Just wanted to do a quick update and let you know that I have a job interview. Even better- a teaching job interview.

They called at 4 yesterday and the interview is tomorrow at 10:30am. I’m so incredibly nervous.

It’s with the school I student taught at, so I’m hoping I at least have a reasonable chance. The only issue is that I believe the drama club is attached to this teaching position. I love drama and theater, but as a first year teacher, that’s a lot to take on. Here, my first year is an internship year, where I have a mentor and have so many observations and lesson plans to turn in. It’s A LOT of work, so I would be a little scared to also add two plays to that mix.

But I hope you guys will wish me luck and think about me tomorrow morning. I could really use this job. We could really use this job.

Thanks everyone!

***Update- Interview appropriate?

–2 Questions

1. Do I wear my hair down, or do I pull half of it back into a clip? Not sure which one is more “professional”

2. Glasses or no glasses? I’m not sure if glasses will block my eyes, so I should leave them off, or if they add a touch of “teacher-ness”? Input?

I’ll be wearing a suit, if that helps at all….

***Wedding pictures tomorrow!



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6 responses to “Nervous

  1. GOOD LUCK!!!

    I’d wear my hair half up – I’ve read that hair down is less professional. BUT – for the hair and the glasses – make sure you are comfortable. I mean, suits aren’t necessarily comfortable. But if you don’t normally wear glasses, I wouldn’t wear them just for the interview.

    You’ll do great!!

  2. Sarah

    Yay! Congratulations!

    I’d pull some of my hair back–mostly because otherwise I’d fidget with it the whole time–but also because it looks a little more professional. Same with the glasses–I’d go for whatever you’re more comfortable with. A suit is definitely a good idea, though. My mom was a teacher for about 25 years and was involved with new teacher interviews–she always preferred the interviewees who wore suits to those who didn’t.

    Oh, and for the drama club thing: a friend of mine did TFA as an English and history teacher. On Wednesday of pre-planning week before school started, the principal told him he wouldn’t be teaching history, but instead, psychology–he’d never taken a psychology class ever. lol At least drama might be fun!!

  3. I love wearing my glasses. I’m very young (ha, obviously), look and sound young, and I like to think it helps (along with the wedding ring) tone down my greenness. It just says you’re not too vain to wear glasses, so not just a pretty face 🙂

  4. Good luck! I was a teacher before I became a SAHM and remember those interview days. You’ll be great, just take a deep breath and try to relax!

  5. AHHHH you are probably in the interview now. So this won’t matter. For my teacher interviews I wear my hair half up, half down. A more calm hair bump. I do not wear my glasses, but I do bring them with me.

    PLEEEASSSEEE update on how it went. I am saying a prayer right now. I hope that those doors will open WIDE.

    As far as taking on drama your first year, I think you will be ok! Then again, I am the craziest teacher ever and put waaaayyy to much on my plate. Think of it this way. You will forge deeper relationships, quicker with more involvement. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    One more thing if you read this… CONFIDENCE. DO NOT DOWNPLAY YOUR TALENTS. The principal is ultimately the one who will hire and he/she can sniff out confident teachers. It shows you can handle yourself in the classroom if you can uphold yourself. Does that make sense?

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