JC Penny’s: I Hate You

I know. Hate is a strong word. And yes, I got a dress for barrister’s that is cute and was cheap, but JC Penny’s and I have a serious problem after today’s shopping.

So, I went to the mall to do a little shopping. I didn’t go to the store I work at because my employee discount isn’t in effect just yet, and since I still hadn’t heard from them about my schedule, i felt awkward going in there. Also, they cost a little more and I was REALLY trying to not spend much money. I’ve gotten lucky finding cute dresses that fit and such at JCP, so I headed there.

Well, they had a bunch of dresses that were the kind of style I was looking for, so then I got a little worried about picking one. I thought about Tweeting them, but then I would have to wait for responses and people would like different things and I just kind of wanted to try them on and get going with my day.

I called Mr. A and he was just at home between classes and had about 2 hours till class. I asked if he would come up to the store so I would have another opinion than just my own. And since it was for his law school event, he could help decide. And I hope I’m not the only one who likes to hear what others think about their purchases. I’ve always had a hard time picking dresses in particular, so I figured the husband could help.

The dressing room area I was in was tiny. Only 3 rooms, with a short little hallway connecting them. Since the distance was small, Mr. A just stood outside the entryway to the dressing rooms and I would just stand in the little hallway to show him. When I was changing, he would just kind of wander around by the door till I came out with the next.

There came a dress that I couldn’t tell if it wouldn’t zip because it didn’t fit, or if I just couldn’t reach it. It was in an awkward spot on my back, so I needed some help. So, Mr. A came in to just zip up the back of the dress. We were in my little stall, but door was open and I was clothed other than the back open. No one else was in the dressing room and any sales person saw him standing around, so knew he was with me.

Then hell broke loose.

This middle aged woman comes storming into the dressing area, drags Mr. A out by the arm and screaming at him, “You have to get out of here!”


I told her that all he was doing was zipping up the back of the dress. She continued to repeat that he couldn’t be in there. I then said, “He’s my husband.” And she just laughed. Like I was lying or something.

She then preceded to try to come into my stall so she could zip the dress. I quickly told her never mind and shut my door. I proceeded to try on the next dress and walked out of the dressing room to show him.

As I moved to the next dress (I seriously had about 20 to try on), I hard the little motion sensor ding (for the 9 millionth time, but didn’t think much about it. As I opened my door, my jaw hit the floor.

The saleswoman had gone and closed the door to the dressing area!!!!! I mean, did she think Mr. A had x-ray vision to see through wooden doors???

Mr. A was already fuming (and I think a little embarrassed) by the first encounter, and then for her to go a shut the door like he was some creeper stalking the dressing rooms? If my husband thought hitting women was acceptable, she would have been knocked to the floor he was so irate.

I was pissed because she made my husband look like a socially awkward guy who tries to sneak peeks at women changing at stores. He had been standing out there the ENTIRE TIME, just like you see all sorts of husbands or boyfriends doing. He wasn’t in the dressing room with me and he wasn’t blocking the little hallway area or trying to peek through cracks in the door.

THEN, apparently, after she shut the door on him, she told him he needed to go wait somewhere else.

WTF again?!?!?!?!?!?

I mean, was I supposed to walk all the way to the linens to show him each dress?!?!

He said he didn’t say anything because if he opened his mouth, he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself from saying things that could be counted as verbal assault. And law students don’t need that on their record.

I was so damn mad. Mad doesn’t even describe it. I was offended, irate, pissed, beside myself, and ready to fight. But again, my husband gets very defensive of me, and had I confronted her, he would have stepped in and that would not have ended good for anyone.

And if I hadn’t been on a budget and a time crunch, I wouldn’t have bought the dress there, but I did. I wish I would have thrown all 20 of the dresses on the floor for her to pick up.

Does anyone else find this bizarre? Or am I just nuts? I hope not.



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15 responses to “JC Penny’s: I Hate You

  1. Oh yes, that is weird and a little over the top. Granted, I haven’t had a lot of experience shopping with Nick in tow and dealing with sales ladies like her, but that just sounds extreme. To completely kick him out of the area without even a warning is crazy.

    But I’m glad you found a dress. I saw the twitpic, and it looks adorable.

    • Well, even if she didn’t want him in the dressing room, be nice and don’t go grabbing his arm. And I think every other man stands outside the dressing room if they’re waiting on someone, so why can’t he see what I’m trying on when I show him??? Gah. I was so mad.

  2. people are so ridiculous! A- it was none of her business and B- IT WAS NONE OF HER !%^# BUSINESS!!!

  3. Oh dear God. That is just insane. I’m not sure what to say, but I kind of wish you had thrown the dresses at the saleslady and left. Mr. Jones would have been PISSED!

    • Mr. A was seriously ready to punch someone. His face was red and I can’t believe he was able to contain himself and not say anything. I think he thought it would just go too far if he said anything.

  4. That’s AWFUL! I always have MW there, partially because I have no taste and sometimes because it cuts into the little time we spend together. I’d be so angry if someone did that. If there were hordes of teenage girls trying on prom dresses or something, I’d probably make him wait a little ways away just to be on the safe side. But omg, it’s a dressing room, it doesn’t sound like there was anyone else around, and it’s not totally unheard of to need a little help trying on dresses. Plus if people are for some reason uncomfortable with a man being there, they can just ask him to leave or stay in their own room.

    She probably just doesn’t understand the concept of being in a relationship.

    FYI my favorite places for cheap dresses are Sears and Kohl’s. Got a graduation dress at Sears for $14 and they put a picture of me in it in Boston Mag. HA!

    • That’s awesome! We don’t have either right here in town, and I just wasn’t in the mood to drive 25 minutes. Had none of the dresses worked, that would have been my next step. haha

      Maybe she was just jealous that a guy wanted to wait on me.

  5. Nope, I’d have been irate as hell. Ugh. I feel ya, girl.

  6. Liz

    I totally would have felt the same way! My boyfriend would have been fuming and probably wouldn’t have been able to just walk away without saying anything. Ugh, people…

  7. Sarah

    I would totally have thrown all of the dresses on the floor. And mentioned that she should check herself and remember that she works at Penny’s, not *certain other* retail stores in the mall.

    • I now want to go back and tell her this. Also, we have been grilled about customer service, so I’m sure this would never happen at our store, thankfully.

      • Sarah

        True. Customer service is one of the first things they teach you when you get a retail job. Customer service then how to work the register then how to make people buy more than they need/want (my personal specialty). That lady clearly missed the customer service training.

  8. That woman is INSANE.

    You should have given her a piece or twelve of your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. In the words of Regina George from Mean Girls, “Boo, you [JC Penney] whore!” I can’t believe that woman would treat you that way. That’s ridiculous!

    I hope you still ended up getting a cute dress, though!

  10. I had a similar experience at Target when hubs was asked to leave the changing area. But they did not DRAG him out, nor shut any doors to make him feel uncomfortable!

    I understand that they have rules and regulations but it’s totally inappropriate to yell and physically remove a customer from an area. You should call the manager and complain. LOUDLY.

    That is utterly RIDICULOUS.

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