Birthday Present to You

March is my favorite month. Weather starts to get warmer. It’s the anniversary of Mr. A and I dating. Even more so, it’s my birthday!

I love birthdays. Love them. I always joke that I will be 90 years old, in a nursing home, and still excited about my birthday. I love the fun and the cake and the presents. Yes, presents. I KNOW it’s not about that, but it’s fun to get gifts that my loved ones thought about and put effort into.

But, this year, I’m not as excited. I don’t really know why.

It’s not a big deal number. We get to go home, and while I’m excited for that, there isn’t the level of anticipation that usually hits me on March 1st. Also, my actual birthday is a Sunday, so no real fun on the actual day.

So I thought I would do something different.

I’m giving one of YOU a birthday gift.

Yes, you wonderful readers have a chance to enter in for a giveaway from me.

So, what is in this fun little birthday basket?

First, you will get to choose between 3 different cookbooks. All focus on healthy eating, but I know people look for different things, so no point in me forcing one on you!

A. Bethenney Frankel’s The Skinnygirl Dish

skinnygirl (source)


B) Hungry Girl 300 under 300

hungry girl (Source)


C) Cooking Light Complete Cookbook

cookinglight (source)

All of these look great and I’m trying to share my new ways of trying to eat healthier. (Just ignore my tweet about the DQ tonight. I AM a girl after all…)

But a birthday package of just a healthy cookbook is lame. And I don’t want to be lame.

So, to add, I will throw in a $20 gift card to:

whole foods


You can use it for food for your new recipes in your new cookbook. Or if you use it on their awesome wine and dessert selection, I won’t blame you. Just tell me what you bought so I can make sure to get it next time.

If you win and aren’t close to one, we will chat and work something else out.

And because not everything should be about food, I shall throw in a…

iTunes (source)

$15 iTunes gift card!! Who doesn’t love new music? Or a movie? Or some apps for your fancy schmancy phone?

And knowing me, I might just throw in some other small treats just because…

I think it looks like a pretty awesome birthday basket. I hope you do too!

By now you are wondering how to enter this little deal. And I will make it simple for you.

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me about your favorite birthday present/event/occasion/tradition.

You can get a bonus entry if you write a second comment with a link to your blog or Twitter account, even if I already follow you and read your blog. And if you’re new, it’s a good way for me to meet you! If you don’t have either, tell me one fun fact about yourself and we will call it even.

So you have TWO chances, but please put them as separate comments and please include an e-mail address in each so I can easily reach you!

I will use the random number generator to pick.

You have until 11:59pm Thursday March 24th to enter. No late entries will be allowed. And then, if all goes to plan, I will mail the package on Friday so the lucky winner will have their “birthday” present early next week!


Good luck!!



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36 responses to “Birthday Present to You

  1. Favorite birthday present… oh man! I know my favorite birthdays were my 16th when my friends captured me and took me to breakfast in my pjs, and then forced me to go to school looking like death still in my pjs wearing a shirt they made that said, “I look like crap because it’s my birthday. Deal.” Also, last year turning 25 was pretty nice because I got to spend it with my best friend who lives in SF and her boyfriend.

    The gifts don’t stick out, but the people sure do!

    Happy early birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Month!! My favorite birthday tradition is the race my brother and I have. One of my brothers was born on my 5th birthday. Every year on our birthday we race to see who can call each other first. When he was in college he would call me in the middle of the night. Now that we’re a bit older, we’ve calmed down a little, but it’s still fun. Hmm…I guess he was my favorite birthday present too!

  3. Here is my info for my second entry! Woohoo!! Thanks for putting together the awesome birthday gift basket.

    Twitter: @trippinginheels

  4. Wow! Happy birthday to you! What a fabulous giveaway! My favorite birthday tradition is my husband taking me out to a big celebration dinner on Birthday Eve – it’s nearly always better the night before the actual birthday. We stuff ourselves with something fabulous followed by a lemon cream pie!

  5. I follow! My blog is and my Twitter is @sara_mccarty.


    My birthday is in March too so I share you sentiments about March being a great month 🙂 I can’t really think of my favorite birthday present, mostly because my birthday always seemed to be in the form of trips because it always fell during spring break. My most favoritist (I know that’s not a word) was when Dan and I went to the Florida Keys right after we started dating – it was a great birthday!

    I hope you have a great birthday too!

  7. Hello, @newteacherwife! We chat on twitter once in a while, but I haven’t gotten into the “blogging” thing yet. I tried a while back to start blogging, but I just don’t have the time or interesting things to say. I’m trying to think of the address of my blog, and I don’t even know. How sad is that?

    After some searching, I found it:

    If I ever update it again, please be amazed and let me know that someone actually reads it! 😉

  8. Anyway. I am a fellow March birthday celebrator! (Yeah, Pisces!)

    Hmm… Favorite birthday memories… let’s see…

    Ugh. Duh. This is not hard at all.

    2006. Best.Birthday.Ever.

    It was a snowy weekend. I was hitching a ride with my best friend from La Crosse (where we went to school) over to Oshkosh (so she could go home for the weekend and I could go see my moo (term of endearment for my boyfriend) for the weekend). Some friends and I were headed to Myrtle Beach for spring break, so Alex and I had to celebrate my birthday a week early. He was excited for me to visit… more so than usual.

    Like I said, it was snowy. I like to joke around, so when Alex called to see how our drive was (it’s a terrible 3.5 hour drive), I told him that the weather was too bad to drive and we turned around. He FREAKED.OUT. I had to calm him down. Weird.

    We made it there alright, Jenna dropped me off, and Alex and I spent a nice night together. We were going to celebrate on Saturday. He took me shopping (he hates shopping), bowling (also not a huge fan of that), let me have 2 hours to beautify myself (I’m not high maintenance, but it was my birthday celebration, afterall). Then he took me out to a beautiful dinner. Yum.

    Then I got my present.

    He wrote me the most beautiful poem and made it into a little book, complete with pictures of us together throughout our relationship. The last stanza of the poem was not finished. It said,

    “There is only one thing
    That moo must now do,”

    Then he knelt down and said,
    “Is to get down on his knee
    and say I love you.
    Will you marry me?”


    Best birthday of my life: When my boyfriend became my fiance. 🙂 I admire that reminder of that birthday every day of my life (the gorgeous rock on my hand).

  9. Happy birthday to you! I think my favorite birthday thing is my free drink at Starbucks. I am normally really boring (tall non fat misto or iced coffee) but I go bananas with the free drink (venti white peppermint mocha with extra whip- December baby). It’s simple and silly but just another way to augment something I like to do anyway 🙂

  10. hmmm.. not sure if my first comment posted or not, so i’m going to be obnoxious and post it again!

    you know me on twitter as @uwlaxecho. i do also have a blog, but i’ve only written in it once. i’d like to get into a habit of updating it more often, but i don’t often enough have positive/interesting/funny things to write about. plus, i have this pessimistic doubt that anyone would read it, anyway. 😛

    So if you ever see me update it, leave me a comment, and maybe i’ll be inspired to update more often!

  11. EH

    Happy birthday!!! And you’re a super sweetie to be doing a giveaway. I wish I’d thought of it! 🙂

    My best birthday? It was P’s, not mine. I finally got to meet my feisty little girl!

  12. EH

    And I will totally double dip. 🙂

  13. it’s quite kind of you to share the gift-giving – hope you have a lovely birthday! my birthday is Nov. 13th, and i’ve always thought it quite lucky that i turned both 16 and 21 on a Friday?! (although i turned 21 in Germany, so that was perhaps a bit anticlimactic.)

  14. Sarah

    Happy birthday to you! I don’t know if I have a favorite birthday event–I usually have a very low key birthday. But when I turned three, my parents hired a pony and we had pony rides in our back yard, which was pretty awesome. And since I’m a July baby, I usually had pool parties for my birthday…I guess that’s a tradition?!

  15. Sarah

  16. I actually have two favorite birthday traditions. First, growing up my mom always used to wake me up with a gift to open but I had to wait until my “official birthday” at 5:32pm to get the rest of my gifts. Second, once I got older, my brother (10 years older) likes to call me as early as possible to wish me happy birthday, and since he lives on the East Coast, and I am in California, that is pretty east for him to do. As much as I like to complain about him calling me so early, I do love that he makes a point to call me.

  17. On twitter I am @trustlawgroup
    And my blog which hasn’t been updated lately (bad me) is

  18. One of my favorite birthdays has to have been my 21st. I was interning in DC at the time and very lonely, but my now husband came up, spent a long weekend with me, and we spent the whole time just wandering all through the city (and enjoying bars along the way). Then, because my birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, I was going to the beach the Tuesday after that weekend to meet up with my dad’s side of the family for the holiday. It just turned into this great week where I saw everyone after feeling so alone during my internship.

    I hope you enjoy your birthday this year. 🙂

  19. And my blog:

  20. my fav birthday present will most definitely be the one I am receiving this year, which is W graduating (on my birthday) and officially starting his first job. JOB=me not being the only person with a job, which in turn = best birthday present EVER!!!

  21. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I love birthdays – but mine always falls around Labor Day so when I was a kid, it was hard to have parties. But I can remember something like my 6th or 7th birthday and there was a big party with a piñata and lots of friends and food. And my dad was there. It’s a good memory for me. 🙂

  22. Hmmm…..last year my husband got me some new Cole Haan flats, which was pretty awesome.

  23. Happy birthday to you! What a great way to celebrate with a giveaway 🙂 Love it.

    My favorite birthday tradition is a simple one– making homemade cakes! My mom and I always made a cake at home for my birthday or my dad’s birthday.. and my dad would even help make a cake for my mom’s b-day even though he was not much of a baker! It’s fun to bake with the ones you love and always taste so much better than the store bought cakes.

  24. And… for entry #2, my blog:

    Thanks again for the fun giveaway opportunity!

  25. Shannon W.

    My favorite birthday (week) was in 2009 because my son was born. It was the most amazing gift ever!

  26. Shannon W.

    I am a SAHM of 2 amazing children under the age of 2. You are welcome to follow me on twitter @shannonforpeace


  27. favorite birthday present was my hunter green ford truck when i turned 16. i loved that car; drove it all over creation, hauled my horses, and broke lots of my parents’ rules in it. i miss it.

    happy birthday month! so exciting. 🙂

  28. blog:

    twitter: dks2008

    🙂 you’re sweet.

  29. Sonya

    My favorite birthday present was my ticket to the All-Star game in St. Louis in 2009. However, it wasn’t a real ticket, but it sure was funny!

  30. Sonya

    adayinthelifesonya dot blogspot dot com

  31. Liz M.

    Favorite birthday present: the Walkman I got for my 7th birthday (back when they were huge, metal, heavy, and expensive, only fast-forwarded or rewound but not both, and required you to turn the tape over to hear the other side)!

  32. Liz M.

    Fun fact: I studied nine languages in school.

  33. What a fun giveaway! I can’t even remember a favorite birthday – that’s probably bad, right? 🙂 I am a birthday fan, but due to some weird logistical stuff, we haven’t been able to celebrate on the actual day in THREE YEARS!

    Last year was a fun one when we did finally get to celebrate, because we did so in Chicago during our vacation!

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