Puppy Love

I love puppies. Love them. Any puppy is too cute for words and I just want to roll on the ground and play with them all day.

Petsmart has pet adoptions most weekend. I’m the girl who, if we’re by one, we go look at all the puppies that need adopting and I whine to my husband about how cute they are and how sweet they would be in our house.

I mean, kittens are cute, but since I’ve been deathly allergic to cats my entire life, I’m a little biased. Also, cats think they own you. Dogs love you forever.

puppy 1 

Look at those wrinkles!

puppy 2

Look at the ups on that pup. The air! The breeze in the fur! The freedom!

puppy 3

They just want you to come and play with them. They wonder why you keep running off to the terrible world of “work”.

puppy 4

They are probably up to no good, but they will cock their head to the side and you will forgive them for chewing up your Christian Louboutin shoes.

puppy 5

Don’t you just want to cuddle them and roll on the ground with them? Because I do.

See? They’re precious. I kept showing cute puppy pictures to the husband.

So, basically, I want a puppy. In the worst kind of way.

It’s probably my way of keeping my uterus at bay while Mr. A finishes law school. (And the fact that our close friends just had their baby yesterday, we have cousins on each side who just had absolutely precious babies or are about to.)

We originally thought we might have bought a puppy this summer. But then we couldn’t find an apartment and I didn’t get a job right away.

Obviously we put it off. I thought by now I would have a job, but I don’t, so it further puts off getting a dog.

Mr. A and I even have the breed of dogs picked out and what their names will be. Yes, we want two. We’ll start with one, depending on finances and living situations, and then get the other. And yes, I’m THAT lame and already have this planned out. Read: lots of free time.

The first dog will be a black Scottish terrier.

scooter 1

Those ears get me every time.

The Scottie will be names Scooter. Not original, but we both love the name and it’s the one we’ve stuck with.

scooter 2

Even as adults they look like playful puppies.

scooter 3

This must be the most fun household ever.

Terriers are very smart, which can have its drawbacks, but I like a dog with a personality.

The second breed of dog is an Airedale.

rudy 1

Look at those paws!

rudy 3

The funny thing is, I’m actually afraid of dogs. At least, dogs I don’t know and big ones. And by big, I mean bigger than puppies. I was attacked by a dog when I was 3, and while I don’t remember it very well, it has stuck with me. A stray dog? I’m not going anywhere near it. So we’ve decided to get both dogs when they are puppies and then I will get comfortable around them as they get bigger. Also, they will be my dog, so hopefully I won’t be scared of them.

Also, I don’t want a guard dog, per se, but I would like a dog that takes some protection over its family. It should be nice to guests we have over, but if someone breaks in, I don’t want it to just sit a watch. At least scare the criminal away. And terriers can become naturally protective, so I like that quality.

rudy 2

Her name will be Rudy. I know. Rudy tends to be a boys name, but for some reason we love it for our girl dog. We’ve also decided that she will be the more rambunctious of the two dogs. No idea why.

rudy 4

I just think they look like teddy bears.


So these will be our babies for a while, whenever we are able to get them. I’m thinking March, as long as I can find a decent job by then. Also, March is my birthday month and I want nothing more than a little black Scottie with a massive red bow tied around his neck as a present. I want to help pick him out, but I’ve always had dreams of being given a dog in that fashion. Lady and the Tramp ruined me.


So are my readers dog or cat people? What kind do you have? If you don’t have one yet, are there any certain types you just love?



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6 responses to “Puppy Love

  1. Jamie

    LOVE THIS POST! I had puppy fever too. We got a dog and it didn’t work out (horrible story) so now I’m backing off for a while. But I think a Scottie is a great dog to start with!!!!

    … Oh yeah and it’s *totally* tied to the fact that I can’t/shouldn’t have a kid yet. I need something small and cute that needs me!!!

    • Another reason dogs are better- they need you. Cats think they own you.

      And being at the marina yesterday, there was a 12 DAY old baby. Ummmm…..and I got to hold it! Mr. A kept telling me to not get any ideas. It was funny because the older kids (5-10) were annoying me, but the baby I could have played with all day.

  2. I love this post! I got a puppy right out of college because I was lonely and needed a friend. Now, nine years later he is still my best friend. I’m sure my husband gets annoyed because the dog sorta comes first in my mind! Ooops. I have a black pub named Leo. He was a fun and wild puppy, but at the age of two promptly turned into an old man. I love it. He sleeps and snores, and LIVES to eat.

    I know puppies are expensive, so it would be hard without your extra income, but it might be easier to get your little Scottie while you are unemployed so you could train him, etc.

    Oh, and I feel you on the baby-love. I just started law school, so there will be no babies for a WHILE. It was very difficult to explain that to my internal clock…which has been ticking loudly for a while!

  3. I love my puppy. I cannot imagine living without him. I hope you get one!!!

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  5. I want a dog so bad too! Same reason – to get my through hubs’ law school. 🙂 But I really want a purse dog that I can take with me anywhere. Those terriers are so cute!

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