The Cut Heard Round the World

We’ve been living in Ctown for about 7 months now. We’ve figured out the city pretty much. Which restaurants we like. Where the best Mexican food is. Our favorite bar. Which gas stations are less creepy. One way streets make driving difficult. All the things you slowly figure out about your surroundings.

One of the things I hadn’t yet figured out was where to get my hair cut.

I mean, I have gotten my haircut in 7 months, but I went to my stylist back in Mville because she cuts my MIL’s hair and has known Mr. A forever, so she is more willing to squeeze me in.

But that’s a two hour drive and we haven’t been back there for a while and the thought of having to drive two hours for a haircut seems ridiculous.

I mean, Mville is small town USA, and I found a person there, so why not here?

Mr. A asked a couple of his female classmates for me, and they suggested different places. However, one of the girls, I think her hair is obnoxious, and I’m sure it’s what she asked for, but I have a hard time going to the same place that someone with stupid hair suggested. Not trying to be mean, just honest.

But Mr. A had been to this one salon and really liked it. It was kind of cool, in a sort of hipster way. (Not really hipster. I wouldn’t do that. 🙂 ) Even funnier, the guy’s name who cut his hair was the same as my name. Mr. A had a good cut, said the people were nice, so I decided to give it a try.

I called and they were able to fit me in on Thursday. I was a little nervous because finding a new hair person always stresses me out. Took me forever to pick the girl in Mville and it was only after I was there with Mr. A and saw her do a fantastic job on another girl that I trusted her enough.

So I show up. I instantly liked the salon. It wasn’t too stuffy and uptight. One day, I want to fit in in places like that, but for now, I don’t, so I liked the calm and laid back atmosphere. The person who was going to do my hair introduces himself and he has the same name as Mr. A. Hilarious because I had Mr. A and Mr. A had me.

The guy was nice. We talked about music and the Grammy’s. And various things. And it was all going well. He asked me about my bangs and I said they had gotten long, but I wanted them cut and to the side. I usually so the side-swept bang look, they had just grown out a lot.

And then, it happened.

He cut my bangs short. And straight across. Ummmmm……NOT SIDE SWEPT AT ALL!!!

And I mean super straight across. To add to the problem, I have super thick hair, so the trendy bangs that girls do that looks good, doesn’t look good with my super thick hair. It just looks awful.

But, I tried to stay calm, so I asked him to kind of fade the sides to it was less drastic. This apparently meant make me have sideburns. WTF?!?!

Yes. I have man sideburns. But only on one side. I don’t even know how to explain it. And no, I won’t be posting a picture because, while I’m okay posting embarrassing stories about myself, pictures-not so much. And the fact that Mr. A couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I showed him means no one else gets to make fun of me.

I look like this guy:

mullet (source)

I have more hair on the sides, thank goodness, this it’s really bad.

And yes, I know it will grow out. I went and bought some biotin to help speed along the process. And I will be going home to have my guys there fix it after it grows to a point that it can be fixed.

But there is something about having terrible hair that just makes me more self conscious. I know it’s just hair, but I feel like it pulls together a whole look and bad hair just ruins it.

But I went and bought a headband, and I might need to add a couple, so if you see me within the next month, my hair will either be in a headband or my bangs will be pinned back.

And next time, I won’t be going back to the same salon. Never again.



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9 responses to “The Cut Heard Round the World

  1. Sarah

    Oh no! Bangs are really tricky! The woman I used to go to was incredible–great with coloring/highlights/lowlights and great with cutting layers. But she could not cut bangs to save her life. I always ended up with Audrey Hepburn bangs that were like 1 inch long and too short to pin back. It was bad. (And every time they would grow out to a good length, she would see them and say “Oh, I’ll just clean these up a little bit…” and the disaster was back.)

  2. oh my, that picture is fantastic!

    i usually trim mine when i’m halfway to drunk. usually ends well, occasionally not. my suggestion: lots of cute headbands. and find a girl with perfect bangs (either at work or just walking around) and ask where she gets her hair done. not awkward–girls love being told their hair is gorgeous.

  3. Oh man. That’s rough. For running, I’d recommend getting a nice thick headband. Nike makes really good ones. No matter what the hell is happening with your hair (one time I had a botched Katie Holmes bob), those things make sure the hair stays the hell out of your face. Happy growing…

  4. Bad haircuts are horrible – I’m so sorry!!!!!!!! Hoping it grows out soooo fast!

  5. Yikes! I hate going to a new stylist and when they don’t listen on something as important as bangs, you’re totally right not to go back to them. I hope your good stylist can fix it – because no one deserves a bad haircut!

  6. EH

    Big hugs. That *sucks*. But it will grow, and there are headbands. I love headbands. 🙂

  7. Oh no…so sorry, sweetie!! I hate when the stylist doesn’t listen. You will find a good one…promise.

  8. Oh NO. This is my nightmare! I totally get how bad hair can make you feel self conscious. I mean OBVIOUSLY as you know, it’s just hair, it will grow out, and you are clearly taking measures to make it look good in the interim. But oh I’m so sorry this happened to you!

    Also, this post was hilarious. Not in the actual event, but the way you talked about it. That photo? Awesome. And I loved this bit: “I have a hard time going to the same place that someone with stupid hair suggested.”

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