Open Book

Well, not really. A few lucky of you know my real name. My husband’s name. Where we live. Where i work. Where I want to live. Those things.

But I can’t go spilling everything to the interwebz. I have job applications out there people. I’m not dumb. (However, my mom, the most technology illiterate person I know, started telling me Facebook was a bad idea. Umm…I’ve had it for about 6 years mom. I think you’re a little late to the party. Also, i don’t post drunken body shot pictures. Oh the search results this is going to create…)

But I like to be honest. I feel if I’m going to blog, while I don’t have to lay it all out there, I shouldn’t lie or fake who I am. No Catfish story coming from this girl.

So I decided to do a little confessions/truths/oddities about NewTeacherWife. (Also, I’m going to need to change my blog/twitter name soon. We shall wait to see what comes of jobs, but I feel after a year I can’t call myself a new wife and since I haven’t taught since last April, and unless I get a teaching job for August, that’s going to have to change as well. So get to thinking on that because I’m terrible at catchy names. )

So, some more fun facts:

* I don’t really give a crap about college basketball. Or really any college sports. (Before you go hating me, let me explain.) Where I grew up, college sports weren’t a big thing. The local colleges weren’t sports schools and we had all the major league sports, minus basketball, so no need. And then in undergrad people we knew were so obnoxious about their love of a certain college sports teams that I have basically sworn them off. If you’re going to call me stupid for not liking your team, I’m going to be so spiteful and cheer against your team no matter what. And when they lose because they aren’t as great as they were hyped up to be, I will laugh and gloat. Yepp. I’m a real graceful winner. hahahaha

* I despise washing/blow drying my hair. Even though it’s currently shorter than it normally is, my hair is silly thick and takes forever to get all the conditioner out of and get it all the way dried. Luckily, I also have hair that I only wash about every three or four days. No, it’s not a greasy mess. My hair is actually pretty dry and just doesn’t need to be washed often. Which is good or I would just shave it off if I had to blow dry it everyday.

* I have an irrational fear of velociraptors. Yes. The dinosaur. That no longer exists. So, in Jurassic Park, everyone was most afraid of the T-Rex. But why? If he decides to eat you, it will be in one huge gulp and you won’t know it. No big deal. But the raptors? Those effers are smart and cunning and not enough bigger than a human, therefore, they’re going to have to slowly eat at you and rip you apart. TERRIFYING. The scene in the kitchen with them? Scares me to no end. Even worse, my husband knows of this fear, and add it to my fear of being chased, and he can imitate a raptor and it has brought me to tears before. Can’t believe I’m admitting it, but it’s true. Stuff of nightmares.

* I wanted to go to Bonnaroo very badly this year. Mr. A went the summer after he graduated high school and refuses to go again. Also, it’s super expensive. But I wanted to see Eminem and Lil Wayne and Old Crow Medicine Show and Wilco and all the other awesome bands playing. But then again, I can’t stand porta johns, so probably best I didn’t. Also, Mr. A said that even though we wouldn’t be doing any drugs, the amount being smoked would cause us to fail drug tests. And that’s probably not good at this point in time.

* I’m getting a littler frustrated with Twitter at the moment. I understand anyone can say what they want and if I don’t like something I can just unfollow, but sometimes, it gets ridiculous. I won’t say much more, but it’s a little silly at times.

* I have terrible road rage. And I feel I’m entitled to think everyone else is a terrible driver since I have a clean record. Please drive AT LEAST the speed limit, if not 5 over. Please and thank you.

* While I love the community I have built with this blog, because of everything going on, or not going on, I have been staying away because I feel like my last two months have been the exact same thing. I’m working on it. I have some posts in mind, but just know I haven’t left. I just can’t keep writing about the same stuff every week, so I wait till something comes to me or I finally have news to share.

* Knowing that we won’t be going home, except for one day for a baseball game at the end of the month, until finals are over, makes me even more anxious than I am. Knowing I won’t be getting out of this town for over a month makes me want to run away. Tomorrow.

* I promise not to tweet about baseball all the time. I actually don’t watch all the games, but I will watch clips and check scores and sometimes watch. But I know sports tweeting gets annoying, so I will keep it to a minimum.

* I WILL tweet pics when I’m wearing shorts, my brand new jersey, drinking a beer, and watching the game in the sun in 21 days. But only to make you jealous. Just once. 🙂

* I don’t want a baby. Not now. But I wish I could babysit. I would love to babysit an actual baby and I think playing with a toddler or two would be fun. Mostly because I can give them back and I’m not paying for them. But I do love kids and miss being around them since I worked at an after school program in undergrad.

* While I don’t miss dating and love my husband with all my heart, I do miss the kind of fun when just going out with girlfriends and not having any worries. My bachelorette party was kind of like that, but also it was all centered around me and I prefer just being a part of the group. I really, desperately, need a good girls night out. Why the heck do all of you live so far away?


I had more juicy confessions, but of course they are slipping my mind. Maybe I will try to do a bi-weekly confession post. Maybe.


Also, if you have any questions for ME, let me know! I think I talk to a lot of you regularly, but maybe you have a question that would be a good blog post or something. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail!



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5 responses to “Open Book

  1. EH

    Seriously, basketball. Ugh. Actually almost all sports involving a ball: ugh. (Baseball I mind a little less than most, and I actually like soccer.) But Stanley Cup hockey I can get honest-to-God excited about. 🙂

  2. Very nice confessions. 😉

    Your dinosaur fear made me laugh, but I won’t even watch Jurassic Park (AT ALL) because I hate dinosaurs!

  3. I love your confessions!! I”m not a huge basketball person, but my husband is obsessed, so I’ve been watching more than usual lately 🙂

  4. I’m going to think about some good potential names for your blog. 🙂 Something about E’s Fabulous Adventure or something like that. I’m not good at those catchy titles but maybe something will come to me.

    I dislike basketball too. Don’t get it at all.

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