Prom for Grownups

So, last night was l@w school pr0m.

I should first say that I had an absolute blast. I have no idea if these things are fun everywhere else, but this was fantastic.

It was held at a winery and the cost of the tickets covered our drinks and some appetizers. Yes. “Free” drinks. And believe me, I got my ticket’s worth of free wine and beer. Also, since Mr. A isn’t currently drinking due to some health issues, his ticket was cheaper. But I’m still cure I drank his portion as well. However, I am a classy grownup that knows my limits. No ridiculous-ness from this girl.

Unfortunately, many of Mr. A’s classmates don’t know this rule. Either they don’t know their limits or they don’t think it’s a problem to get completely schmammered in front of their classmates.

For one, I want to to tell girls what is and is not appropriate to wear. First of all, you have to dress your body type. I’m not stick thin, or even semi-thin, so I’m not squeezing into some size 4 dress and thinking I’m some super hottie. The same goes for girls who are by no means fat, but have a little extra here and there. Also, if you have a large upper section, wear a dress that properly covers them. A little cleavage is totally acceptable. But when you’re on the dance floor, getting down to the Cha-Cha Slide, I shouldn’t see things that only people should see when you’re naked. And this was a problem with more than one girl.

Another girl spent several hundred dollars for her dress just for last night. She was bragging about this. Every other girl I talked to was either using a dress they already had or finding something cheap since it was just for last night. I mean, we joked it was like prom, but the dress was more cocktail dresses. This is also the same girl that wore the horribly atrocious teal, tighter-than-skin skirt to initiation when EVERYONE else was in suits. Needless to say, we were all pretty anxious to see what this was going to look like.

She got jipped. This girl is kind of tall and has some curves. Good curves, but still curves. The dress was soooo super short and tight that we kept thinking she was going to pop out of it all night. I could see things I never wanted to see and Mr. A was so uncomfortable with how much she was showing. Why do grown adults in professional settings dress like they’re walking the streets??

Not only was some of the attire questionable, the complete drunken debauchery happening was unreal. These people had the glazed-over eyes that are usually reserved for college boys at the wee hours of the morning. And the thing shut down at 11:30. You would have thought these people had never touched a drop of alcohol before and didn’t know they would get drunk.

And then it happened.

One of Mr. A’s friends, R, brought a date from home, D. She isn’t a student and doesn’t live here, so she really knew no one but him. She was his date. Now, whether they were just friends and he brought her just to have a date, I don’t know, but that’s besides the point.

By 10:15, this girl was completely plastered. Like, she face-planted in the middle of the bar and could barely stand up. R was pissed and embarrassed I think, so Mr. A offered to drive them back since he had driven and they had ridden on the buss out there. Mr. A said he would take them back and then come to get me and the other couple that rode with us.

Well, D heard about being taken home and she ran away. Yes. You read that correctly. Drunk girl ran away. She was screaming about how mean we all were and how we just wanted her to leave. Which, yes, we did want her to leave, but only because she was falling over and making a fool of herself. We finally caught up with her outside. I had gotten a trash bag from the bar in case she got sick in the car. R was trying to talk her into the car, but she was refusing, so I decided to see what I could do.

I got to her and said, “Hun (mind you I had never met her, didn’t know her, and my first interact was when she fell by my feet…), you are super fun and great, but you are SUPER drunk right now and can’t walk. So we just want to get you home. You will get some bread and some water in you and you will feel great.” (She might feel great Sunday because she surely wasn’t going to be feeling well on Saturday.) She finally agreed with me and I got her over to the car. She then proceeded to fall into the back floorboard of the car. It was basically a clustereff. And apparently on the car ride home she continued to bad mouth R and Mr. A about various things. This of course between her blackouts.

All in all, it made for some pretty funny stories and I had a really good time. Getting all dolled up for the night is always good every once in a while. Can’t wait to hear more stories after Monday.



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6 responses to “Prom for Grownups

  1. Oh my dear heavens….. Priceless! Love these stories!

  2. Sarah

    Sounds like a typical Barrister’s Ball. (Except B’s was in the spring–February.) Glad to hear that you had a good time (save for the…interesting…fashion choices of others).

  3. When we went to ours last year, I think getting drunk was kind of a competition, what with the open bar and all.

    But I agree that many of the gals there need to be taught how to dress. It’s very confusing to me.

  4. Oh gosh. Ours is in spring semester, but it’s *super* expensive so I doubt we’ll go. But the stories I’ve heard are incredible. I’m glad you all had fun though!

    As an aside, I think law school is a really hard place for someone to jump right in and have fun. Not that anything excuses her behavior (and there was probably some other stuff going on lol) but I think it would be really stressful to come cold as a date!

  5. This is pretty much how I feel about every single military ball I have had to go to. It is just ridiculous the way people dress and behave, haha! I love the people watching though, you just can’t beat it!

  6. barrister’s ball is a universal experience. everyone must go at least once if not to just see the shitshow that it is. i understand that the legal profession is one of alcohol abuse, but boy oh boy do we practice in law school.

    i’m pretty sure every law prom is the same way. ours isn’t open bar anymore because we had a few too many people like your friend’s date. still doesn’t present a huge problem.

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