Who’s Kissing Who?

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know what’s going on here.

About a week and a half ago, I went to the doctor with a super sore throat and ear ache. It felt like I had a golf ball in my throat that was covered in needles poking me every time I tried to swallow.

Side Tangent: greatest doctor’s office EVAR!!!! It is an urgent care center, but it’s much more like a general doctor’s office where you don’t need an appointment. Every nurse and doctor I’ve met is incredibly nice and goes out of their way to help and make you feel comfortable. I was shocked that both doctors introduced themselves by their first names and explained everything to me. And not in kindergarten terms. Treated like an adult, but super nice and love them.


They gave me some antibiotics, even though my strep test came back negative. She mentioned that mono sometimes starts this way and to watch out for a rash because sometimes, if you have mono, and take amoxicillin, it can develop a rash.

So, like a good patient, I took my meds, on time, and finished them like you’re supposed to. (And unlike how my husband takes them till he feels better and then stops. This is a BAD PLAN people. ) And while my throat finally got better after about 5 days, which is way long in my opinion, some other things started to happen.

Like, the rash. But I wasn’t sure if this was a sure sign since it would show up for a day, itch like hell, then disappear. Then a couple days later, it would reappear again. Luckily I was off Sunday when it decided to appear on the side of my face! Yeah. It was sexy.

Also, my lymphnodes were sensitive to touch and, I thought they were swollen a little. And then I had like 5 sores pop up in my mouth all on the same day.

So I did what any educated person does- looked up mononucleosis on webMD.com. Duh. And I found that I had a lto of the symptoms.

I drug my happy butt back to the doctor today. I met with a different doctor than before, so she didn’t have any preconceived ideas about my symptoms or anything. She walked in, looked at my chart, looked at me and immediately said, “Wow, your lymphnodes are really swollen.” Apparently I’m not always this puffy faced. FTW!

She said, based on symptoms and the fact that I had a rash, even if periodically, that she was pretty sure I had mono. She then had me lay down so she could feel my abdomen. As soon as she pressed on the left side, I moaned in pain. Guess what that means? Yep, you guessed it. My spleen is enlarged. Wonderful. She then said she would bet her degree that I had mono.

But do you know how they test for mono? Blood tests. And while I’m not needle squeemish after 3 years of allergy shots every Saturday, still not my favorite thing. Even better? They had to stick me four times. Apparently I was a little dehydrated so none of the veins wanted to cooperate. And the time on my hand? It is killing me and is swollen and puffy. Marvelous.

All of this to find out that, yes, I do in fact have mono. At 24. And I’m married. Not like I’ve been having random make out sessions. Even funnier, I posted on Facebook about this, and one of Mr. A’s classmate’s wives has mono right now too. So I’m thinking a classmate had it and we somehow shared food or a drink or they licked a spoon while making food for a potluck and then we ate it. Who knows. But it is amusing to tease Mr. A about who he’s been making out with. He doesn’t find it nearly as amusing as I do.

Side story: my mom gave me a sex talk today. Yes. Her 24 year old, married daughter. Apparently some viruses can screw with your birth control, and so she was telling me about taking “all precautions” since we can’t really afford a baby and, as I’ve said before, law school and screaming baby don’t mix. Husband is super embarrassed that my mom was talking about this. It was awkward, but I think it’s funny. Does she think I live under a rock?

Now to talk to work about not having so many super long shifts so I can rest like I need to. That should be fun. (What’s the sarcasm font again?)



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14 responses to “Who’s Kissing Who?

  1. debbie

    so funny! i tweeted you and asked who your hubs had been kissing ;o)

    Too funny about your mom. I’d do the same thing with my daughter!!

  2. I hope you feel better soon, but yes, that is hilarious.

    Seriously, though, I have a good friend who got pregnant during her husband’s first year of med school (three months after the wedding) because she was taking an antibiotic that screwed with her birth control without actually paying attention to what would affect it. She even brought her four-day-old baby to our wedding, so for as cute as the baby is, it’s something I’m super, super careful about.

  3. I can’t believe you have MONO! Crazy. Secret confession, I always kind of wanted mono. It seemed like a great way to have an excuse to sleep all day. Although I am sure in actuality it is not as fun as it sounds. Feel better soon!

  4. Oh my golly you poor dear! That sounds like no fun at all. I hope you are able to get your job to cooperate with you so you can rest.

  5. Brittany

    Ah! If it makes you feel any better, my husband (then-boyfriend) got mono summer 2007 after we’d been together 2 years. I woke up every morning thinking I’d have a sore throat and be too tired to move. Never happened. I felt fine. As it turned out, I’ve had undiagnosed mono at some point in my life, which is apparently really common in small children-though the symptoms are less severe and it’s more like a run-of-the-mill cold so parents and doctors don’t think much of it, don’t test for it, etc. And now I’m a carrier! Once you’ve had mono, the virus will ALWAYS be in your system, usually latent. Every once in a while, if you’re stressed or overly exhausted, etc., the virus can reactivate and while YOU won’t have any symptoms, you are contagious. This might have happened to you if your husband is a carrier. Time will tell if he gets sick or not! So. I’m am officially diagnosed carrier. I don’t let anyone drink or eat after me since I never know when I could infect someone else. Feel better! And seriously, take care of both your physical and mental health as best you can. My roommate junior year of college had mono for a really, really long time because she suffered complications, and she got really depressed from being ill for so long. Really not to scare you, more like a just be aware of your baseline, and ask for help when you need it. Get out of the house when you can. Eat well. Etc. You have a loving husband a good family support system, so don’t be shy about leaning on your loved ones until you are back to being yourself 🙂

  6. Brittany

    I meant to say that the funniest part of your mom’s talk is that she thinks you might be having sex while you have mono! We did not have sex one time that whole summer, I don’t think. I knew he was really, really sick when we went to the store to pick up his medications and some gatorade and sprite and he asked me to carry a 12 pack of sprite because it was too heavy. So, that was a shock. (Have you asked your doctor about Valtrex? yes, the one for g3nital herpes! s had a really, really bad rash all over his entire body when he got mono, and the valtrex helped it go away in a few days since it’s an anti-viral and mono is in the h3rpes family. I think I remember the doctor saying it was not an FDA-approved method for treating mono, but s would say it helped him.)

  7. Oh NO! I was hoping this wouldn’t come to fruition. So I had it sophomore year and it took me until SENIOR YEAR to get healthy enough and gain enough weight back to qualify for NCAA. You probably will not have it as bad as I did. But I’m going to email you some stuff anyway.

    I second Brittany… You’re not going to feel up for sex anytime soon.

  8. Oh, you poor thing! How did I totally miss all of this on Twitter? I can’t believe you have mono. I truly hope you have an easy case that doesn’t completely run you down. Take care and get plenty of rest!

  9. Ugh, working with mono sounds like no fun. Can’t they take you off the schedule because you might be contagious? Or just not be able to stand for long hours? Hmph. I hope they can give you some time off.

    • I’m only contagious if they like eat or drink after me. And since I’m sure I won’t be making out with any of my coworkers, they should be safe. My boss was actually pretty good about it and said she would look at the next batch of schedules to make sure none of my shifts are too long.

  10. oh no! sorry you have mono, but the mom chat is too funny!

    you know what would fix this? icing people. like your husband. at school.

  11. Oh no!!!!! I hope you start feeling better!

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