Catching Fire

catching fire2


I could never be a book reviewer because I wouldn’t be able to write about it without giving away spoiling information and ruining it for everyone. On to other career options…

So, I read Catching Fire.

The other night, my eyes wanted nothing more than to close and drift peacefully off into dreamland. But I had to finish the last 20 pages. No choice. It had to be done.

Some of you may have seen my tweet at 1:30am. The one about my mind being blown? Yeah. The ending to this book was intense. And shocking. I NEVER saw it coming. I knew something had to happen, but not this.

But let me go back to the beginning.

First of all, I’m a HUGE Peeta fan. Like, in love with him. And I think he and Katniss are cuter than anything, if only she could let her guard down and let herself feel for him what she knows is deep down. Gale is nice and all, but there’s something about him I can’t connect to. I can’t see them together and he just seems whiny and moody. Am I alone in my love of Peeta? Yes? Sad day…

Then, when they said that the new players would be other victors, I almost died. It broke my heart. These two had been through enough and I couldn’t stand to see them go back.

Also, do I find out in Mockingjay why Snow’s breath smells like blood? I can’t figure it out and it’s incredibly creepy.

I loved that Peeta and Katniss continually fought back, whether intentionally or not. Offering their winnings. The noose and painting with the Gamemakers during training. The pregnancy. The outfits. Etc. Also, whenever they make this movie, I can’t wait to see Cinna’s outfits. I hope they stay true to the descriptions in the books. They seem fantastic.

And then there’s the Games themselves.


The only thing I was confused about after reading was who all was involved in the plan and who wasn’t. Obviously Finnick and Johanna and Beetee and Wires. Duh. But the others? Were they just there, fighting each other, trying to be the ultimate victor, or were they trying to save Peeta too? Especially when the Careers attacked at the cornucopia.

I love how Collins wrote the ending.

It was fast paced and confusing and hard to quite figure out what was going on. She wrote it just like Katniss was experiencing it. It threw me off and I loved it. Especially when I found out what was really going on. I never saw the ending coming, and I’m the person that usually figures out books and movies halfway through. I knew the chink was important, but I never would have imagined what they would do.

These books are captivating.

I know they’re YA (young adult) fiction, but who cares? They are written so well and the story just draws you in. As a teacher, I would want to teach it along with either Communist societies, or even the Holocaust and talk about people doing what they are told and ignoring the atrocities happening around them. I think this would be a powerful book in any classroom. Also, it would be a book to draw in the boys. Traditionally, boys don’t want to read and too many books can’t keep their attention. However, this would be great for both. Yes, it’s violent, but so is The Great Gatsby and Killer Angels and The Odyssey and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. This book would also be a gateway book. Many would want to know what happens in the rest of the story, and anything that gets kids to read is great. I may just talk to some teacher friends and see if they would teach it. I know there may not be a lot of lee-way in curriculum, but I think this would be good.

So, if you’ve read it, what did you think? Any big surprises headed my way in Mockingjay? Am I going to be devastated? Will Peeta and Katniss finally be together for real? Probably not, but a girl can dream….



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3 responses to “Catching Fire

  1. I am really interested to hear what you think of Mockingjay. I feel like we have very similar opinions of the first two books so I am curious whather you will agree with me on my assessment of Mockingjay- happy reading!

  2. I loved this series! I totally didn’t see the end or the Quarter Quell coming, which made the book awesome.

    I think this is a great book for guys. My sister and I have a tradition when we drive together on road trips. She drives and I read aloud. Earlier this year we were driving back from a little family weekend and my brother was in the car. He’s 20. He totally made fun of us for wanting to read out loud for the four-hour trip. Well, about two minutes into the Hunger Games he was hooked. See…older sisters DO know better!

  3. Jamie B

    Aaaahhh I love the ending of the second book! You’re lucky to be reading it when the third is already out. I almost died waiting (for 2 months). I spent my first week of law school reading book 3 because seriously, what the frack else could I do?!?! No one can resist those books.

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