Home Alone

So I’ve talked a lot about the fact that Mr. A is gone this summer.

I’ve blogged it. I’ve tweeted it.

I’m working on not tweeting it constantly because seriously, none of you want to keep read 140 character laments about missing my husband. Eventually you would start rolling your eyes and telling me to get a life. So I’m trying to keep the “missing him” tweets to a minimum. You’re welcome.

Some of you have been very sweet and asking how I’m doing and all that and I thought I’d fill you all in on what it’s like to be living alone for the first time in my life. (I lived in a dorm with 300 other people around me and then when I moved off campus, it was a four bedroom apartment, so I’ve never lived truly on my own before.)

Strangely? I kind of like it.

But shhhhhh.

I feel guilty saying it.

And I do miss my husband. A lot, actually. He’s my best friend and about the only person I know that I can spend days and days with and not want to scream. That’s true love folks.

But I like coming home and having the place to myself and to do what I want. Not like Mr. A tells me I can’t do anything, but I guess just the feeling of not worrying about anyone else’s time frame or schedule or mood is nice. If I’m cranky after work, I can just come home and veg on the couch and not talk to anyone.

I’ve also been much better about keeping the apartment straightened up now that I’m home alone. No idea what this means since Mr. A is the neater one so you’d think I’d be more concerned with neatness when he’s home. Who knows. But the fridge and freezer are cleaned out and the bathroom is all shiny and my clothes are put away. Maybe I just have too much free time.

I should be working on packing. I should be going through the bags and boxes that never got unpacked when we moved here, so obviously those things just need to be donated or tossed because if I haven’t touched it or missed it in a year, then I’m not taking it to the new apartment. Don’t need to start off the new place with clutter. Please don’t report me to Hoarders.

Also, since packing will mostly be left up to me, I need to start working on it now so on moving day, Mr. A and I just have to move big stuff and we can get things put away quickly so all of the unpacking isn’t left to me. I don’t unpack well. (See: boxes and bags that haven’t been touched in a year…)

I’ve been watching a fair amount of Netflix. This would be awesome except that during my 5 months unemployment stint, I watched Netflix all day long, so the shows and movies that I still want to watch are limited. I need some more shows to be added so I have something new to watch.

A current downfall of being home alone is that I’m fairly jumpy and it doesn’t take much for me to be scared.

And the fact that a new neighbor moved in and he has an ankle bracelet doesn’t help me. I have to keep reminding myself that the crime couldn’t have been too bad or he would be in jail, let alone be allowed to move to a new apartment.

I also check that the front door is locked all the time. Never had a problem since living here, but knowing that I don’t have Mr. A here as an extra protection, I’m probably overly cautious.

So all in all, being home alone hasn’t been too bad.

BUT, I’ve gotten to see Mr. A on the weekends. Last week, I went to Mville with him after our anniversary weekend because I was off Tuesday and Wednesday. Next week, I’m off Tues-Thurs, so I will be heading there after work Monday and then driving up before work on Friday. So it’s not like we don’t see each other.

I think when he goes to Other State in July, then it will be different.

We went to Best Buy tonight and bought a webcam so we can video chat when he’s gone. He also wants me to put together our digital picture frame so he can take it with him.

Might sound bad, but I think he’s having a harder time with being apart than I am. We were apart for almost a year and a half while we were dating, and I was the one that was gone, so to me, a summer of separation with a few visits and knowing I will go visit him in Other State makes it not so hard on me. He’s been working his butt off at the firm, and while he loves the work, I think being stressed makes him wish he got to come home to his wife instead of his mom and brother.

That’s where we are. As I look around I realize that I have a lot of packing and I MUST start this week. This is going to be a beast to do alone. Anyone want to come help? I’ll supply margaritas and food? I’ll even make you your dessert of choice? Any takers? Bueler?



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16 responses to “Home Alone

  1. I would imagine it’s harder for him because he’s being thrown into a completely new situation whereas you are pretty much settled.

    I loved living alone! Like you, I was a little nervous about security, but there’s something to be said for being the master of your domain!

  2. Packing is the worst. Such a pain, but a necessary evil. Try not to feel too guilty about liking the alone time, I think we all crave some of that. Hang in there!

  3. Shannon

    Aww, I think you are doing a great job of managing on your own. It’s hard going from having someone there with you every day to being by yourself. I’m the same way when I’m home by myself – I have to check all of the closets and under the beds:) Hang in there, keep busy – the summer will fly by!

    And if I lived near you, I’d totally come help, I’ve become an expert at packing and moving over the years;) Find someone to help while drinking margaritas, it will be much more fun!

  4. Happened upon your post from the wordpress home page.
    Loved the post. And I absolutely hate being alone too. Here I am in my 30’s and I still check the closets and under the beds when he leaves town. So I completely relate.
    But yes, it is a bit nice to get the home to oneself.
    Congratulations on the new changes coming up for you in your life. It sounds very exciting!

  5. Instead of Other State, you should call it Awesomest State. 😉

    I know what you mean about being cleaner, etc., when your husband is gone. I find myself trying to keep busy with anything and everything whenever Ducks is away. 🙂

  6. Some of my friends think I’m crazy b/c I actually enjoy it when my husband goes out of town for work or goes on a hunting or fishing trip. But we are both the kind of people who need time away and time to do what we want. I like not having to worry about dinner, or whether or not the baseball game is going to interfere with my very important DVR schedule 🙂

    I love him very much, but I also like time to reconnect with myself. I say enjoy it while you can!

  7. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    Margaritas? I’m there.

    But I’m not the best packer. We have a whole basement full of boxes from when Hubs first moved in with me after our wedding four years ago. I’m determined to clean that out this summer. I’ve even set aside a day on both our calendars and a treat for after we get it done.

    The tip I have heard for packing is to complete a box per day and declutter as you go. Perhaps that strategy will help?

  8. I would love to help you pack…especially since margaritas are involved, but I’m too busy procrastinating from packing my own apartment!! We’re moving in two weeks and not a single item has been put into a box. Fun times!

    I think it takes a little time to get used to being alone. But then you really start to like it! My hubby is out of town this week and I’m feeling a little bad about how giddy I am. Whole place to myself!!!! My tv, my bed, my bathroom, mine, mine, mine!!

  9. I don’t think there’s anything weird about that. I mean, when Adam is gone for work trips sure I miss him, but I also LOVE all the me time. Real Housewives marathon here I come!

  10. I will come help you pack if you make me a marg! 🙂

    I am like that too! When Dan is gone I keep the house so much cleaner. I think its broken windows theory…ie if he leaves something out I leave something out and before you know it everything is messy.

  11. So proud of you! I know it’s tough! I can’t imagine doing a summer alone…. Good luck and keep BLOGGING your little heart out. XOXO!

  12. You sound so much like me. It is nice sometimes to have the place to yourself… But I get SO JUMPY. My husband was on overnight call the other night and I worked myself into a frenzy because I was SURE that someone was going to climb through the vents into my closet and then murder me. Crazy much?

  13. Jamie

    I’m glad it’s not just me who gets jumpy…. Sometimes I’m like borderline crazy. But you’ll get used to structuring your time, too. I don’t know if it’s for better or worse but I’m just as regimented when he’s around now as when he’s not. Unless I open Netflix on Wii or Firefox. Then it’s all over.

  14. EH

    I miss M’s business trips. A lot. Now it wouldn’t be the same (with the Pea) but oh, for those days when I had all the covers to myself, there were no messes, and I could do something for twenty minutes without interruption! I was only good for about three days before I’d start getting lonely, though.

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