A little rant

This will probably be a random rant. I completely understand if you stop reading now. I won’t be offended. Come back tomorrow and I’ll be chipper again.


  • I would give anything to have someone else come and do the dishes that are in the sink. When he graduates, we will not settle for an apartment or house that doesn’t have a dishwasher. I may be working on becoming more domestic, but I don’t like spending at least an hour of everyday washing the same dishes over and over.


  • College students: Learn to drive. Seriously. When at a four way stop, you TAKE TURNS. And if the person next you was there first, they get to go before you. Just because you roll a stop sign doesn’t mean it’s your turn and doesn’t mean I am going to be happy when you nearly t-bone me EVERY time I go through the intersection by my apartment. Get off the phone, pay attention, and go back to driving school.


  • Note to husband/law school friends: I no longer want to hang out with your law school friends. I’m sure they’re great people and I’m glad you like them, but I can’t do it anymore. I DO understand that law school is completely time consuming and it also takes up most of your thoughts and your brain power. I live with a 1L. I get it. But can’t we go out and you not make jokes about whatever “funny” law school term you learned this week? And once, it’s funny. The 20th time in an hour? No longer funny. Also, quit asking me every time you see me if I found a job. I haven’t. And if I had, my husband, who is counting on me to pay bills and buy food, would have told you that I found a job. Especially since you guys spend about 20+ hours a week together. It’s a touchy subject and I don’t like being reminded of it when I’m out drinking and trying to enjoy myself. And no, I can’t go back to school right now. Guess what? I can’t afford any more loans. Thanks.


  • I really want to send out a Christmas card this year. It’s our first year being married and not everyone has access to see our wedding pictures. I found an awesome one that doesn’t cost that much, especially when I used a couple promo codes to get the cost down. Husband thinks they cost too much. $35 for personalized cards and matching address labels that on any other site I found that would be at least $100 is not bad. AND it costs less than the trip he wants to take to Utah this Christmas break to go rock climbing with his cousin. Give me the effing $35. It’s not too much to ask.


  • MIL is now mad because we spent all day Saturday with Mr. A’s father and stepmom out on the lake. YOU WERE AT A GOLF TOURNAMENT/GIRL’S WEEKEND. You DON’T have to see him every time he’s within 50 miles of you. And he also needs to spend time with his dad, who he sees drastically less often than he sees you. We never planned on being there all day. We were going for lunch then heading home. But the weather was amazing and they invited us out on the boat for a little bit with all of their marina friends. Then, they were having a fish fry that night, and since we were already there, we figured why not take the whole day off and enjoy it. Also, Mr. A made some networking connections and may have a summer job lining up already. So guess what? It was worth it and I refuse to feel bad about our impromptu lake day.


  • I want a dog. I know we have no business what so ever getting ourselves a big financial commitment. I do. I’m not dumb. Dogs are expensive. But we said we were going to get one this summer and I really want a dog. I’m home by myself all day and I would love a little companion. Also, I have all sorts of time to work on training the puppy. Oh well. This is a losing battle because Mr. A really wants one as well, we just can’t.


  • Anyone find a HUGE bag of money? If so, send our way.


  • I know things will get better. I know this. I’m just bored, which then turns into resentment and anger. I’ve been looking for volunteer opportunities to get out of the house, but that’s also turning out harder than expected as well.


  • So I don’t look like a complete whiny bitch, I’ll end on a happy note. Husband and I were meant to be married. We are better than we have ever been. I can’t pinpoint it, but there is definitely something different now that we’re married, and it’s more than the piece of paper we signed. We talked about this the other day and we are just a couple meant for this. We still have our rough days or times when I wish I could go away for a couple hours, but overall, we are a great married couple. I do love him with all of my heart. Times aren’t easy right now, but he has been more supportive than I ever would have imagined.

I’ll go make my derby pie, eat some chocolate, and I’ll be back to my positive self in no time. After some wine, of course.



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6 responses to “A little rant

  1. You absolutely deserve a rant. This law school wife thing is tough, and I can only imagine that it’s worse with the new city, in-law issues and more.

    The holiday cards are a great deal – I think you should definitely get them. Two years ago, we got photo cards printed at Walmart, which was fairly cheap, but obviously not great quality. I say if you’ve got an opportunity for nice cards at that price – go for it; it’s a steal!

    Hope things get better and that the “rant” helped clear your mind a bit!

  2. Jamie

    I’m sorry 😦 Sounds like a rough week.I’d like to post a rant today as well. About, like, everything. But I think that’s just this time of the month. But I digress.

    STAY AWAY FROM LAW SCHOOL FRIENDS! It is the only way for BOTH of you to keep your sanity. He needs to get away from the material (yes even as inserted into jokes). You need to not put up with really smart ass, obnoxious people (I say this as one of them though not as smart as I’d like). Seriously. Just say no to law school overload.

    • Thanks. I tend to be able to take sarcastic and smartass jokes, but there is something different about this group. I’m not saying this about all law students because I have met plenty via twitter and blogs who are super sweet and funny and who I would love to get coffee with, but some of the ones here seem to have a chip on their shoulder, like their better than the non law school people. Add in my jobless-ness and I feel like a bug to them.

      I’m just waiting for a job to come through and then I will make my own friends. Who knew law school affected so much?

      (And if ranting helps, go ahead. I know I needed one today.)

  3. Sarah

    You deserve a rant! And I totally understand how you feel with the law school friends. That’s a big part of why I don’t hang out with them unless I absolutely have to. I agree about the holiday cards–especially for the first holiday as married couple.

    Hope you have a good rest of the day! :o)

  4. Ranting always makes me feel better. I hope this helped you! 🙂

    If I find any money, I’ll send it your way…

    And I can’t believe his law school friends only talk shop. When I’m out with my husband’s friends, law hardly EVER comes up. They don’t wanna talk about it when they’re drinking. Strange.

  5. totally late on this post but I had to comment. W’s 1st year of vet school was horrible for me socially. I would literally want to claw my eyes before hanging out with his vet school friends- I didn’t get their jokes and it made me feel out of the loop and stupid- BUT it gets better I swear. The more time they spend together the more “stuff” they have in common other than school and the convos start to change. Keep your hopes up about the job situation. When we moved here for W’s school (to a town where I knew no one and was 10+ hours away from family), it took me two months to find a job and it was seriously depressing. But, once I did land a job (my ba is in elem ed but I become a bookstore manager for a college), it made life a lot easier (even though the job totally sucked). Hang in there keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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