Blah Blah Blah

Welp, I was planning on giving you a post about finally going for the job and e-mailing the principal and her telling me she would love to schedule an interview and all of that jazz. And then she decided to skip the interview and just hire me over the phone. (If only…)

Instead, today I wake up, get on the website to get her e-mail address and the job is no longer posted. Mind you, it was JUST posted on Thursday. I didn’t find out about it until about 9pm Friday night. Either they found someone already or decided not to move that teacher to the new position.

So, I’m a little miffed. Especially after all the stress and thinking and finally getting a little excited about the job and then it’s just gone.

Then you think that I shouldn’t be too upset since I have the other job. True, except they still haven’t called to tell me my schedule. I know my manager had a family emergency come up last Thursday, but come on. Just freaking tell me when to come in. And I will be sooo pissed if they don’t have me start till next week during the big sale they’re having. Don’t make my first day be when a super crazy sale is going on and no one will really be able to help me. Yes, I know how to use the register, but I have yet to be on the floor and I don’t even know where everything is. Gahhhh.

So I’m just doing random crap that comes to mind since there is nothing to really talk about since this job stuff seems to be stalling and it’s pissing me off.

–I was all excited about these Christmas cards, but now I’m not so sure why. I mean, just a few months ago we were slaving over writing addresses for wedding invitations. And then I had to write a billion thank you cards and send all those out. I barely got them finished in a timely and proper manner. And now I have 65 to do. Yes, I bought 15 to send out to a few people, then I got the free 50 and now I don’t know who all to send them to. So, anyone want a Christmas card? haha

— I went for a run outside today since the weather was better. Well, I figured going to run at 4:30 would be just fine. Umm…the sun was already setting, and when I got back 30 minutes later, it was nearly dark. Now, at 5:30? Pitch black. Also, the temperature was dropping the entire time I was out, which just hurt the lungs with all the cold air. It looks like I’ll be gym bound. Boo.

— Also, I know I know wayyyy less about politics than most of you, but my husband brought something to my attention, but all i can find are examples to the contrary. My husband told me that most the time, Republicans wear red ties and Democrats wear blue/light blue ties. But all I’ve seen is the contrary. Watching the news discussing Obama’s trip to India, I’ve only seen one scene where he’s in a blue tie. Thes rest of the time he’s in a red one. There have been times he’s in silver and black and such, but very few blue. And at the Social Security Office, in the picture, Joe Biden is wearing a red tie. So, is Mr. A wrong? Or am I just only noticing the opposite??

— I love my husband. He’s wonderful. Most of the time. Today at lunch? I wanted to strangle him. First of all, I’m trying to cut out a lot of my processed carbs and bleached white flour. He comes home and puts in a frozen pizza. One of my weaknesses. And this isn’t the only time. He is constantly eating things right in front of me that I love that I’m trying to avoid. And this wouldn’t be such a big deal if he hadn’t said he was going to try to cut out the same things and eat better with me. The he makes baked potatoes, spaghetti, and pizza.

Then, while the pizza was baking, it started to smell really bad. It hadn’t been in long, but I told him to check to see if it was burning. He said it wasn’t. But the smell continued to get worse. I joked that he would never be allowed to make pizza again if it was going to smell like that. Finally, I got up to look because it was making me sick. When I looked, he had set the pizza on a dirty cupcake tin from where I made cupcakes for the championship soccer game Sunday. So he was burning the leftover reside onto the pan, making it even harder for me to clean it because I know he won’t clean it. And I also found out that he started by cooking it straight on the shelf in the stove. No foil. No cookie sheet. Nothing. No wonder it smelled like burning and gross. And this is the man who almost went to culinary school and can make some yummy food. No common sense sometimes.

— Conan premieres tonight and I’m so bummed because we don’t get TBS. We aren’t paying for cable but we get a few channels and I won’t be able to see it. Sad day. I guess I’ll watch it on Hulu tomorrow. I hope it’s good. Anyone know who his guests are tonight??

— We’ve been looking at apartments since we have to tell our landlord in January whether we are staying or not. It’s been frustrating. The super apartment with the awesome company that we wanted in the complex feet from where we are now, doesn’t allow dogs at that complex. Most of their other compounds, yes, but not this one. And the one we wanted was a one bedroom, but it was a loft so it had more room. THe others that allow dogs? One bedroom flats or two bedrooms that are crazy super expensive. Annoyed to no end. And why do they need to know now?? I have no idea what might happen in 8 months. Shit. I could get pregnant and have a baby in that amount of time. (Man I hope not!!) I need someone to decide to move, have lots of money, so they will let us rent their house for free. I wish.


I don’t have much else. I’m just crabby, so I should stop before I start picking at everything. What’s going on with you?? Tell me something funny.



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6 responses to “Blah Blah Blah

  1. Oh I’m not sure about the ties. I’ve never heard that. MW says it’s not true. So I’m thinking you win on that one (a bright spot, perhaps?)

    Hang in there!

  2. I totally want a Christmas card. And the tie thing…… it never seems to actually hold up. I had to laugh about the dirty cupcake pan. That sounds BEYOND like my dear Mr. Jones! Oh well. At least we have good men! Happy Monday!

    • Haha. Thanks. He thought he was doing good since it was already dirty. Good intentions. Bad logic. But then he also took care of me tonight since I wasn’t feeling well. I’ll take the trade off.

  3. Use your wedding invitation list for Christmas cards. That’s what Nick and I did — we just went through and pared it down to 80 people (I’m not addressing more than that and he won’t have time to help). Plus, we already had their addresses.

    But good luck with your job situation. Retail is so weird this time of year. Where I work on weekends, sometimes they immediately rush people through training to the point they are immediately on the floor with no clue or they take forever to rotate new people into the schedule. I hope it’s not too much longer before you know your hours.

  4. Sometimes when it rains, it pours. Just know that this too shall pass – you’ll get the teaching job figured out (fingers crossed that they’ll give you an interview) and they’ll get your schedule worked out. It’ll be fine! But doesn’t it feel better to vent?

  5. Fun Fact: Red ties are actually worn typically when the politician wants to exude a strong, powerful image. Blue is used when he wants to appear calm and thoughtful. Watch for it during the debates – I am serious! Its true!

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