be ok, I promise!

  2. Ohhhhh I feel your pain! That was me all last year- new town, husband working, me jobless. I was so bored and lonely and did I mention a total bitchfest? I can’t imagine what it was like living with me because to keep myself busy I started obsessively cleaning the house and then when anything went wrong I would lose my mind. Not pretty. I recommend forcing yourself to get out of the house at least once a day, to a library or a coffee shop or just window shopping.

    I am scared of sleeping by myself in the house too. When I was single Melissa I always got second story apartments because I figured nobody could break into the second story and I would put something up against the door at night. Dogs help ease that fear though. But $100 extra a month is crazy!

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