So Much Fur

As you know, I have a little furbaby named Scout.


If only she was still that small. That was the day after we brought her home when she was just under four months old.

This is her now:


Super annoyed her mom won’t just let her nap in her favorite chair in the sun. As you can see, she has liked sleep her entire life. Or, more likely, when she is sleeping is about the only time I can get a decent picture that isn’t a blurred half picture of her back.

She’s fast and has little patience for pictures. Diva.


Told ya, Diva.

Well for the last two days, I’ve been the guest mom for two cats and a dog. Their mom, K, is out of town, so I had the honor of pet sitting.


I sent this to her today since they miss her very much.

The dog is Diesel and he is such a sweetheart. He has A LOT of energy, so yesterday I took him to campus and we walked/ran roughly 3 miles. Today, I let him run around the pond on her property for over an hour. He was in doggie heaven, playing in the water and mud biting at fish. He inadvertently caught one and then promptly dropped it and kept shaking his head since he had no idea what to do with it.

I then had to give him a bath since he was all muddy. It was fine, but strangely, he didn’t like the hose even though he has just been playing in water for the last hour. I forgot a towel to dry him off, so I ran in side to grab one. In that amount of time, he went and rolled in the dirt, which turned into mud.

So Diesel got two baths today. Poor pup.

Riley, the cat on the top is such a flirt. He will paw at you and nuzzle you until you pet him. The picture doesn’t show, but his snout is rather long for a cat and he has little wisps on top of his ears, so he looks like a lynx. He’s pretty handsome.

Now Sid and I have a special bond. He is the white one on the bottom, obviously. He takes a while to warm up to new people, but since I’ve been over to the house a lot, he finally trusts me. But not only likes me, he REALLY needs attention. I don’t think it’s a dominance, “LOOK AT ME” thing. He seemed sincerely sad to not have his mom and needed someone to show him some love. So I would make sure to treat him to lots of snuggles and ear scratching. He would just crawl into my lap and purr the entire time. I really just want to take him home with me and he’s so sweet that I think he and Scout would get along just perfectly.

I want him, but since I’m fairly certain K is attached to him at this point, so I won’t kitty-nap him. At least not yet.

That being said, I have been in a constant state of covered in fur. Every time I would come home, Scout could obviously smell them, so even after I showered or changed clothes, she would make sure to crawl in my lap and cuddle on my chest for an hour. Pet hair has been my constant.

And since I’m headed to my MIL’s tomorrow, the trend will continue since her two dogs shed a lot as well.

I should invest in 3M since I’m fairly certain with the number of lint rollers I have bought, I might be single handedly keeping them afloat.


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