Migraines: Might hate them more than spiders. Maybe.

Last week sucked. Big time.

I had 5 days straight of migraines. Bad migraines. And I still had to work. Under fluorescent lights and music that sounded like it was blaring in my ears. It was pretty much terrible. And my pain meds didn’t do anything for it.

My migraines started in 5th grade. I had a teacher who, for some reason that I still don’t know, really didn’t like me. And while this is going to sound totally douchey, but I was a very good kid and had straight As until the 5th grade. Again, we cannot think of any reason that she picked on me, but she did. (Also, as a teacher, I very rarely think teachers are actually picking on a student and I know there are times I was a pain or deserved a teacher to get on to me, so know I’m not being subjective.) My parents never had parent teacher conferences. They didn’t even go to the ones that the school gave days off for because they just didn’t need them. But they had 7 with her in one year.

I didn’t find this out until recently, but apparently one of these meetings, my very calm and level headed dad was yelling at her and such. I would turn in an assignment, she wouldn’t really grade it, give me a D or and F. Even if I got everything correct. My dad demanded to see tests along with the grading guide and had proof what was happening. All very dramatic for a 10 year old who hated getting in trouble and was terrified of her teacher getting back at her.

So the migraines were stress induced. I missed a lot of school. There was an embarrassing incident where I got a migraine, went to the nurse, and at the time I was prescribed codine, took my meds and then went to P.E. where we were doing our track unit. So I had to run a bunch and didn’t know my medicine caused muscle weakness and I collapsed on the field. Middle school was a blast, ya’ll.

As I got older, I got them every so often. Maybe 4-6 months apart. Not often.

Until college. My sophomore year they picked up. I was waking up in the middle of the night with excruciating and nauseating pain. I was having headaches a lot and I finally went to the doctor when I had 9 migraines in 3 weeks. They put me on a medicine that lowers blood pressure to take daily and prescribed me a migraine pain medicine. The daily medicine worked and all was fine in the world. I would still get a migraine occasionally, but the other medicine would work if I took it early enough. Add in a dark cool room with a cold wash cloth on my head and it would go away.

All very manageable. Until 2 months ago.

2 months ago the migraines started picking up. Headaches were coming almost every day, and if they started in my eyebrow area (where my migraines are when I get one), I would take something for it. Before last week, I had about 10 full migraines in the last two months. Then, last Sunday I believe, I got a migraine that wouldn’t go away or get better no matter what I did. For 5 days, it was constant pain and trying not to get sick and taking medicine to at least try to stop the headache where it was instead of it getting worse. 5 days of working in my own personal hell. 5 days of coming home right after work, eating toast, and going to sleep at 7pm. 5 days of my husband’s last week before he left for his summer associate thing and all I could do was moan and cry and sleep in hopes that I would wake up and it would be gone.

In one crying fit before work, I joked that they would make a Grey’s episode about me because my head was either going to explode or I was going to perform a self lobotomy when I tried to cut out the front of my own forehead. I told him that he had to make sure Derek Shepherd performed the surgery on the show and that he acted very sad when I died since no one survives either of those options. Then I cried more because it hurt to cry and all I wanted to do was scream, but since blinking hurt, I figured that would be awful.

(Wow this is already longer than I mean for it to. Hang in. )

So I went to the doctor on Thursday. (Which was really hard to find on my insurance since my insurance people apparently think when I ask for a general practitioner I really meant a sleep disorders specialist and an optometrist.) She was lovely and nice and we talked. She performed some neurological tests. Which if you haven’t been put through them, are highly amusing and I wish I knew what different ones told them. (Like, what does my ability to run my heel down the back of the opposite leg tell the doctor?)

She then told me that my right eye droops a little. Talk about making someone self-conscious. Since I had never had a CAT scan before and with the slight eye droop, she wanted me to get one. She also gave me a prescription for an anti-depressant that also works to prevent migraines and she also prescribed Imitrex. Thursday I still had a migraine. Friday, my head still hurt, not a full out migraine, but still annoying. Saturday I still had a slight headache, but I didn’t take anything except my preventatives in case I had created rebound headaches. And yesterday, not a headache at all. Didn’t wake up with anything and it was glorious.

Today I went for my CAT scan. Much less of a big deal than I thought. I thought a CAT scan was the whole in the tube thing, and it wasn’t. They gave me an IV of contrast that gave me a weird taste in my mouth, but not a big deal. They said my doctor should call me within the next day or two.

So that’s what i know. My new preventatives seem to be working. I still have a slight headache today, but I think that’s lack of sleep and staring at this computer screen longer than I intended to. Hoping the migraines stay away and I can continue without the awful pain.



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5 responses to “Migraines: Might hate them more than spiders. Maybe.

  1. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I can’t imagine dealing with all that pain in your head. I don’t have them and I’m so glad – I’m a big wimp and wouldn’t be too good with migraines. I’m glad that the doctor was able to get you on some meds and do some further testing. Maybe it will be something simple and it will fix the problem forever! Here’s hoping. 🙂

  2. Sarah

    I’m sorry you’ve been getting all of these migraines lately. Don’t they know that this is not the time for that!? Hopefully the new meds and the CAT scan will help! 🙂

  3. Ack, I feel your pain (literally!). I went through a summer where I had nearly constant migraines. They wound up going away a few months later, until I got one last week. (Crossing fingers that that’s not going to be a regular thing). One of my roommates at the time also started getting migraines, and a suggestion from my doctor was to keep a journal of what you were eating (like anything you ate or drank at all, incl water, in case it’s a dehydration thing), what you were doing that day, and if you were feeling stressed/sad/upset, etc. You may have already gotten this advice, so sorry if this is stupid, but I know the feeling of “I’ll do anything to make this stop!” I know a huge trigger of migraines for some is food (chocolate, chiles, spicy food, etc.) and stress (wound up being my roommate’s trigger. I figured out that when I ate a lot of artificially sweetened stuff, (like diet coke and other diet-y foods) it got way worse. Which is also true for me for other pain issues I’ve got, too. Just something that may be helpful, if you’re not doing it already! And if you get nauseous, ask your doctor for something for that, separate from the Imitrex too. Seriously, helped a ton. I think it was called phenergan, but I could be way off, on that!

    Sorry this was the longest comment in history, I just feel so sorry for you that you’re going through this!

    • Thank you so much. They told me to keep a headache log, so if I get one then I am supposed to write what I ate and all that jazz. And I meant to get more phenergan at the appointment, but we were talking about other stuff and I forgot to ask. But I DO have a check up appt in early June, so i will get more. Thank you for your support and I hope your migraines go away soon as well!

  4. Yuck! I have had some really bad headaches but never migraines, and I don’t ever want one! I hope that you feel better soon and the medicine keeps working. I got a CAT scan once and it was so freaky.

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