My Personal Trip Advisors

Ever think you want to be more involved? Here’s your chance!!

I need your trip advice. All of it. After you spill to me your juicy insights, I want you to need to research to learn any new tips because you gave them all to me. Intense.

But what is this all for you ask?

Well, this May is a big month for Mr. A and I. It’s not only the end of 1L year for my hardworking husband, but it’s also our first wedding anniversary. And I think both of these deserve some sort of celebration or such.

Also, it’s 5 months away, so a good amount of time for me to lose a good chunk of weight by then if I can stick to my better eating and workout plan. So lot of incentive for me.

Here’s where you come in.

I NEED HELP!! I don’t know where to go!

I have all sorts of ideas on my head.

Chicago. NOLA. San Diego. Back to Mexico. Gulf Shores. Somewhere in South Carolina. Galveston. Las Vegas. Seattle.

See? Too many choices.

I want to go somewhere fun. Lots of things to do, but I’m leaning towards somewhere with a beach or some pretty fantastic pools, like Vegas.

We have been to Chicago before and we loved it. We love the museums and walking around Michigan Ave and just how much was offered. Also, some fantastic restaurants. And while there is a beach, it doesn’t seem super easily accessible since we would have to get back on the El after being wet and sweaty and such, since we would probably take the train up (done it before-wasn’t too bad) and wouldn’t have a car. It would also be a good chunk of money since you have to pay for basically everything there.

I thought of Vegas since I found some absolutely fantastic deals on rooms in nice casinos and the casinos should have some nice pool areas to lounge in. I went with my dad when I was 16 and had a blast, but I would like to go now that I’m 21 and can go to the clubs and actually walk around the casino floors. We aren’t big gamblers, so that’s not the draw for us. We would rather do the other fun things. However, I think other than the rooms, everything is really pricey there, including restaurants and shows and such.

I thought Gulf Shores or somewhere in South Carolina since there are nice beaches, and if we could get a condo on the beach, we could get some groceries and eat in most of the time and only go out some nights to save money. And while I want a beach, I’m not sure these places offer a whole lot else to do which might be a problem. We love the beach, but we like to do other things as well. I’m not on expert on either place, so please, any extra details you know would be wonderful.

Neither of us has been to NOLA. And I think it would be amazing. I think we would both love the cemetery tours and seeing old places. We both love good food and I’ve heard that there are just fantastic restaurants there. I’m no geography buff, and I’m being lazy and not looking it up, but not sure if NOLA has beaches/close to the area?

Galveston came up in my mind since a good friend of ours is moving to Houston, today actually, and I think Galveston is about an hour South, so maybe he and his fiancé could come down for a couple days as well. I know NOTHING about Texas or the area and I’m not sure if Galveston has nice beaches or is a fun place to visit?

San Diego would be amazing. My dad took me there for my high school graduation trip and it was just amazing and I think Mr. A would love it too. I learned how to surf while I was there, so I could show off my sweet skills (yeah right!) and we could enjoy the beach. The only thing I’m coming across is that it seems pricey to stay there. Also, it would be a little too far to drive, but doesn’t seem like a place with trains/subway to get around like Chicago, so a rental car might be a necessity, but we aren’t 25, so not even sure if that’s allowed.

Now, I mentioned Mexico. Seems like if I’m trying to save money Mexico would be way off my list? Not so much. We found while researching for our honeymoon last year, that if you are willing to wait to book it until really close to your vacation date, you can get a steal on an all-inclusive resort INCLUDING airfare. Also, we fell in love with Mexico while we were there. We were in the Mayan Riviera and it was paradise. Also, ALL food AND drinks were included. And while we took an excursion one day, there was enough to do that it wouldn’t have been a necessity.

I have also considered a cruise since I’ve seen some really good prices and it might be possible to drive to the port city so we weren’t also paying for airfare. Priceline offers free hotel nights depending on the length of the cruise, so that would help as well. However, while food is included, drinks aren’t and doing things when at port can be expensive, so not sure if that’s the best option.

So, I need some advice. Also take into consideration that we are in the Midwest, so costs would include wither flight or if it would be feasible to drive there and all that jazz. We would be willing to drive to Galveston or NOLA, but San Diego or Seattle would be a little much. What is there to do and will it cost an arm and a leg to have fun? Where have you been and loved? Any places I should consider that I haven’t?

And if you’re new to the blog and haven’t commented, here is the perfect time when I’m not wallowing in self-pity. haha 🙂




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14 responses to “My Personal Trip Advisors

  1. We went to San Francisco last year in May and it was great! There are lots of things to do that are free – Golden Gate Park, the waterfront, the Presidio. And we splurged on a few things like Alcatraz and the California Academy of Sciences.

  2. If you haven’t been to NOLA, I think that sounds like the best choice. I used to live in Houston and went to Galveston a bunch. It’s a fun town and the beaches are ok, but not fabulous, after that long of a drive. If you were going to that, I’d do Gulf Shores. But NOLA has the history and restaurants. I think that would be more romantic than the others.

  3. I have been to literally all the places on your list within the past 5ish years with the exception of San Diego and Seattle! Here are my thoughts…I live in the south and am used to the oh my god it’s hard to breathe humidity. But, if you’re not used to it, it’s rough and can hamper your outdoor activities. That being said, I still think NOLA is the best choice. There is so much to do, great cheap places to eat, amazing shopping, lots of history/culture, and lots of variety in general.

    Gulf Shores (which is a huge possibility of where I’m moving in May), has really nice beaches but is def. more of a “slow pace” place. Not a huge amount to do, but the amazing beaches make up for it.

    Chicago is great- but I’m sure you want to do something new!

    Mexico is also always fun! Great deals!

    Vegas is another great option! Willy and I went a few weeks ago and enjoyed it so much! Great deals on rooms right now but def. save up more $$ because everything was so much more expensive than I thought it would be. Food? We never ate at a decent place for less than $50-$60 bucks. Shows? Ran us over $100/ticket/show (totally worth it though). It was def. easy to spend spend spend!!! There’s lots of free stuff too though. We rented a car for the week (around $160) and went to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead. Also Treasure Island has a boat show that’s free, the Bellagio fountain show, etc. Plus, you could show off the new bod at the pools!

    Another really good suggestion is Savannah. Have you ever been? We went this summer and I loved it! We rented off VRBO and had an amazing condo for very little $. Tons of stuff and around 20 miles from Tybee Island which had really nice beaches!

    Obviously, I could go on sorry for the book, I just LOVE to travel!

  4. Brittany

    Not a fan of Galveston. AT ALL! South Padre is arguably the best Texas beaches, but Mustang Island is ok and I have heard good things about Port Aransas, though I’ve never been. I’d only go to Galveston if you really, really, really wanted to visit your friends because it sounds like you have a lot of really great other ideas. Which reminds me, we booked a super cheap trip to Hollywood, Florida once last minute and had a great time. The sand was white and the water was decently clear, and it’s a lot less crowded than Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Keep us posted!

    • Probably won’t pick Galveston since I think we are going to try to go to Houston for part of spring break since we can stay at our friend’s place free and such, but just threw it out there in case people said it was super awesome or something. haha

  5. Seattle is my favorite city in the county – truely. It has everything: its beautiful, its fun, the people are nice, there are lots to do and everybody knows THE WEST COAST IS THE BEST COAST! 😉

  6. NOLA is a lot of fun. No beaches nearby, but plenty to do and some beautiful hotels. If you want the historic city/beach combo, I would recommend Savannah (which has Tybee Island beaches nearby) or Charleston (which has Isle of Palms and Kiawah nearby).

  7. Glad to hear Galveston is off the list. It’s an okay place, but you would probably be disappointed that you spent your one vacation there. NOLA is a great choice. Since you love Chicago (it is my favorite) then you’ll like NOLA. Great food and awesome music. Plus, you can probably get a good deal on a hotel. I’m sure Vegas would be great, but even if you find a good hotel deal, I think the rest of the trip would be super expensive. We’ve looked into the Carolina beaches because I have a sister up there. My sister’s family rented a condo last summer and spent a few days on the beach. But I think that is probably the main attraction so if you want more to do then head to a city. Mexico is off my list for now. The drug wars are way too intense. I’m sure the resorts are fine, but since I live in Texas, we hear way too much about it on the news. Unfortunately, Mexico=scary in my book now. Good luck with your decision! We’ve been having the same type of conversations lately.

    • I can understand about Mexico. When we went last summer, there were the same problems, but the location of our resort was so far away from everything and secluded, that it wasn’t a problem. Also, our transportation was through a huge company and was reliable and not sketchy and the only time we left the resort was when we went to a Mayan ruin, again booked through our contact company and with other tourists. Before we decide, I would probably read into the news stories and see what’s happening in relation to where we were looking. But it’s not all over our news, so definitely something to look into. Thanks.

      And NOLA seems to be a super popular choice and several people have now mentioned Savannah, so I may have more places to look into.

  8. fattyfile

    Another vote for NOLA! I have only spent 36 hours there, for a wedding in ’09, and it was awesome and I craved much, much more. You can’t beat the sights, the food, the amazing music, awesome food, the ability to DRINK IN THE STREET (priorities, priorities). The wedding hotel was in the French Quarter at the Hotel Monteleone, which I would totally go back to if I were visiting NOLA again. It was a great location and it had an amazing rooftop pool and a carousel in the hotel bar. How long would the drive be for you? If you can find a good deal to Mexico, that would be amazing, too.

    San Diego is nice (and my cousin owns a bar there!) but I agree with the necessity to rent a car, which would compound the $$ issue. Seattle is super fun (amazing food, pretty city in general) and you can walk everywhere but I think NOLA or Mexico would be more romantical 🙂

  9. DC!!! Everything is free and the weather is only semi-shitty. Plus you can do a trip down to Virginia beach or something too.

    I know it’s totally not what you wanted but I never miss an opportunity to sell my town 🙂

  10. If you go to San Diego- hit me up! I lived there for 6 years and we will probably move back there (or a 40 min drive away) when we are done with this law school ordeal. Vegas is my go-to vacay spot!

  11. New Orleans is nice, but I haven’t been there in a few years (since pre-hurricane), so I don’t know how the crime, etc., is looking there. I think I’d want to go to the beach somewhere if I were you, but I don’t know where!

    Seems like you might get the most bang for your buck in Vegas though? Not sure. Let me know – I want to try to take a trip this summer too, but nothing’s set yet!

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