Monday Randoms

It’s Monday. We spent the weekend out of town. I so didn’t get enough sleep. My brain is foggy. So I’ll give a brief rundown and expand tomorrow or later this week.

– I have been debating about whether to post a blog post I wrote or not. I can’t decide if I want to post something so personal. It’s not directly about me, but about family. I’m not worried about anyone finding the blog. Maybe I secretly hope she will because I’m not brave enough to face her in person. Eh. Need to decide where my blogging rules fall.

– We went home this weekend. We went to the big restaurant fair downtown with my brother. After breaking up with his long time girlfriend, I think he’s lonely and having a hard time. He’s 30 and his sister that is 7 years younger just got married. He loves Mr. A and they get along great, but I can’t escape feeling a little guilty. But, we had a ton of fun and I think we cheered him up. My brother is a riot. We share the same sarcastic and sometimes dry sense of humor. He also love his cat. A lot. It’s rather amusing. Especially when they wrestle and she claws the crap out of him.

– Mr. A’s laptop died, or is about to. I think he can still use Word, but it won’t connect to internet and is over heating. It is a 6.5 year old Mac, so I guess we should have expected it. I was just hoping finances would be more stable when it happened. We were looking around at Best Buy yesterday and the prices made me nauseous. We considered buying a netbook, but he will need this for the next 3 years, and it needs to have enough space and such to hold everything he needs. Also, I’ve heard people needing to buy 2 in a year. So, I think we’re going to get a laptop. We’d love to buy a new macbook, but we just can’t afford it. I so wish it would have lasted at least until Christmas.

– I’m super antsy. A few friends are moving to Chicago for new jobs and it makes me jealous. I want to move to a big city and be the 23 year old that I am. Not sit in this apartment that is becoming more and more claustrophobic.

– I AM excited for the new cooler temperatures. It was 32 degrees when Mr. A went to school this morning. I’m going to have to dig out all my winter clothes. If only I knew where they were….

-With colder temperatures comes hoodies. I love hoodies. I want to buy one from Mr. A’s school or my alma mater. I need some new ones and they are just so freaking comfortable.

– I’m going on a trip in two weeks. My dad and a couple life long family friends go to a place that has a bunch of cabins and they have a concert in the lodge on Saturday night. They’ve done this for several years now. My brother is going, but he had an extra ticket since his ex will obviously not be going. Mr. A is going to have the guys from the wedding come here and go to a football game and have a guys weekend and I’m going on the trip. I’m kind of excited. As I’ve gotten older, my dad and I have been getting along better and I love hanging out with my brother and the family friends, so it should be a fun and relaxing weekend. I will miss Mr. A, but he probably needs to boys weekend.

– Also, I’m supposed to make cupcakes for this little getaway. I think I might make peaches and cream cupcakes because they look yummy and I love peach things. Does anyone have a recipe for a chocolate chip pumpkin cupcake? I’ve seen chocolate chip pumpkin bread, so I’m hoping I can find one. Hoping the chocolate chips cancel out some of the pumpkin flavor since it’s not my favorite.

– My husband made the MOST delicious chicken and rice recipe last week. So delicious. I’ll get the recipe and post it this week. 


Look at that! Tastes glorious. Now I want some…


I hope you are all having a great Monday. I’ll get out of this fog soon, I hope.



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2 responses to “Monday Randoms

  1. Maybe look into a MacBook refurbished?

    I went through this last summer. After agonizing for 6 weeks (yes, 6 weeks!!!), I ended up biting the bullet and buying the shiniest prettiest one of them all. I have to say, as much as it SUCKED/SUCKS financially, I am really happy. I spend virtually all of my time on it and I can’t imagine not having something that is reliable and runs well. Especially for exams. GOOD LUCK!

  2. I about died when it was 39 degrees this morning. *shiver* I have to find more tights to wear with skirts this fall to keep me warm.

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