At least it’s over…

Well, I’ve written this post once and deleted it.

Basically, this Christmas was pretty terrible. I was excited since it was going to be our first Christmas as a married couple, but family drama and stupid crap made it not such a great holiday.

I was planning on writing all about it, but for some reason it wasn’t coming out right and I can’t seem to express the emotions and the problems, so I’m just ditching it.

Today has been more relaxing and I had to work this morning. But now I’m home, in my pajamas and watching movies on the couch. Mr. A is at his dad’s for their Christmas, and while I wish I could have gone, I think it’s good that I have this time by myself and no more trying to talk with family and be nice.

We will be going to his mom’s on Wednesday night to do Christmas with them. I know we need to spend just as much time with his side, but after this weekend, I would much rather just skip the whole thing.

But, on a brighter note, I got a Kindle for Christmas!!

I haven’t played with it much, and I need to get the hang of it, but I’m excited about it. I want to start taking it with me to work and reading on my breaks. I will spend less money eating out and will get to enjoy some books that I’ve been missing out on.

Also, got some gift certificates, a necklace I wanted, the biggest bottle of wine that I’ve ever seen, BareMinerals make-up kit, awesomely new pajamas (which I’m wearing right now), new jeans, and other little things.

Mr. A and I weren’t going to exchange gifts because of finances and such, but we decided to get something small for one another. He bought me the STL Cards baseball hat I’ve been wanting (it was a specific one) and the Yankee Candle that I loveeeee. I bought him Jay-Z’s biography, “Decoded”. We both like his music and I just saw an interview with him that was really fascinating, so I think the book will be really good. Mr. A was excited and since he doesn’t go back till the 18th, he should have some free time to read for enjoyment again.

So what did you all get this Christmas?

I’m hoping to save up money and maybe next year we can go on a little trip and be by ourselves. I would love to spend Christmas in Colorado or somewhere with snow and maybe learn how to ski or cuddle by a fireplace with some wine and watch snow fall. Now THAT sounds like a wonderful Christmas with my husband. Now to get a better paying job to make this happen….



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8 responses to “At least it’s over…

  1. Sarah

    Oh, I’m sorry Christmas wasn’t as much fun as it should have been. At least you two got to spend time together! And yay for your Kindle!

    I hope you have a good New Year’s eve (and new year, too)!

  2. The first Christmas is certainly an adjustment. They improve each year from my experience though! Wishing you a Happy New Year dear!

  3. Yeah we need to gchat when I’m back in the real world and off my bender. Happy holidays and hope NYE is better xo

  4. Family is stressful as shit. Sorry this holiday seemed to be a bit of a bust.

    Last year I thought I was going to break in half with sadness the ENTIRE Christmas weekend. I was worried all holidays would be as miserable as that one.

    This year was a completely different world.

    It can get better. I promise!

  5. Family drama is just the worst. I am so sorry.

    Sounds like you made out like a bandit, gift-wise, though. I am loving my new Kindle that Santa brought!

  6. Boo for having family drama over the holidays, but hopefully the kindle makes things a little better. You’ll have to let me know if you like it or not…I keep going back and forth on whether I want one.

  7. I’m so sorry family drama etc. put a damper on Christmas. Hopefully the Christmas with your in-laws is MUCH better and you can finally have some fun!

    Also hope you are feeling better! Being sick has got to make it worse! Big hugs.

  8. I’m sorry that drama got in the way of you enjoying your first Christmas. Also, being sick doesn’t help!

    You will absolutely LOVE your Kindle. I have a nook and take it with me everywhere. It’s amazing how much more I’m reading because it’s just so available. It becomes very addicting!

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