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Last night, I, along with some friends, lined up in front of the movie theater at 5pm to see the very last Harry Potter film.

We’ve had our tickets for weeks. We weren’t lining up to buy tickets. My mom did not understand the point in getting in line 7 hours early.

But everyone does it. Everyone wants the best seats. Everyone wants to be a part of the whole event. A movie like this isn’t just a 2 hour cinematic feature. It is an event.

This whole series has been unlike anything else for me.

I have read these books from the beginning. I waited in line at midnight for the release of the newest book. I would stay up until I finished the books because I couldn’t imagine going to bed without knowing what happened. I’ve reread them and found something new each time. I noticed mentions in the first book that become so important in the end. These books were written so well that I can’t believe she was able to weave such an intricate storyline that the first scene ties in with the end.

Call me a nerd. Fine. I’ll accept it. But I truly love this story.

And last night?

It was magical.

Anyone who has been to a midnight showing of a movie that they have been anxiously awaiting knows this feeling.

You can feel the excitement in the crowd. Every person there is just as excited as you are. There is a common thread running through all those hundred of people. People you wouldn’t normally talk to or interact with or think that you have anything in common with, these are the people you are bonding with.

You make so many friends while in line. You get to know those around you. People will share food and drinks and snacks. People will ask if you need anything when they run across the street to Wendy’s or the gas station for more snacks. People bring games and before you know it, 20 strangers are laughing and and joking while playing Taboo or Catch Phrase. One group even brought chalk and was decorating the sidewalk. They even played foursquare for a while. One group had a tent set up and grilled burgers for people who were towards the front of the line.

In this day when people are less willing to help strangers and you have to be more cautious, it’s events like this that show me there is still some good in people.

And then you finally get into the movie. Everyone is talking and antsy because we’ve been waiting hours for this to start. I normally get so nervous that the people around me are going to talk during the movie. It is my biggest pet peeve.

But as soon as the lights go down, everyone cheers and then a silence settles over the entire theater.

My favorite part of these midnight showings of movies that people know so much about is that when a bad guy dies, everyone cheers. When something happens to a favorite character, you can audibly hear everyone gasp. The entire audience laughs at jokes that maybe casual watchers wouldn’t catch or wouldn’t find it as funny.

And since this was a movie based off of a beloved book, we are all waiting for those scenes that are our favorites. We want to know how they put it together. Does it look like how we thought? Are the emotions portrayed how we expected? Are those lines that are so crucial kept in the script? (And let me say, King’s Cross, in my opinion, was spot on. I couldn’t have imagined it any better.)

It was so fun to clap and cheer with 300 other fans was amazing.

Yes, it was 2:30am before I got home, but there was so much adrenaline and excitement that it didn’t matter. Not once during the movie was I concerned with what time it was or felt tired. My eyes were glued to the screen. I watched through misty eyes during those scenes that just broke my heart. And for once, I was the only one crying in the movie. I could hear a girl behind me crying and I passed her some of my tissues.

I’m not doing justice to all of the emotions I had last night. I know that. I can’t seem to focus while writing this, but this has been such a big deal for me that I want to write this. No, I wasn’t one of the people that dressed up, but I definitely was just as excited on the inside as those people.

I’m a little sad that it’s all over. Actually, I’m really sad. Since I was 11, this has been a part of my life. For 13 years. That’s unreal.

So for now, I will relive last night. I will go see this movie a couple more times. I will reread the movies. And a part of me is very sad that I have no more Harry Potter to look forward to. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. And look up how hard it is to take care of a snowy owl.



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Stranger Danger

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Apparently, lots of schools teach the students to scream “STRANGER DANGER” if someone tries to grab them or get them to go with them. Parents warn their children about strangers and to never go with someone they don’t know. I personally remember 20/20 episodes warning against trying to find lost puppies because the perp then lure the kid away and takes them.

But my parents didn’t do this. I never learned about stranger danger and never had talks about what to do if someone tries to give me a ride in their car and I didn’t know them. It wasn’t because they didn’t love me or hoped some psycho would take me off their hands. They just didn’t have to.

Because I was afraid of everyone.

For as long as I can remember, strangers terrified me. And even now as an adult, I’m not great talking to people I don’t know and I get creeped out easily.

I didn’t even order my own food at restaurants until I was probably 14 and started going places with my friends and their families and I wasn’t about to ask their parents to order for me.

We would go to Thanksgiving and it would take me close to an hour before I would leave my mom’s side. I remember being small enough that I could hide behind her legs and trying to get away from people when they tried to talk to me or touch me.

I remember when I was about 9, and I was playing with a big bouncy ball. This thing was probably 2-3 feet in diameter. It got away from me, and in my mom’s neighborhood, all the front yards and driveways had a drainage ditch. So, under the driveways out towards the street, there was an open drainage pipe. Well, the ball got away from me and I couldn’t catch it before it rolled into the middle of one of these open pipes in front of this old man’s house. I was on my hands and knees throwing rocks at it trying to get it free, but since it was in the middle, I couldn’t reach it and it wasn’t moving.

Well, the little old man must have seen me, so he came out to tell me he would get a broom to reach it. I remember him saying something to me, and the minute he turned around to go back inside, I ran home, crying hysterically because this man talked to me and I didn’t know him. My mom was mortified when the man came walking down to our house, ball in hand, and apologizing for scaring me. My mom had to explain to him that I just was afraid of strangers and thanked him profusely. She still makes fun of my for that story.

And looking back, I can’t remember why I was afraid. I don’t even recall what he actually said to me. But I remember being in hysterics and hiding upstairs when he came to bring the ball back.

See? I was afraid of everyone. No one had to worry about anyone luring me to a car. I would cry if a family member tried to get to close to me at family functions before I loosened up on my own. Even family I saw often, it would take me a few minutes to warm up to them.

And forget me asking someone I didn’t know for something. Waiter or waitress? I wouldn’t say what I wanted to drink or to eat or anything. I would be sick to my stomach for days if my parents wanted me to ask my teacher something, especially for help if I was having trouble. But at the same time, I was often teacher’s pet. I guess I picked who I trusted and who I didn’t.

Seems amusing as a child, but it’s still a big problem today.

I seem to be able to suck it up and do it for work situations, but otherwise I avoid talking to people I don’t know. When I was a long term sub, a parent asked for a parent teacher conference due to poor academic and behavior issues. I remember crying at lunch that day because I was so scared and nervous about meeting with them. And these parents weren’t even mad at me. They agreed with me, and this was more a way for the student to see the parents and I as a united front.

Call to order a pizza? I’ll either do it online or make Mr. A do it. If I have to, I work out every. single. detail. before I get on the phone and kind of rehearse it in my head. And if they ask me other things, I get all thrown off.

Need to look into something about my phone? Make Mr. A do it, or at very least go with me because then I can pass the questions off to him. Or I extensively research it online before ever stepping foot into the building so I know exactly what I need.

I still haven’t changed a credit card into my new name because that involves calling the credit card company and talking to someone and them possibly telling me that I can’t do it until the balance is paid off or needing to fax in the marriage license or something. Heaven forbid I have to do more than just say, “Change my name to this.”

And if it has even an ounce of confrontation involved, forget it. I basically turn into a puddle of mush and my stomach is in knots for days. Talk to a professor about a problem? Mr. A basically had to force me to the door and shove me inside so I didn’t have a choice.

And now I’ve had 4 months of not talking to people. And here I am about to step into a retail position that pushes selling and such. When I’m shopping, I love it when I get crappy employees who don’t talk to me. Sure, say hi and tell me you’re there to help if I need it, but then don’t talk to me unless I come up to you. And now I have to be the semi-pushy sales person and try to get you to sign up for a store credit card and suggest other items for you to buy. I have to be the person I avoid at all costs.

The weird thing? I don’t know that I have ever been described as shy. I like talking to people I know. And if a stranger, especially in work situations or when meeting new people, are good at holding a conversation and are nice and funny, I’m usually good. But those one-time instances scare the pants off of me.

Maybe this job will help with some of that since I will be meeting and working with new people every single day. But I still won’t help you find your puppy. Sorry.


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