2 Weeks Notice

Well folks, the time has come.

I tweeted a little mention of this, but in case you missed the most groundbreaking news since finding out Hunger Games would be a movie, here it is.

I. Have. Turned. In. My. Two. Weeks. Notice.


You read that right.

As of the 25th, I will no longer be working in retail.


Yes. This totally warrants lots of exclamation points.

And no, you aren’t losing your mind. I WAS supposed to be staying till July 8th.

BUT, then Mr. A’s bosses realized that he was much more capable than they originally expected a first year student to be, and gave him a huge raise. Boy hasn’t even been there a month!

So, after  laying out for Mr. A that he will be making FAR more than I would be, and since he works 40+ hours a week and I’m barely getting 15, we decided that I could go ahead and turn in my two weeks notice and just be done with the schedule that is already posted.

HECK YES!!!!!!!!!

So I talked to my manager and let her know that I wouldn’t be staying till July 8th like I had originally planned. I explained to her that I was going to ask for time off anyways since I would be moving by myself basically and then would only be working a couple shifts after and it would just be easier to have that whole week to pack and move and give myself some down time.

She took it pretty well. Said she would miss me, but since I have been honest with them, I think it went better than had I been sneaky this whole time about me leaving. She knew it was coming, but she was also happy for me.

And Sunday, I filled out the resignation form and turned in my letter and now I only have 6 shifts between now and the 25th. Between me and freedom from ever working in a retail store ever again.

And while this has pretty much been the worst job I have EVER had, I have learned a whole new respect for people working in any field that requires them to interact with the general public. I am incredibly nice to sales people and waiters and the girl who hands me my coffee at Panera and the guy who gives me my biscuit at McDonalds. I don’t think I was ever rude before, but I now make an effort to be nice and say thank you because I know how great it is to have a nice customer after a long horrible day filled with obnoxious customers.

So, I will have about a month off before GA training starts, so that will be nice to have down time to set up our apartment without being rushed and then I can go visit Mr. A in Other State whenever I want. And then when I get back, I will have about a week to relax and get my head together before training and then school starting. And I feel like I will need that time because grad school is going to be a big adjustment for me since I’ve been out for two years. And I plan on enjoying my time off. And relaxing on my back patio.

And to those of you who have been here since last year and have me so many words of encouragement, THANK YOU and on the 25th, I hope all of you will join me in a round of celebratory drinks because I couldn’t have gotten through all of this without. You lifted me up when I couldn’t see the light and you kicked me in the butt when I was just being mopey. So I sincerely thank you all and we can organize a cross country drink!

Now to get through these last 6 shifts because I will just be thinking, “I WANT TO BE DONE ALREADY!”



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10 responses to “2 Weeks Notice

  1. Finally…you’re FREE! 🙂

  2. I am *SO* glad that you’re almost done! What an adventure you’ve had the past year. I’m so excited to follow you as you go on to grad school and get done with retail. I’ll definitely be raising a glass to you on the 25th!

  3. Congrats on being done! Unfortunately, the grueling work is ahead of you in grad school – depending on your program of course 🙂 Best of luck!

  4. Sonya

    That’s great! I am the same way about being friendly & cleaning up after working in retail. I won’t leave anything in a dressing room that I brought in. I usually put it back but if I don’t have time I will at least make sure it gets to the rack. I’m also very friendly and always say thank you especially after working retail at Disney for awhile. It makes a difference for sure!

  5. Sarah

    Yay, Congrats on (almost) being done with retail! I know how much you’ll miss it! 😉

  6. Yay for the raise, yay for leaving work early, yay yay yay!!!

    I can’t help but think of how hard you had it just a few months ago… And how wonderfully far you and your husband have come. So very happy for you both!

  7. AAAAHHH…how did I miss this? Congratulations on ending your retail career! That is fabulous news. And a big hooray for Mr. A’s raise. That is awesome! I’m so glad you’ll have some time to get organized and move. Drinks in your honor tonight!

  8. i am SO excited for you. <3.

  9. There is no greater joy in this world than putting in two weeks notice. NONE.


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