Roots or Wings

This may be a strange time in my life to be having this discussion with myself, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Do I want to develop my roots or grow some wings?

Really, I have 2.5 years to figure all this out, but since law school seems like such a stagnant and unchanging time, I constantly find myself looking beyond, into what our life will be like once it finally starts.

I’ve thought that we would move to my hometown as soon as he graduated. That’s been the plan for a while not. It’s what we tell people if they ask. I mean, we love my home city.


I love this skyline and the life full of memories I have here. I love that’s it’s not too big, but can offer just about everything a big city has without being crazy crowded and expensive.


I want to go sledding here, along with the entire city. I want to hope I don’t crash into anyone and just apologize when I do because there’s almost no way not to.

stl 3

I want to be able to go back to our favorite place and remember when Mr. A proposed here. We love this place and visit all year long.

stl 4

I will always cheer for these guys. I’m not huge into sports, but the passion this city has for it’s baseball is amazing and it sucks you in. When we win a championship, we celebrate with parades, not burning cars and raiding stores. We’ve been called some of the greatest sports fans and I love to be a part of it.

These are my roots. We love the area and I would love to be close to my family. My mom and I have become so much closer recently and it would be so much fun to live close enough to go shopping on the weekends together, or if I’m in need of a mom fix, just be able to go to her house. Also, my brother and I have been growing closer, and he and Mr. A have become friends. They can go cycling together and we love hanging out with him and his funny cat.

Everything about this place I love.

Well, maybe not everything since no place is perfect, but it’s home and it’s what we know.

But I’ve been antsy lately.

I have several friends who have moved or are moving to Chicago for new jobs. A lot of my friends out of high school went to Chicago for school, where as I went south and to a super small town.

I think I wish I would have gone to either a bigger school or a school in a big city. I feel I missed out on a lot of opportunities and experiences. And now I’m married and feel like maybe I can’t ever have some of those experiences because I’m older and have a husband and we’ll be having kids.

But we’ve visited Chicago and are trying to plan another trip back there. It was so much fun.

So now I’m wondering if maybe we could move there? It would be a big city experience for both of us and maybe more job opportunities for Mr. A and myself. But do we want to live in a condo on the 30th floor of a building instead of having a house with a yard?

Chicago 1

I would love this to be our skyline.


I want to be there for this. Yes, it might be chaos, but the whole city would be celebrating and would be fun to be a part of.

chicago 4

I would NEVER cheer for these guys, but I’d go to a game when my favorite team is playing be cheer against the crowds. Maybe I’ll cheer for that other Chicago team. Maybe.

chicago 5

I know this is super touristy and if we actually lived there, we would probably mock the hordes of tourists that visit, but I love Millennium Park. I want to go to the beach that’s right in the city. I love how there is so much offered and it’s all so close.

I know, the winters suck there, but it’s also a hot and sticky mess in my city in the summer.

We’ve also talked about D.C., but I’m not sure if that’s a place I would want to live all the time. It seems a little catty and cut-throat and I’m not so much about all that. And if we moved to Chicago, we may not even stay there permanently. Maybe move there for a few years then move home.

A girl can dream, right?

Who knows what will happen. I guess it will depend on job offers for Mr. A and all that fun stuff.

But what would you do? What do you think we should do? Do we move and settle immediately? Or do we try some place completely new? Did you stay put or did you move someplace new?



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12 responses to “Roots or Wings

  1. It’s funny. We’ve moved around so much for college, law school, military schools, army posts, new jobs…all we want now is to move “home”. We want to live in our home town (Kansas City) more than anything in the entire world. We want our old friends, to be able to see family all of the time, to raise our babies with our siblings’ babies, to all meet up at the church we were raised in every Sunday.

    But, if it weren’t KC, it would be Chicago to top our list, too. 🙂

  2. WINGS! Do it or you’ll never know. I’ve lived in 10 states. It has been good for me.

    DC is cut throat, but I wouldn’t say it’s catty. There’s a hierarchy, but there are also a lot of great people working for what they believe in. Never fails to inspire. Definitely a different pace from the Midwest (I lived in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and a really rural part of Wisconsin), but also a lot of midwesties here.

    But I guess the thing with law school is that you have to stay where you’re gonna pass the bar :-/ Which probably means we’re staying here unless I really want to amp up and study for one out of area….

  3. I have never even been to Chicago before and I am in love with the city. Adam and I talk of moving there all the time.

    I’ll settle with a visit here in the next couple years, but for some reason that darn city calls to me.

    I say if you think you might like to live there, just try it. Years fly by too fast to wish you’d done it.

  4. I too love Chicago – I’ve been there only once. And, I grew up in a microscopically small town, so I moved around to several larger cities as I went to college, advanced my career, etc.

    It’s hard for me to think about living anywhere where there’s a lot of traffic. The city I live in is large but it’s got great highway infrastructure.

    I think when Mr. A finishes school that you guys should send out applications in all the cities you’re interested in. Then, just let whatever happens happen. 🙂

  5. Oh, and by the way, I think you should think about Texas as a possible landing place. 😉

  6. Brittany

    I felt this way when my husband was a 1L, too. I can’t believe it, but it’s already the middle of October and so we’re only short two months away from him being halfway done with law school. And then this summer job thing is kind of a big deal, if all goes well it’s where he’ll work and we’ll live after law school. The one thing I have been disappointed with about 2L so far is the job search. Except for the tip, tip, tip top of the class at the top schools, you (the collective you), don’t have too much say in where you land. Most people will take the offer they get, wherever it may be, and that’s where we are in the process. As a planner, I’d like to have more control over the process, but life isn’t about control. SIGH! Have fun day dreaming. It’s prob the funnest part about any graduate program 🙂

  7. My husband is on the international track so I’m wondering if we’ll be living in London or maybe even Paris in three years. That’s even scarier for me – to be a trans-Atlantic flight away! Yikes.

  8. I love living in Chicago. I’d only visited for super-touristy things like shopping until I came for a friend’s birthday party and spent the whole weekend wandering through the neighborhoods. I discovered how LIVABLE this place really is. Now is absolutely the time for you guys to think about moving – I hope you find somewhere you love!

  9. Chicago is such a great city and close to Saint Louis too! Its hard though, to move to a new place and then move back. You start developing a life and social cirlces and professional connections, its hard to just pick up and leave and go back. That’s how I feel about Dallas. We were only supposed to be here for ONE YEAR and now its 2 and we are looking at at least a couple more. That being said, if given the choice to plant roots or grow wints I think you should pick wings any day of the week.

  10. I’m a wings girl myself, so I have a hard time suggesting roots. My family moved around a lot and while I’ve lived in Dallas for nine years now (crazy) I would LOVE to move somewhere else. Chicago is at the top of our list. My husband and I love that city. We’re actually going again at the end of the month for a little get-away. We always joke that we should meet with a realtor when we go up there. But, I have many years left of law school before we decide where to end up. Just remember that no matter what, you’ll have your husband and future kids with you, so you’ll always have family close by no matter where you live.

  11. When my husband was starting to look at law schools and we were looking and job options for me, D.C. was the city we landed on. We thought it’d be fun to spend at least three years here, and maybe we’ll get lucky and spend more time here afterwards. We’re also not living in D.C. proper, which I think helps to feel less crazed. I grew up in suburbs outside of Birmingham, so I’m happy living in Bethesda and commuting downtown for stuff.

    I’m looking at it as just a three-year stretch for now at least. Makes it a lot more fun to think of our options being open. Just enjoy it and know that every city has something good about it.

  12. My husband is in grad school for chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin, so I definitely understand the whole law school/looking for roots/never seeing your husband thing. We’re both from the midwest, but moved around a fair amount growing up (especially me), so we’re not sure where we’d like to end up. A lot of it will be decided based on where he gets a job (I’m a teacher, also), but we also know that there are certain places where we’d really like to be. I actually lived in the Chicago suburbs for nine years through middle/high school/part of college, and have gotten to experience some of the big-city life. Most of the time I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure that my husband would be into it, and I’m really not sure if it’s where I’d want to start a family. Who knows. Only time will tell…

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