Week in Review

I had blog posts planned and ideas, and then I got sick and tired and cranky and it didn’t happen. Sometimes life just calls and ruins plans.

**One of our best friends is going to be getting engaged soon. They went and picked out the ring and all that. We are so super excited for them. Mr. A and A went to school together and P and I went to school together. Actually, P (the girl) and I were prom dates my senior year (her junior) because my lame ass boyfriend at the time dumped me right before prom and I still wanted to go. She and I knew of each other, but we didn’t know each other well, but she wanted to go and we had mutual friends. So we showed up at the house where we were meeting and we were both in champagne strapless dresses. We matched on accident. It was amusing. Then, she came to the same college as I did, met Mr. A’s best friend and roommate, and they have been together only 6 months shorter than Mr. A and myself. We are so excited for them and I can’t wait for all of the celebrations to begin!!

** Another huge thank you for all of your support about my emotional holiday meltdown the other day. I took your advice and talked to my dad about the money aspect. He said my aunt must have been mistaken and he never expects us to pay that much and he knows we’re on a really tight budget. He was also incredibly understanding about us being late since I will have to work. So thank you. The funny thing? I never in a million years would have thought my dad to be as understanding as he was. Christmas Eve is a huge deal for our family and my dad isn’t always very flexible about things, but he was great. Now to just actually find and buy the gifts. The hardest part.

** Well, it happened. I got sick. So I spent my day off yesterday calling insurance to find a doctor I could go to since I haven’t been since we moved here, driving to said doctor’s office, and then waiting, just like you do everytime you go to the doctor. Also? The NICEST doctor’s office I have ever been to. They were genuinely friendly and helpful and the doctor was fantastic. Friendly, nice, talked to me like an adult and didn’t treat me like an idiot. Downfall? They couldn’t see anything and my strep test came back negative. But, I could have an infection in my throat that is hiding, so she gave me some antibiotics to try. Other possibility? I could have mono. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. Remember who I’m married to? A 1L in his first ever semester of law school finals. I’m hoping and praying these meds take care of it and it’s not mono. My husband might kill me if I gave him mono right now. hahaha. So, no eating or drinking after each other. No kissing. I’m not worried about sleeping on the couch since mono can’t be spread through the air, and I don’t have a fever, so I don’t think I’m contagious if it’s not mono. Or so we hope. But I’m ready for the golf ball sized swelling in the throat and the feeling of knives every time I swallow to go away.

** Went to my BIL’s 21st birthday dinner last night. I was bummed because my throat hurt so badly. But, the skanky girlfriend was not invited, so that helped a lot. BIL was actually in a good mood and not super awkward and crabby like he usually is. Only thing? He didn’t drink before his 21st and doesn’t seem to like any alcohol. We all got something different for him to try and he didn’t like anything really. He kind of liked the malibu and diet, but that was it. Oh well. We won’t feel obligated to take him with us when we go out since he doesn’t seem to like it. I just have never met anyone who can’t find anything they like. Or maybe I like it too much??

** Mr. A and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year. We’ve bought a couple things we wanted/needed for the apartment with my work discount, but it was still money spent. Also, we both spent pretty good chunks of change on our wedding gifts to each other, so we’ve decided to treat all of that as our gift and we’re going to go to a nice, but not super expensive dinner and it will save us some money. Feels weird to not get him a gift, but it feels like it’s what we need to do. Hopefully next year will be better.

** So you know how I’ve said that I haven’t felt like a law school widow since Mr. A has treated it like an 8-5 job and works hard all day, between classes, so I get to see and spend time with him after? Yeah. That’s changed. He’s in a study group that was very strategically picked and organized and they didn’t even ask all their friends- only the serious ones and who could help. But it’s basically, if they aren’t in class, they are studying. So class at 1? They study from 10-1. Class over at noon? They study from 12-6. This means that the only time, except the birthday dinner last night, that I have spent with Mr. A has been when we go to bed. And by then, we’re both so exhausted that there’s no talking and just saying good night and passing out. The other night, he didn’t even get home till midnight. Basically, I’m ready for finals to be over so I can actually see him. It also seems that he’s home when I’m at work, and as soon as I get off, he’s headed to his study group. Come on December 16th!!

I hope you all had a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend. We’re going to a tacky Christmas sweater party tonight and then I work till 11:30pm tomorrow, so my whole Saturday is shot, basically. Mr. A’s first final is on Tuesday, so I’m sure he will be studying a ton. We sure aren’t very exciting around here. If you’re having fun this weekend, have a little extra for us!



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7 responses to “Week in Review

  1. We’re not exchanging gifts either this year! Too much time/$/we’d rather just get stuff we need for the apartment 🙂 I think a lot of couples do this during the first year of living together but my friends think it’s totally anti-romantic and nuts. C’est la vie.

    • It is a little unromantic, but money is too tight to worry about that. Also, I got a new pair of boots (waaaaaaay on sale) and he got a Polo sweater he really wanted, so we’re counting those. Oh well. We have many more years to buy each other gifts!

      • Well, speaking of not getting gifts… My husband and I don’t do gifts for our anniversary or for Valentine’s Day. Never have. And we still feel very romantic and loving toward each other.

        (Okay – my husband DID get me flowers for our anniversary last year. But that’s it.)

  2. I’m so glad that you talked to your dad and he was so understanding! That must have been weighing on you so heavily.

    Sorry to hear about the finals marathon… But it will be over before you know it! Hope the sweater party is fun!

  3. fattyfile

    Ahh, finals season. My husband has his first final on Tuesday also and I’ve been humming, “It’s the least wonderful time of the year” all week. It’s his third year so I’m finally used to this craziness but it’s still not super fun. I stay out of his hair as much as possible, make him snacks without him asking and plan solo activities for myself.

    As for the Christmas presents, don’t feel bad about skipping the physical gifts. Maybe you could write each other cards or letters so you have something to open together on Christmas morning together? There’s something awesome about buying your first “Merry Christmas, husband” card at CVS 🙂

  4. Ah, glad to hear you went to the doctor and he was nice. That is so rare these days, huh?

    I think the “no gift” thing is fine. We aren’t doing gifts this year because we have a big vacation coming up. Really, the holiday is about being together and enjoying the company of family, not gifts. A nice dinner with just the two of you (especially after all this finals shit and your retail job over Christmas-time) sounds perfect. Enjoy it!

  5. Doug and I did not do gifts last year, but we are going to do gifts this year. It is kind of a weird shift to go back to giving the gifts!

    Also- you will see why I am such a bitter woman right now. I HATE law school. Lol. I am not going to tell you it gets better, because it’s bad when you are in any stage. Hahahaha.

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