Old Fashioned

First, thank you for all of the support. You all are amazing. You wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I got home Tuesday night. I had a long shift at work and was tired, but I read those comments and words of encouragement and I was invigorated. I still am. I’m starting my running/walking workout on Sunday. I think it might be slow going for a little while because 1. I’m not a runner and 2. still get rundown pretty easy from this mono junk, but my schedule next week should be pretty conducive to working out, so I’m looking forward to it.

Did you read that?  I’m looking forward to a workout. And I think I have you to thank. I know I’m not alone. Also, I don’t want to let anyone down. And yes, I’m still doing this for me, but having another level of accountability helps. Also, Katie from the Overflowing Brain put out a food challenge and I have taken her up on it. Yet another goal. I plan on writing a post about all my goals for this process. Mr. A has upped the ante on me and I’m excited!!



Last night Mr. A and I had a little date night.

I had to work until 8, and he had been in my home city shadowing a judge for an assignment from law school. (It was the judge that married us, also my best friend’s dad, the best friend (boy) that was in our wedding. So he basically got to have an awesome time in court with a great guy. Jealous.) I had asked Mr. A if he wanted to have a date night since I would be off today, therefore not needing to go to bed early, and he of course said yes. So then I told him that he had to plan it and it had to be a surprise.

I sometimes feel like I’m the one always planning things, so I wanted to be surprised. He did a good job.

I didn’t know if we would be going anywhere or just staying at home, but when I came in after work, he had on khakis and a polo and told me to change. He took me to my favorite Thai restaurant in town and it was oh so very delicious. I think I could eat Thai food everyday if I was allowed. Yummmmmm

We had a beer, delicious spring rolls, I got a new noodle dish and he had a delicious and spicy pineapple rice dish. And, sticking with my new better eating routine, I only ate half and got the rest to-go. Which made a yummy lunch today, that wasn’t too much food and I got to experience the dish for one more day.

After dinner, I asked if we were doing anything else. Our money is a little tight, so I was just thrilled with going out to dinner as our date night. But he took me to Schnuck’s and let me pick out any movie from the Redbox. He was originally going to take me to see Black Swan, but I’m going to see that with some girl friends this afternoon, and there aren’t many other movies out that we wanted to see, so Redbox it was. He was even going to watch any romantic movie I wanted.

Lucky for him, Easy A wasn’t sold out, so I picked that one. We’ve seen it before, but it was when it first came out and I’d already forgotten some of the story line.

Probably going to be a movie I have to buy because I LOVE it. So funny and honest and not the typical teen movie. And hello new girl crush on Emma Stone. I told Mr. A I wanted her hair color from the movie and he said he thought it would look good. I will probably come to you with pictures before I jump into that, but yeah. Great movie.

He also bought some Clementines at the store to make me my new favorite drink. He made it up over Christmas at my dad’s when I wanted something fruity, but not overly sweet and the only fruit my dad had were Clementines. So, he juices a couple of the yummy fruit, adds vodka and diet tonic water. It’s amazing.

So we spent the night with olive oil popcorn, a good movie, a few drinks and it was perfect.

Can’t wait for our next date night.

What do you do for date nights? Stay home? Go out?



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6 responses to “Old Fashioned

  1. I’m looking forward to not working every single weekend this semester while Nick is in school so that we might actually have time for a date night. When we got a chance in the fall, though, we tended to go out for a drink, then go home for dinner and a movie. Plus, we were also waiting for our New York trip after buying “Avenue Q” tickets earlier in the fall, which took out a chunk.

    The most fun though was when I turned a work event into a date night. My boss invited me to a chocolate-themed cocktail reception/fundraiser and said I could bring Nick with me. Honestly, it was the only real “date night” we had for the whole fall, but we also made it a priority to always eat dinner together as many nights as we possibly could, so it evened out.

  2. One thing you might try… walking on an incline! I recently started doing this, and even as someone who runs a lot, it’s a really good workout. It’s also a little less cardio intensive than running but my thighs and butt are SORE.

    Spring/summer/fall we always go out for date night, because I love doing outdoors-y things. Now that’s it’s freaking winter I never want to go anywhere unless we can go all the way in the car with heated seats OR it is some sort of legit snow activity like skiing (yeah not so much in Virginia). I’m really bad about doing things in the snow- even just simple stuff like going out to dinner.

  3. That sounds like a perfect date night! Now that money is tight for us during his law school years, we do some similar things – make a pizza and watch a movie on Netflix. It’s pretty wonderful just being able to spend time together.

  4. Your date night sounds wonderful!! I’m so glad you guys got to spend quality time together. And Easy A is such a good movie. We rented it last week and loved it!

    We do date nights on the weekends, but my favorite is what I call our picnic night. We set out cheeses, crackers, bread & olive oil, olives, and other goodies. Then we drink wine, eat our snacks, and watch movies. Those are the best nights!

  5. What a fun date night! And what a thoughtful husband!

    I hate staying at home, so if we go out on a date night I like to go out. That being said, our budget is tight too so our date nights are few and far between these days.

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