Birthday Weekend

First of all, I want to congratulate E.H. from Attorney at Large on winning the birthday giveaway! If you don’t already read her blog, you should. She’s smart and funny and her daughter P makes for some hilarious stories. I’m thinking about another giveaway themed around then end of 1L year and getting my husband’s sanity back, at least for 3 months.

So, this past Friday, as soon as Mr. A got out of class, we headed home to $TL for the weekend. We get to see my family more than his, but we love that city and I was excited to see them all again.

I have mentioned before, but my brother and I are 7 years and 2 days apart. We both had the same due date- he came on his, I came two days late. Just shows I was born to be the stubborn one. And since we are so close in dates, we have always done a family birthday for both of us. When I was younger it bothered me that I didn’t have my own day, but now that B and I are such good friends, I enjoy it. Wouldn’t want to share with anyone else.

And since Friday was B’s actual birthday, we wanted to go out with him and buy him a couple drinks. We learned that my brother may be 31, but he can stay out later and party harder than we can. But let me just say, he likes to go out with friends and have a good time, but I’ve never seen a guy who was so responsible and who worked as hard as he does. He’s a social worker and is regularly recruited for different programs and hospitals because of how good he is at his job. So yeah, he has a good time, but I believe he fully deserves it.

We met up with B and his ex girlfriend who may be a current girlfriend again, which si great with me because I loved her and I think their time apart has helped them see they belong together. Another couple came and we grabbed dinner at this awesome restaurant that is a little hipster-y, and has wonderful upscale bar food. Delish.

We then headed to this cool little bar/cafe where one of B’s favorite bands was playing. The band was really good and if I got a little bored, the place had so many bizarre things on the walls that I was easily entertained. Even better, the bathrooms were in the basement and there was a giant koi pond down there and they had placed different Simpsons figurines in with the fish. My brother and I love the Simpsons so the whole thing was just very fitting for the night. And hello! Koi pond in the bathroom.

A couple more friends of his showed up, including a long time friend of his who happens to have the same birthday. Even better, the drummer from my brother’s band (yes, an amazing social worker with a band. I swear he’s not a hippie) bought everyone a couple rounds. I really like his friends and was glad that they accepted Mr. A and I into the group and didn’t let the fact that I am his little sister make it awkward.

After the band finished, all of us went to B’s favorite bar. Now if this were me and my friends, we probably would have gone to the piano bar or vodka bar or to the new casino just because they are busy and fun. This place? Looks like a complete hole in the wall and one of the few bars that still allows smoking inside. But it was so much fun. I need to rethink my choice of establishments because the drinks were cheap and it was laid back and a blast. We played shuffle board and putting me and my brother on opposite teams just made it super competitive. I don’t know that I have laughed so much with a group of people that I hadn’t met before.

Now, this bar was supposed to close at 1. But my brother has been going to this bar for 10 years and is practically BFF with the bartender, so he let us all stay till about 2. By this point, a lot of the people were pretty intoxicated, including my brother. Luckily Mr. A and I paced ourselves since we knew B wouldn’t be. It was his birthday.

Then B decided he wanted to go to another place right down the street that stays open till 3. Some of the others didn’t really want to and thought going to the diner next door would be better. Who doesn’t love a diner with bad coffee and super greasy food at 2am? Well, my usually calm and very go with the flow brother said, “There will be no vote. I’m going in here. You can come or not. Whatever.” HA! Of course he thought this was the funniest story ever the next day.

…And I just realized I’ve written a whole lot about just Friday night. Oops!…..

Our plan was to wake up early Saturday so we could go do several things before we headed to my dad’s, but since we didn’t get home till 3:30am, that didn’t really happen.

We had lunch at Qdoba because I am in love with their Mexican gumbo. We then headed over to a running store a friend had recommended to me so they could help me pick out some good running shoes. The ones I’ve been using are pretty terrible and since I can see that I’m staying dedicated to running, my dad agreed to buy me some real running shoes as a birthday gift. The guy there was amazing and so friendly. I was afraid they would think I was an idiot since I’m completely new to this running stuff and had no idea what I needed. But he was super helpful and watched me walk and run to see how my feet and ankles moved so he could tell what I needed and how much support. I finally settled on a great pair of Brooks. They aren’t the incredibly bright and fun colors I was hoping to get, but they felt too darn comfy to pass up. I was even able to run a little bit on them to make sure they wouldn’t rub and such. (and if I wasn’t dying of a cold, I would be going for a run today. Not so much.)

Around 4 we headed over to my dad’s house for family birthday. And one thing I love, even though my parents are divorced and both remarried, both sets of parents were there, and have been for every birthday. My dad and step-dad both get along and there have been instances where one or the other has helped out or done a favor. It’s truly amazing that even though my parents were divorced, I would never in a million years say that I grew up in a broken home. I had two homes that were filled with so much love and support that I might have been luckier than some of my friends who had married parents that didn’t get along very well.

We had so much fun. Sometimes these family get togethers can be a little draining. Someone drinks too much. Someone takes jokes too far. I Someone usually gets their feelings hurt. But not this time. Everyone was joking and laughing and just having a great time. B and I both got some pretty good presents. He got concert tickets and a personalized and handmade harmonica and some other stuff. I got my new shoes, some clothes, and speakers for my ipod. But the best were the tickets to see Avenue Q in a few weeks and Cardinals baseball tickets for the end of next month. Oh yeah, and a new Cards jersey. Yes yes yes. I love baseball season and the Cardinals.

Sunday we went to Five Guys with my mom and step-dad for my actual birthday lunch. Nothing fancy but delicious. And since I was already completely over my calories for the day, I decided calories don’t count on your birthday and Mr. A took me to Coldstone. And now, they have a gooey butter cake/cookie flavored ice cream and it tastes exactly like it. (Quick poll: those of you not from STL, do you even know what gooey butter cake or cookies are? I was told it was a STL thing, but not sure if that’s true or not…)

We also went to Petsmart since they had adoption drives every weekend. It may seem dangerous to go look at cute and adorable puppies and dogs, but since it is in no way possible for us to have a dog, it’s okay. But I did fall in love with a Scottie/Schnauzer mix named Lancelot. He had the sweetest face and the nicest eyes and was just wonderful. Hope he went to a good home with people that would play with him lots.

We then walked around the mall and as one of my gifts, Mr. A bought me a VS Cards shirt. If you haven’t seen them, they have some super cute baseball shirts and they have them for every team I think and which one they have in store would just depend on your location, but I believe you can order any team from online. They are cute and fitted and not as expensive as the registered MLB shirts. And probably cuter. (And I will be wearing mine Thursday since it’s opening day.)

After all of that, we headed back here to Cville. A friend brought over some movies for us (Tangled is so freaking cute!) and Mr. A gave me my other gift. I cried reading the message he wrote in the card. He’s not always super romantic, but reading his words just shows me how much he loves me and how truly lucky I am to be married to not only my best friend, but an amazing man. And his gift wasn’t huge or expensive, but he know that I love the Disney movies and it depresses me that they’re going to put them in a vault and I want my kids to be able to see them, so he bought me Snow White since it disappears this week. I will probably be watching it this afternoon.

So there it is. Never meant for it to be this long. So sorry. How was your weekend? Anything exciting?



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4 responses to “Birthday Weekend

  1. Sarah

    That sounds like a great birthday weekend! It’s great that you got to spend time with your family and have a nice, relaxing, fun weekend to celebrate.

    And I think gooey butter cake is a southern thing, but gooey butter cookies are a STL thing–I’ve never even heard of them before (but they sound delicious)!

  2. Whee! So glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. Happy birthday! Like I said on Twitter, calories don’t count on your birthday. 🙂

  4. So glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend – you deserved to have a nice break from the usual. 🙂

    Hope this year is the best one yet for you, friend!

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