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I Shouldn’t be in Charge

I love to plan events. Love it. Granted, the biggest event of my life so far I didn’t have much to do with since I was living out of state and finishing school.

But besides that, planning is fun for me. Whether it be birthday surprises or holidays or weekend getaways, I could spend hours working on and deciding all the details. It’s probably why I always go over board on Mr. A’s gifts.

So our wedding anniversary was no different.

Last year, we thought it would be fun to sort of recreate our wedding weekend. We stayed in the same hotel that we did on our wedding night and went to a Cards game the next day. Since our wedding was on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we had invited guests that wanted to go to the baseball game on Monday as another way to spend time with people that traveled to visit us and share in our special day.

However, our first anniversary didn’t go as planned.

While the hotel was amazing (one of my top two hotels in STL- if you need recommendations, let me know!), I made a HUGE mistake.

Since I was still working retail last year, while I wanted to do something special for our first anniversary, we were also trying to save money where possible. Groupon came to the rescue since it was offering some awesome deals on pretty good seats for Memorial Day weekend. I bought two and had even sent in for us to be on the message board.

When we walked up to the gate, the tickets wouldn’t scan. I was perturbed since I had printed tickets before without issue, so I figured it was something with their machine. Until the woman took a closer look and informed me that they were for the following day.

I had bought tickets for the wrong day’s game!

Cue instant tears. I was embarrassed since we were holding up the line of people getting into the game and I had made a big to do about planning our anniversary and had screwed it up.

Now, my husband doesn’t always have the largest reserve of patience, but when it comes to me and if I make a mistake or something, he is the most calm and understanding human on the planet. I love that man.

We then approached a scalper and bought overpriced, crappy seats since we had planned on going to the game. He swore he was happy being at the game with me and sweating profusely in the summer sun.

Well, this year was no different.

We were trying to be more low key since Mr. A had just returned from a 6 day bachelor party in Vegas. We have a lot of travelling going on this summer, so to be able to stay in our own house meant something to us.

I planned the day where we would spend the afternoon at the winery and then come home to get ready for a nice dinner. I had made reservations online for a new and very nice restaurant in our area and was excited to go try it out. I had even already picked what I was going to order from their menu and which signature cocktails I wanted to try.

Well, the restaurant is part of of a brand new winery, but they have several different buildings/locations on their extremely expansive property, so we stopped at the front building to ask where the restaurant was. I got a little nervous since the woman working said that the restaurant wasn’t typically open on Wednesdays. I knew I had made reservations for the correct date since I remembered checking it several times.

I was nervous, but once the restaurant was in view, we saw quite a few cars and I figured that maybe they had new summer hours and the woman had been mistaken.

So we walked up to the host and gave our names and he then asked “Are you here for the wine dinner?”

Mr. A and I both must have had confused looks on our faces so the man explained that on the last Wednesday of every month they did a wine around the world event, which included 7 courses and 7 wines. For a pretty hefty price per person. NO WHERE did the reservation site say anything about that and from the man’s response, we were not the first ones to run into this problem. Apparently their online program didn’t differentiate a special event and didn’t inform us about it.

He said we were welcome to join, but that the normal menu wasn’t available and they were just serving for the event.

We stepped aside to discuss and decided that had we planned on the very high expense, it would have been one thing, but we didn’t and decided not to do the event.

Again, cue the tears welling my eyes, since I had, yet again, screwed up our anniversary plans. Again, Mr. A was incredibly reassuring and commented several times how it wasn’t my fault, but theirs and I couldn’t have known. While trying to determine what to do, we went over to the new bar they had. It served drinks and a few small appetizers.

Well, it turned out even better than planned since the place was phenomenal. The drinks were superb and we are now looking into how much it would be to have some reserved tables for after graduation next year. We spend two hours there drinking very unique and delicious drinks and talking with the bartender/manager and hearing about all the new things that are planned for the estate.

We finally left and went to a little restaurant that Mr. A hadn’t been to yet. Dinner was delicious and we had a great time just talking and spending time together. We came home to enjoy the specialty tiramisu cake I had ordered for us and we watched a movie and sipped champagne.

While both anniversaries turned out just fine, and it does make for some interesting stories, next year, either Mr. A plans it or I’m making him check over the details 20 times beforehand. I would like just one anniversary to follow my plans. Is that too much to ask for?


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Planning is Chaos

Well, my last post was pretty melodramatic. I apologize. I must filter before I start writing. Haha

Since I’m not working this week, I’ve had quite a bit of free time. Some of it helpful, a lot of it involving too much sleep and too much Netflix OnDemand. It’s an addiction. It will get worse once we get the disc for the Wii to play Netflix. Must. Get. A. Life.

But until that happens, I come to my blog.

Also, after yesterday, I will NEVER donate money to my alma mater. Never.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve had problems figuring out what I need to do in order to get licensed in other states to teach. It’s a massive headache of bureaucratic paperwork. And paying over $300 in fees to work. I am on the wrong career path. I should have been an OHSA major. ($75,000 starting sounds much more appealing).

So, because of all this confusion, I decided to quit racking my brain and ask the people who have dealt with this is before and get paid thousands each year to work in the education department.

Sidenote: Because I was secondary English edu, I was basically an English major who took a few education classes. The education department hates this because they aren’t in control and the two departments despise each other, so the students who pay their salaries get put in the middle.

So, I find out that the head of the department can help. I decide to head over to campus and see if she can talk to me fore 10 minutes and help me figure it out.

Me: Is Dr. ****** Available?

Receptionist: This is the only day this week that she will be in the office. Therefore, she is too busy to talk to you.

WHAT?!?! Shouldn’t she take the ONLY day she is in the office to help out the students she works for?

Nope. So, I get passed down the chain to someone who kind of knows what to do, but can’t really help and basically ends up telling me to call someone else. But all the while with a smile on her face.

No moolah for them from the lawyer and the future college professor. So there.

I also have been working on the wedding ceremony. I FINALLY finished it. After about 10 revisions and numerous people looking over it and catching things to change.

It makes it a little more real. I am actually able to visualize the wedding. I can picture myself standing at the altar, hearing the words, looking at fiance. It gives me goosebumps.

I’ve been pretty detached in some ways. It hasn’t REALLY hit me until recently. We had a long engagement (18 months), so planning for something a year and a half away makes it hard to feel real.

In 52 days, I will have a new last name, new future, and just about everything will change. I’m looking forward to it. But it is sure going to be different.

For the lack of any new or interesting pictures, I leave you with a couple of my favorite videos.

I know it was shown all over the place, but I love it. If only I weren’t so white and had some rhythm. Our first dance might be interesting….

If I’m ever in a bad mood, I just watch this. Instant smile.

I hope you all have a good day. Enjoy the weather, if it’s pretty where you are, and find time for yourself!

Now, to force myself to the gym….

New Teacher. New Wife.


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