First Week

Yes, I AM still alive after my first week of GA training. But it was one busy week so it’s taken my forever to find the time to sit down and blog. I’m hoping once my true schedule kicks in, I will be a better blogger. Or so I hope.


The first week was pretty awesome.

Yes, there were some lame sessions and sometimes it felt like this could all have been condensed into about 3 condensed days and be done with it. However, then I wouldn’t get to see my new friends and take daily trips to Starbucks and make jokes about the silly assignments and ask a million questions and predict what our students will be like. And all of that has been a blast.

I will admit, I was a littler nervous about what type of people would be there. I know the stereotypes about English majors, and while I may not fit into that group, stereotypes are there for a reason and a lot of times they are true.

Luckily, I was very happily surprised that my small group is amazing. We even all went out for pizza and $2 pitchers on Wednesday night and spent 4 hours just talking and telling jokes and having a good time. One girl is actually from my hometown, but went to the other high school, so I didn’t know her before. She’s hilarious and we are in the same class, so at least I won’t be walking in without knowing anyone. Another girl I’ve become good friends with is from NC and might be one of the funniest people I have ever met. She usually says what she’s thinking, but not in a rude way, but in a “what the heck must be going on inside her head for that to come out” kind of way. She is also easily entertained by all things “Midwest”. Such as:corn fields, the fact that our squirrels are different, she assumed we would all be wearing denim shirts, and her obsession with knowing if we listen to Nelly on a daily basis. Again, hilarious.

They are lots of fun. I even took them to our favorite bar one night and a drunk dude decided to join our group and wouldn’t leave until M gave him her number. She made up a fake one. Sorry if you got that message.

Oh, you didn’t want to know only about my new found social life?

Well, luckily, I have been paying attention in training and learning a lot.

Since we teach ENG 101 our first semester, they give us all of the prompts and paper assignments and we get to decide how we teach it. It’s nice to know we are all on the same page and makes it easier to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other. I teach two sections, 20 students each, so come paper times, I will be the lucky one grading 40 essays. And since there are 5 paper assignments and a final essay, lots of grading for me.

My classes are at 8am and 9am, MWF. Wasn’t super excited about the 8am, but it will make me gets up and then I am done by 10am those days, and I am done by 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hopefully, I can make my butt stay in my office for a few hours everyday in order to get my  own homework done and stay on top of grading and planning. That’s the plan at least. Also, since I have to drive by the gym to get home, planning on bringing gym clothes with me and going straight there so I’m not distracted by the couch. (Couches are evil things making it impossible to be productive.)

Basically, it’s all been great. Meeting some fun people that aren’t in law school is a definite plus. My office mates are fun, which might mean I spend more time in the library so that I can actually get stuff done. 🙂

Now, have I started planning anything?? No. I think I felt a little overwhelmed for most of last week and then Mr. A got home on Saturday (YAYYYYYYYYYY), so working on school stuff hasn’t happened. But it will tomorrow. Need to get a few things knocked out. Mostly do I don’t look like an idiot in front of all those freshmen!

So, from time to time, I may ask for teaching or activity suggestions, or possibly run ideas by you. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an idea sounds good or not when you were the one who came up with it.

And yes, I may have to post the really terrible sentences. I can’t post the entire paper, but I have a feeling some sentences will be too amazingly bad to pass up. (But if someone writes in all LOLcatz, I’m getting them to sign something so i can post that entire bad boy. And they might get bonus points.)

I promise to write more as soon as things get going. And probably to ask you what you think of when you think “Midwest”. Because Nelly and corn fields?! Really?!?



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10 responses to “First Week

  1. I love to hear what people think about when they think about the Midwest. It’s hilarious! Also, when I moved over to “this” side of the river, all my STL friends and family couldn’t believe there was anything here except strip clubs (because E. STL is obviously the only city in IL besides Chicago!) and cornfields. Makes me laugh every time someone comes to my house for the first time and is like, wow, it’s really nice out here!

    • Yeah. There were lots of “So you’re from E. STL??” when I say I’m from the other side of the river. Ridiculous. But the things she notices are hilarious. And apparently our clouds look different??? We are planning a fun STL weekend for her. Should be amazing.

  2. Sarah

    Sounds like a blast! I predict you’re going to have an awesome year (except for all of those pesky papers)! 🙂

  3. So glad you had a good first week! 🙂

  4. Wow, what a great first week! So glad you are already making friends with your classmates.

  5. This is going to be so fun to read! You should be like one of my professors who said, “I only grade your papers when I am inebriated- so make it good.” She did have tenure- so she could say that. That always stuck with me and I tell my high school kids that story all the time. Of course, I do not say that to them. What I do say to them is- I am a dramatic grader and please do not make me huff and puff on the couch and make me want to gouge my eye out with a spoon! Lol. OOOOOO 🙂 So happy for you! Glad you are meeting people outside of law school. Glad your new friends are awesome! 🙂 Can’t wait to read about your adventures. 🙂

  6. So glad your first week started off well – can’t wait to hear more about your awesome new career. Proud of you! 🙂

  7. Yay for meeting new people and getting into the grad school thing! You’re going to be such a great teacher. And please, if there are any gems in those essays, you really do have to post them! They always make me giggle to see what people think passes for an appropriate sentence in an essay.

  8. You sound so happy and excited!! I know you’ll do great and have an awesome year! Yay for school!!

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