The Hunger Games


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I know. I’m so late to this bandwagon that the wagon has already forged the river and all my oxen have died. I probably have a snake bite and running out of food. I miss Oregon Trail.

But you were all right. This book was so good.

I know others have made the comparison, and while the content and writing are very different, it had a Harry Potter-esque feel to it. More in the way Collins created a new society that was still new and intriguing, but not so far fetched that I couldn’t connect or understand what was happening. At times I wanted a little more detail, but I am glad it didn’t drag on about all the minute details that I would have forgotten anyways.

I loved (in a morbid and “it makes an interesting story kind of way”) the concept of the Hunger Games. I would love to know more about the original rebellion and who and why District 13 was obliterated, but maybe in Catching Fire? I’m wondering also about how Panem came to be, but that’s probably along the lines of more detail than anyone cares about.

Katniss made for a great protagonist. Her attitude and drive to do anything to save her family was admirable. Also, I liked Gale, but after meeting Peeta and the progression of events, I can’t really cheer for him. I like Peeta too much. He’s sweet and genuine. I think his simpleness is endearing and I honestly believe Katniss had/has real feelings for him.

The only issue I forsee is my connection to characters and the very strong possibility that they will die. Rue? Too precious and then destroyed. I was so sad for her.

I think it will be interesting what duties Katniss has to take on when she’s the one advising and training the new tributes. What will happen when she goes to visit District 11? What will the Capitol try to do to her and Peeta? Will they stay together? (Man I hope so…) What will happen with Prim? Who will get picked for the next Hunger Games? And what insanely awesome costumes does Cinna have hiding up his sleeves?

So many questions!!!!

I was so hooked and had to continue, I looked to see if I could get it from the library. My library had it checked out, so I tried the interlibrary loan. I guess because the series is popular, the other libraries won’t place a hold on it. WHAT??

Luckily, my husband is super sweet and knows my boredom is reaching epic levels, we went to Walmart and bought Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I’m about 20 pages into Catching Fire and just as hooked. I’m a little nervous for Mockingjay since there were so many mixed reviews about it.

I can’t wait and I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Tomorrow will probably be spent reading as well. I love a good book.



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2 responses to “The Hunger Games

  1. Sarah

    I love getting sucked into books! I definitely want to read these books now.

  2. Jamie

    I AM SO HAPPY YOUR ON THE BANDWAGON! Also I am so happy I read these books before school started because I would have totally failed by now.

    I’m afraid to say anything substantive because I have a gift for spoiling.

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