Playing Catch Up

Yeah, I’ve sucked at blogging. Lots going on. A crazy work schedule. Spending time with Mr. A when he needed a study break. Add in my current migraine problems, and well, blogging got put on the back burner.

But I shall catch you all up and then try to be better at this.

– This summer? Still going to be one heck of a whirlwind. Mr. A’s last final is Friday. I get off work at 1:45pm and then will be making sure he doesn’t drown in bourbon while celebrating the end of 1L year. I am off all weekend and he heads to Mville for his summer associate position. I’m excited for him, and actually kind of looking forward to a couple days on my own. But I know about 2 days in and I will miss him terribly and want him back home with me.

– Speaking of end of 1L year, should I get him some sort of gift or what the heck do I do to celebrate that?? HELP. Our one year wedding anniversary is May 30th, and I have a small gift for him for that, but now that our finances are a little more stable, I want to do something for him, but no idea what. Help and help now please!

– My head is throbbing. I am on day 3 with a migraine. And in the past 2 months I’ve had about 10. Which, in case you don’t get migraines, that’s a whole lot of migraine. I have two theories. I think I have built up an immunity to my preventative and I think it probably needs to be upped. Also, because I keep getting headaches, I keep taking my medicine for when I get one. Which means I’m probably creating rebound headaches for myself. Which is truly a vicious cycle since taking pain meds creates them, but once you get them, you take more pain meds. (and no, I’m not on oxycontin or something like that and I don’t want to be taking them) I can’t NOT take something when I’m at work because the pain will intensify to the point where I get sick and then can’t do anything but sleep the rest of the pain off. And like today, I have an 8hour shift that I can’t really call in sick on.

– Again, I think my head might explode today.

– Went home last weekend. It was nice. Nothing too special. Might be Mr. A’s last chance to go until August, so we took the time. We spent time with my brother and his girlfriend and it was a lot of fun, as usual. And his girlfriend’s dog? HUGE. And I love him. His name is Bernie and a big baby. He’s a boxer and mastiff mix. His head is giant. And while I did turn and walk the other way when I walked up to the door, expecting my brother’s cat and Bernie’s giant self showed up, but he’s super sweet. And I want a big dog, but a nice big dog.

– I am really excited because this summer I think i will get to meet at least two blogger friends, maybe 3, and I am pumped. And if I get to meet you too, just know that I can be shy and awkward, so let’s pretend it’s a blind date, give me about 20 minutes to calm down, and we’ll be peachy. haha (I’m now sure these ladies are trying to find a way to be out of town….)

– Work is driving me insane. I have 40 hours next week, which is completely unheard of for an on-call associate. And while I will enjoy the paycheck, I will have to work very very hard not to stab someone.

– I want to write blog posts about real stuff, but I think of them when I’m going to bed. I write them all out in my head. I even rearrange paragraphs and ideas and all that. But then when I wake up, I forget all about it. I might remember the main idea, but I forget everything else. It’s a problem. I swear I’m not vapid and dumb and only know how to write brain dumps. Just a lot going on, but as soon as Mr. A leaves Sunday, I’ll have all sorts of free time that will need to be filled with blogging since it’s free.

– I’m in search for the perfect bag/backpack for the fall. I keep thinking that i don’t want a backpack because I’m afraid I’ll look like an undergrad, but not sure. I think I want a briefcase-ish bag that has a long strap that i can wear across my body. I had one similar in the past, but my books were so heavy that it was uncomfortable. But since I won’t be taking as many classes and I figure they won’t be on the same day, it might not be as bad? Ideas on where to look would be helpful.

-Again, seriously need ideas on gifts for Mr. A or what to do this weekend. HELP ME not fail at wifely duties. 🙂

– Also, any questions you guys have for me that you want me to blog about? If I can’t remember my own ideas, might as well get some ideas from you smart people.



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10 responses to “Playing Catch Up

  1. BcU

    I’m a 1L and about to finish my final exam on Friday. Maybe my wife is getting me something or maybe not? But here are some ideas… A nice watch or new pair of sunglasses also might be a good idea because it’s a big deal, but maybe that’s outside the budget.

    Maybe a basket full of things that he now has time for…few DVDs, videogames, a cigar or 2, 6 pack of beer, a card telling him about how thankful you are for his hard work, gift card to a sports bar?

    • GENIUS! LOVE the basket idea, especially since he likes cigars and I can buy a couple for him and his friends. I bought him a super fancy watch last summer as his wedding gift, so probably a little outside the budget right now, but a fun basket of stuff is perfect. Thank you so much! (Also, welcome!)

  2. I didn’t get husband an end-of-the-year present but that was me. I was just happy that he was done! It sounds like you have a fun summer. 🙂 Including meeting other bloggers! I haven’t done that yet but I want to.

  3. Sarah

    1. I love the basket idea–plus it’ll make for nice stuff to entertain him while he is away and missing you!

    2. As someone who is also not terribly comfortable around dogs I don’t know (especially big dogs), I, too, want a big, friendly dog.

    3. Sorry about the migraines. 😦 You know what is guaranteed to cure them? Diamonds. Tell Mr. A this. (OK, so it might not be guaranteed…but they’re still nice and will at least make you smile!)

  4. I don’t think most 1Ls get an end-of-year present so if you did you would probably be the best wife ever. All I wanted at the end of my 1L year was (a) a nice dinner (b) a ton of alcohol (c) bed.

  5. I didn’t do a gift as yet. We went to Texas de Brazil and had dinner and a nice bottle of wine. And, he just ordered season tickets for college football, so I assume that’s gift enough. 🙂

  6. Brittany

    I didn’t do a real gift. I think I did pick up a 6 pack of his favorite beer. But we don’t really give each other gifts in general (we instead try to save our money for experiences, like a weekend away–ie. we went skiing at Christmas instead of giving each other birthday and Christmas presents). I’d save your pennies to see each other an extra weekend in the summer, if I were in your shoes!

    • I think that’s a great idea as well. When i say gift, I don’t mean anything big. Maybe his fave beer, a cigar, and something small. We are planing some sort of weekend getaway in August right before the semester starts for both of us, so I will be saving all summer for that.

  7. Mrs. Jones

    I shall think of gifts…. 🙂 Miss you – so glad you blogged today!

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