Music Fun

Since it’s the weekend, I figured I would do a post of some of my favorite songs and music videos. So here’s some music and maybe it will make you smile remembering an older song or a funny video or it might even show you something new.

Warning: This will be an eclectic collection of songs. I pretty much like a little of everything. Broadway, hip-hop, pop, country, rap, punk, etc.

Green Day- “Basket Case”


Jay-Z and Alicia Keys- “Empire State of Mind”


Taylor Swift- “Love Story”


Spring Awakening Hodgepodge- Performance at the 2007 Tony Awards (And yes, that IS Lea Michele and


Spring Awakening– Bitch of Living (Profanity)


Spring Awakening– Totally F***ed (Profanity. Also, not the best quality, but shows the performance)

(Showed the real versions of the songs as well. Probably my favorite musical and I love that they make no apologies for the honest nature of the play. It’s amazing!)

Michael Jackson- “Thriller”


Katy Perry- “Firework” (Love the video. Love Katy Perry and think she looks amazing in this video. Also looks pretty good in “Teenage Dream”)


Ludacris- “How Low” (I’m strangely in love with just about anything Ludacris does.)

Eminem and Rhianna- “Love the Way You Lie”


Michael Buble- “Everything” (LOVE this song. Wanted it to be first dance, but because we had a singer, she didn’t know it, so went with an awesome Aretha song that she blew away.)


Far East Movement- “Like a G6”


Lil Wayne- “Knockout”


The Band Perry- “If I Die Young”



Okay, I’ll end here. I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with the people you love. Any new music video or amazing video I need to see? Let me know!



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3 responses to “Music Fun

  1. TAYLOR!!!!!!!!

    I listen to Empire State of Mind when I’m traveling through the less nice parts of DC so that I feel baller.

  2. You and I share some songs in common!!

    And I could watch that Eminem/Rhianna song 30,000 times in a row. Eminem is possibly my favorite performer of all time, and the words and the video and the personal backgrounds of the singers all combine to make that song very moving to me.

    Also, I agree about Ludacris. I am strangely in love with his stuff as well. (Do you remember the video where he had the big hand? Loved that!)

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