2 Years Later

A letter to my husband on our two year anniversary

Mr. A,

Today, we have been married for two years. For two, wonderful, stressful, fun, challenging, and exciting years.

Allen  368

This second year of marriage has been our best, by far. Our first year was wrought with challenges we never anticipated and we struggled to support each other at the same time we were each facing our own difficulties that we didn’t know how to deal with. You were in your first year of law school, in a new city, without knowing anyone, all the while having to deal with me. The girl freaking out over unemployment, then underemployment. You battled some health issues and I tried not to lose my ever loving mind. We didn’t like our new city and we hadn’t made good friends yet. We questioned our decision and wondered “what if?”.

But we made it.

Allen  132

And this year was wonderful. You were more confident in yourself and knew that this is where you were supposed to be. I started grad school and an assistantship that allowed me to teach at the college level. We moved to a much more awesome apartment and we could finally enjoy being married and explored our new, albeit tiny, city. There isn’t a ton to do here, but we’ve been trying to make the best of it.

We became “parents” this year. Our very precious furbaby has been wonderful for us and we have learned that is possible to love something with the whole of our hearts. She may just be a kitten, but she is preparing us for those future real children. I love when she curls up in your lap and you both take a nap. It is just incredibly cute and I get all emotional and imagine you napping with your future kids.

Next year at this time, we will both be graduated and life will be moving at a million miles an hour. You will be done with school, but prepping for the bar. I will be done with my master’s and, hopefully, I will be looking for jobs in wherever our new city is. We will be packing and moving and starting our “grown up” lives. Next year, for our third anniversary, life will be a blur and we will be trying to figure everything out.

Allen  581

So this year is a special one. We can enjoy where we are and look forward to where our life is headed. Soon there will be a house and kids and jobs and while I know we will continue to love and learn from each other, but we will have to work a little harder to relax and find the time to remember how far we have come. I want to make sure to remember these early moments. These moments where we can lounge on the couch and just laugh at silly episodes of shows. I love our impromptu date nights for dinner and ice cream. I love when we grab coffee and wander Lowes, talking about what we would love to have in our future house, picking out appliances and paint colors.

I truly love our life right now. And I love you more than a little letter can express. But I wanted to find a way to tell you how much you mean to me. I know we’re enjoying our winery day and I look forward to many more anniversaries with you. Hopefully we always find time to celebrate this special day, even if it’s just a card left on a pillow or a glass of wine together.

Allen  591

Happy anniversary honey. Cheers to us.



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  1. Your post captures the issue pelefctry!

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