T’was the Night Before…


Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts. We are home safely. (Weather got pretty bad while we were at the hospital. Roads sucked.) He is currently sleeping and resting. Doctor said he took care of his source of pain and such. They will have to do a biopsy, but doctor didn’t seem too concerned, so I’m trying not to be either. He won’t be able to go to class tomorrow, but I’m off as well, so it will be a fun little day.

Thank you again and hope you’re staying warm and safe if you’re getting hit with all this snow!!


Tomorrow morning, Mr. A is headed in for surgery.

Nothing too terribly serious, but still. It’s surgery.

He has Chrohn’s, which is a gastrointestinal disease. I won’t give you all the gory details, both for your own benefit, but also Mr. A wouldn’t really want me to put it all out there. So I’m not.

Today, there was…an incident. Sent him to the doctor’s office. Thought we might be headed to the ER, but the doctor moved his previously scheduled Feb 25th surgery to tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.

They will need to fix a couple spots, but it’s also an investigatory surgery. To see what they see. See what they find. I’m hoping they find something that is easily fixed and we can move on.

But I have an overactive imagination. I’ve also seen too many movies. So I’m a ball of nerves.

It’s a super common surgery/procedure, but still. I’m antsy and panicky. And it’s not even me going under tomorrow.

So, if you’re the praying type, if you could keep Mr. A in your prayers and that the doctor can help him and he will heal quickly. And if you could say a small one for me since I will be alone in the waiting room and I just don’t want to freak out when I don’t have anyone there with me. And if you aren’t the praying type, good thoughts are always welcomed.

I’m headed to bed. Probably won’t sleep much. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.



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9 responses to “T’was the Night Before…

  1. Jessica @ Acting Adult

    I heard about the surgery on Twitter and I’ve been praying. Let the surgeon have steady hands and it’ll be fine! Thinking of both of you..

  2. I’m hoping the surgery is already over and your husband is on his way to a quick recovery! Thinking of both of you!

  3. Yikes this sounds scary… I can’t imagine the stress of having a surgery at this point in the semester. Good luck to you both!!

  4. Thinking of you – and have been all day!

  5. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner, but I’m so glad the surgery went well. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers. Speedy recovery!!

  6. Sorry I’m a little behind, but sending you prayers now! xoxo

  7. oh no, just saw this! glad he’s doing well, many positive thoughts for continued healing.

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