I feel like lots has been going on, but when I sit down to write, nothing happens. I stare. I write 5 sentences and blank out.

For the past month I’ve been having a hard time blogging. I feel like I don’t have a lot of free time. I may not have to take work home with me, but I do have long shifts, and when I get home I want to spend time with Mr. A, but all of you have become friends and I want to catch up. So I’ve been sticking to Twitter and haven’t been as good as writing on here. I’m going to work on it though.

But, to start me off, here’s just a little bit of random tidbits of everything going on lately:

— Work. Well. It’s work. Yes, I still hate the job, but I am working really hard on not whining about it all over the internet and having a better attitude about it in general. I really do like my boss and I like most of the people I work with. They are fun and most of them aren’t really thrilled with how our store manager is trying to do things, so at least there’s some camaraderie. Also, I have a blog post in the works about my day of learning about bras and how to best fit “the girls”. Hilarity will ensue. Or so it did.

— Grad school. Welp. I’m officially applied. Which might be more nerve wracking than not being applied. When I met with the head of the department, I had actually missed the deadline by 2 days. But, he was super nice and said as long as I got it in within the next two weeks, I would be fine since they would be picking their PhD students first. I finished it and turned it in within less than a week. Which I’m hoping will help me. Also, had a bit of a problem with getting my letters of recommendation. They wanted 3, so I sent an e-mail to 4 professors as a backup to ensure at least 3 responded. 2 responded right away, but it was 2 days and I hadn’t heard from them, and since I was on a severe time crunch, I had to go with my plan C- getting a letter from my student teaching supervising instructor. She loved me, and as long as I had 2 professors, I was hoping I would be good. So, she said yes, and then one of the other professors got back to me and said he would. So long story short, I have 4 recommendations. Hope they don’t mind. But the last professor was the head of my program and my adviser, so I thought it would look good.

— I need a pedicure. In the worst kind of way.

— Mr. A and I decided to go to my hometown for Superbowl. After some huge drama and backstabbing from some of his classmates, we didn’t really want to go to his friend’s house for a Superbowl party. I kept joking that it was because if I had one too many, I would probably go off on a couple people and we don’t need that. But, we knew that if we were in town and just at home, it would look bad. So, we headed north and used the excuse of family. We had an excuse and a MUCH better time. We got to spend time with my family, which included my wonderful brother. (Last night, I wrote a blog post that was basically a dating ad for him. HA! It was pretty amusing.) We had drinks, yummy snacks, and the Packers won. I’m totally a playoff fan. I don’t really follow football and our team wasn’t in it, so yeah. But, the company my dad works for is based in Green Bay and has some stake in the team, Mr. A graduated high school with a guy who kicks for them, and I like green. So, I picked them. And I can become pretty competitive and involved once I pick a team. Even if they end up losing, for that game, I am wholly involved and cheering for them.

— Last week was a bit of a flop on the diet. I didn’t gain, but I don’t know that I lost much. But, getting back on track this week. Also, hoping this week it warms up a little so I can get back out and run.

— New sunglasses. I needz them.

— Also, real running shoes. Brands to check out? Avoid? Places to shop- especially if it saves me any money??

— Mr. A got an iPhone 4 this weekend. His Blackberry had been slowly dying and since he was due for an upgrade, he went all out. However, 10 minutes after leaving the store, it had turned itself off 3 times. We went back, and the guy said for us to sync it with iTunes and charge it all night to see if that helps. Next morning, it spazzed out. So, he returned it and he got a new one. He’s had 2 iPhones in 3 days. Lucky kid.

— Puppy. I needz one of those also. Airedale and a Scotty. Yes, please, and thank you.

— GLEE last night?!?! I know, I know not the best episode ever, but at least it’s back! I think I’m just so excited for new episodes that I’m okay with it not being perfect. And more of Santana and Artie singing please. Also, bring back Kurt. I miss him. He just won an award. We need to be seeing more of him. And it better be on tomorrow’s episode.

— I discovered that all of GREEK and Grey’s Anatomy is now on Netflix Instant Streaming, so I have two shows I plan on watching in their entirety. I watched GREEK for a while, but then didn’t have cable, so missed the last 2 seasons. I’ve never seen Grey’s. I would catch an episode here and there, but never knew the storyline so I wouldn’t know what was going on and would just turn it off. After so much talk about it, I figure it’s time for me to watch. Especially since I think all the seasons so far are on Netflix and I can just watch back to back. Yes, my life is THIS exciting.

— Baseball season. YES! On to hoping the Cubs are as sucktacular as usual and that the Cards go all the way. I love baseball because it means summer. No more of this snow crap.

Miss you all. I’m working on getting back to commenting on yours. 



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4 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Greek is amazing. And it ends in a note that you will very much appreciate (this is the last season).

    Also, YOUR HUBS WHEN TO SCHOOL WITH CROSBY?!? That is baller.

  2. Go Cards Go! Pitchers and catchers report shortly so it’ll be baseball time before know it.

  3. We did the exact same type thing for the Super Bowl. I just wanted to be at our house. Greek is amazing….. So is Greys. So is Glee. I adore them all. Yes, you do need a puppy as well. And I am crossing my fingers for you on grad school. I had an assistantship that paid my way and it was pretty awesome. Only way I would have gone back to school! XOXO!

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