Menu for the Week

First off, thanks for the support from the last post. I feel like some of these issues are just at Mr. A’s schools and others are universal. We’ll get through it, but I appreciate the kind words on the subject.

So for last week’s meals:

Sunday: Use leftover chili to make chili-mac and I made The Bread

***The chili-mac was delicious. I thought the bread was good, but Mr. A started to not feel very good from all the butter. May try it again and just use a little less butter.

Monday: Borrowing a couple recipes from Duoly Noted. We’ll be having her bruschetta and her linguine with clam sauce that is apparently “to die for”.

***I know I mentioned this in another post, but please make her bruschetta. We didn’t use plum tomatoes because we couldn’t find them, but this was so delicious. Even if you don’t like tomatoes, try this. I usually hate tomatoes, but I could eat this all day. Add a little more salt to the tomatoes and you’re set. Yum yum yum.

Tuesday: Fried round steak and mashed potatoes and green beans.

***This was so delicious. Wow. Obviously not the healthiest option, but man it was delicious.

Wednesday: Hot dogs and homemade mac and cheese. Nothing fancy but Wednesday is usually Mr. A’s late night, so this should be easy and can be made whenever he makes it home.

Thursday: Outback’s coconut shrimp with spicy orange sauce, grilled vegetables, and fingerling potatoes. We received a cookbook with restaurant “secret” recipes and I have been craving coconut shrimp for a while.

****These turned out really well. I had a little problem getting the batter to thicken up and stick, but they were still so yummy. And I used peach preserves instead of orange for the dipping sauce and it was perfect. It was also really good on vegetables as a dipping sauce.


So this week, I’m taking it easy. I didn’t put together a bunch of new recipes. Husband is going to be very busy and getting home later, so I’m not really trying anything new. I’ll get back to some new and delicious recipes next week.

Monday: Frozen lasagna and salad

Tuesday: Bruschetta and asparagus

Wednesday: Chicken and rice bake

Thursday: Grilled Cheese and Soup

Friday-Sunday: We will be at my house and eating all sorts of delicious things. There’s a huge food festival in the city this weekend, so I’m excited for food and food demonstrations from famous chefs and wine and good company. Sunday, my uncle will be in town from Colorado, so we’re doing BBQ and watching football. I’ll be cheering for my city’s team, especially since they won yesterday, which is a HUGE deal for our team.

So what are you cooking this week? I need a yummy and easy dessert. What are your ideas??



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6 responses to “Menu for the Week

  1. I think taking it easy this week sounds good after trying so many new things last week!

    I don’t know if you guys like pumpkin, but these pumpkin bars are easy and freaking amazing:

  2. Jamie

    Oh grilled cheese and soup!!! It was finally rainy and a little cooler today. Target has the classic Campbell’s tomato soup for $.50. I bought a couple and am planning a grilled cheese and soup night for this week too 🙂 It’s one of the best fall meals I think.

  3. Sarah

    My go-to dessert is my chocolate pie. Melt a bowlful of semi-sweet chocolate chips and let cool (but don’t let them harden). Stir into 3/4 tub of Cool-Whip and pour into pie crust (I use either a chocolate graham cracker crust or a pastry crust). Top with rest of Cool-Whip and crumbled chocolate cookies. The whole thing take about 10 minutes to make and it’s REALLY good!

    I’m definitely going to have to try that bruschetta recipe after you keep raving about it!

  4. Notes from the Fatty File

    I just clicked over and saw The Bread for the first time. Holy le crap. It looks AMAZING. Any that your hubby didn’t eat, please ship to me 🙂 You are a better wife than me because I pretty much never make dessert. If you’re looking for easy, baked apples would be really awesome and seasonal for right now. LOADW’s pumpkin bars look super delish, too. Hmmmm….

  5. You’re doing such a good job with your planning. Right now, I’m just trying to get us on a schedule where we cook at home, no matter what it is. Then I’ll start looking for some more recipes to expand my repetoire. Because those recipes sound yummy!

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