Laundry Etiquette 101


I dream of a room like this. Don’t quite need 3 dryers, but all the space. A folding table. In my own home.

But we are not so lucky.

We thought it was a key item to have a washer and dryer in the apartment when we were apartment shopping, but after seeing hell hole after meth lab after rat home, we decided to go for clean and safe and  get over the laundry situation.

Our apartment complex has it’s own laundry room


You have to have a key to get in, so only people from our little complex can use it. There are 12 washers and 5 dryers.

I have no clue who decided a place that holds 12 washers only needed 5 dryers. Yes, the dryers are big, but they aren’t new and if you put too much stuff in them, things NEVER dry. EVER.

It’s also stupid expensive. I spent nearly $10 yesterday on our laundry and didn’t even wash sheets or all of Mr. A’s clothes.

Yesterday, I had lots of laundry. And it drives me nuts to have to take everything over there, including two hampers, our big tub of laundry detergent, a book to keep me occupied, and the ridiculous amount of quarters it takes to do our laundry.

When I show up, 7 of the 12 washers are full of wet clothes. And guess what? Not a single person around. Also, a dryer was full of clothes.

I know these are college kids, but I was a college student a year ago and I still had common sense and manners.

So, here are my rules for sharing a laundry room with other people, even though I’m sure all of you reading either have the privilege of having your laundry in your own home or you are nice enough to be considerate of your neighbors.

1. We are on limited space here. Don’t put your laundry in, go to lunch, then your afternoon classes, all the while, leaving your clothes in the washers and dryers. Otherwise, I’m putting them on the floor. (I was there for about 2 hours and NO ONE came in. How do you forget all of your clothes are in the laundry??)

2. If you use powdered detergent, more power to you. But when you pour it all over the top of the washers, the folding table, and the only open space in the room, CLEAN IT UP!! It’s sticky. I don’t use it and don’t want it all over my stuff. My clean, folded clothes.

3. Don’t get mad at me when one of the only washers you left open, starts to make insanely loud and obnoxious noises during the spin cycle. I can’t fix it and I’m not paying another $1.25 to switch washers.

4. More than 3 pairs of jeans can go in one washer. And more than 5 tshirts fit in another. Please don’t take up 9 washers.

5. When you and another person are in the laundry room, you both have 3 washers (which is completely understandable since you both came in with a decent amount to wash and the washers aren’t huge.), please don’t take up all 5 dryers. Especially when we put our clothes in at the same time. Meaning, I will have to wait the 30-45 minutes for your clothes to dry since you insist on drying your jeans on the lowest possible setting for the longest time allowed.


Basically, common sense and manners. (Not all of these happened yesterday. These are things that have happened to us since we’ve lived here.)

This and how much the rent will skyrocket a month if we want a puppy, we are quickly leaning towards moving to the other apartments that we fell in love with. They have washers and dryers in each apartment, and only $20/month for a pet. Yes, please!



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7 responses to “Laundry Etiquette 101

  1. Notes from the Fatty File

    Don’t even get me started!! I LONG for the day when we have a washer and dryer in our apartment. It seriously sucks to have to cart everything across a courtyard and into another building to wash my crap. I’ve learned to do laundry at weird hours or late afternoon/early Saturday nights (when most people are, you know, having fun) so I don’t have to deal with people hogging the machines. I have also been known to just do less laundry a whole lot less often. I may or may not have stopped at Ross on my lunch break a time or two to buy clean underwear. Shame.

    • I wish I could just buy new clothes instead of washing them. It’s more expensive now than when we had to pay in college at the dorms. So annoying.

    • Yep – odd hours got me through college laundry issues. (That and a lot of passive aggressive glaring.) (Although I also did a lot of folding for people who left their clothes in the dryer.)

      I also firmly believe that as long as your clothes aren’t stained and you are wearing clean underwear every day, washing isn’t a NECESSITY. You know, it shouldn’t smell or anything. But washing infrequently is a perfectly acceptable solution.

      • And this is why I like you. I have a confession: I don’t wash my jeans between each wear. Obviously, I wear clean underwear, but yeah. And hoodies. Hoodies don’t get washed each time either. Or cardigans. I’m glad I’m not alone in this.

  2. Jamie

    Argh! I want our own washer/dryer SO badly. It’s so obnoxious. We don’t even share it with the complex (okay, technically only four other apartments… our floor… but I digress) but it’s so bad. I hate paying $1.50 a load. That’s $3.00 just to do one complete cycle! I bought a large drying rack so we use that for a lot of stuff (plus hang dry shirts), which saves some serious $$$. Unfortunately it doesn’t save the frustrations of sharing a laundry room.

  3. Oh my. My favorite thing about this apartment is the in-suite laundry. Because people SUCK when it comes to common laundry facilities.

    Love your list. I would also add, don’t smoke in the laundry room. It’s a) illegal and b) gross. I don’t smoke and I don’t want my freshly washed clothes to smell like stale tobacco.

  4. Oh boy. I do not envy you. I haven’t shared washers since our first apartment out of school a few years ago and I can’t imagine going back to that. I will pay extra to have them in my apartment. We’re buying a set next year and the next place will have to have hook ups, but I don’t care. I need my own washer and dryer!

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