Football Fashion

boise state (This is from Boise State. I know Duoly Noted will be excited.)

Football season is here.

I’m not a girl who is really into sports. I love baseball, but I won’t sit at home and watch all the games. If we’re at a sports bar, I will follow along and boo and make comments, or if we’re playing those yucky Cubs, we’ll go and watch and hope and pray we don’t embarrass ourselves.

But football? Not my favorite.

If I get invited to go to a game, I’ll more than happily go, but I kind of hate watching it on tv. I love the Superbowl but that’s probably because of all the food and large groups of people and such.

I think it stops too much and takes too long and I never understand the why the heck they got a penalty unless it’s obvious (like when someone punches someone in the face. Then I get it)

Now hockey? Love it. Fights and awesome goals and even more amazing saves. And it’s nice and chilly in the arena.

But, with fall comes football and everyone seems excited about it.

Even more so, they are CRAZY about college football.

College sports in general is a phenomena that I will probably never understand. Where I lived, college sports meant nothing, basketball is a foreign idea, and we don’t riot when we win national championships, in any sport. In college sports, your teams changes constantly and if you have a favorite player, they will be gone and then you have to get a new jersey. In major league sports, there’s at least a better chance they will be around for a while.

And with the starts of college football season comes football fashion. Another thing that I haven’t gotten the grasp of.

Last week was Mr. A’s school’s home opener for football. I was tweeting about what I should wear and the response I got was unbelievable. I didn’t know it was such a big deal.

I went to school in a state that is considered southern, but it’s as north as you can be and still drink sweet tea without the people around you turning their noses up. I grew up, and now live in again, the midwest.

I’ve read about bloggers picking out their game day outfits months in advanced. I thought maybe they were ordering jerseys or speciaty shirts.

Nope. So very wrong. Full on dresses.

Dresses??? At a sporting event??? WHAT?

I’ve always worn the a shirt with the teams logo or the teams colors to any game I go to. Cards game? I wear my Victoria Secret baseball series shirt and cute pants/shorts. I make myself look cute, but I’m not dressing up. In college, I would wear one of my 20 school shirts and jeans, just like every other girl there. If someone was dressed up, we usually assumed they were freshman and needed to get over themselves.

The ONLY time I have EVER dressed up for a sporting event was when Mr. A was working for the governor’s office in undergrad. There was a huge dinner being held at our university and he was expected to attend, which meant I had to go. It was December, so I wore dress pants, my best heels, and some fancy dressed up top. (I would have worn a dress had it been more than 10 degrees outside.) The governor and his people then went to the basketball game and sat in the governor’s box. I went to say hello to friends and quit feeling like I was on the spot, and they made fun of me. Mr. A was in a nice suit and tie and here I was, all dressed up, in the student section, next to the guys who painted their chests. Totally out of place.

Now, I’m not making fun of anyone or putting anyone down if you dress up for your school’s sporting events. I’ve discovered that it seems like a southern thing, but it may not be limited to that.

I knew people who went to Ole Miss and I’ve seen pictures that shock me. Girls in very nice dresses. Very fancy looking. And this is the norm.

ole miss This girl is dressed up and in pearls. Granted, the solo cup knocks the look down a bit…haha

ole miss 2 Even the guys get into it. Button ups, ties for some, and every girl I can see is in a cocktail dress.

They look great, I just never understood.

Some people go in between. They will wear nice tops in the school colors and dressier pants/shorts.

For the game last week, I ended up in just a nice top and jeans. Everyone was in school shirts. And I wish I had pictures of what some of the freshman girls did to their shirts to look sexy. We just rolled our eyes…

So, am I the only one who didn’t know about this? What did your school do- super dressy or laid back in tees and jeans?



(Again, I hope no one thinks I’m making fun of anyone. I think it just varies by school atmosphere. And my schools weren’t very fancy at all. And our football team sucked.)



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13 responses to “Football Fashion

  1. At my alma mater, the most recent trend is the t-shirt dress, where girls have someone actually take one of their t-shirts and some corresponding fabric and make a strapless dress out of it. My thought: at least they’re wearing school colors. I am a die-hard sports fan, especially college sports, so I just wear what’s comfortable (i.e., jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt).

    My two sisters currently attend the same college that I did and one is into the whole dress-up-for-games thing and the other actually has some sense about her and dresses like me. 😉

  2. I’m an Auburn grad, so southern. We definitely dressed cute for football games, though I very rarely broke out a dress. (It’s still a sporting event after all!) Most of the really dressed-up people at college games (at least in the SEC) are Greek. Many fraternities require their members to bring dates to sporting events–and if you attend with a date, you dress up (tie and/or jacket). Dates dress accordingly.

    Side note: I LOVE HOCKEY! My one request for our honeymoon destination was that we go somewhere with a NHL team. We saw the Rangers at MSG. 🙂

  3. Sarah

    In the south, God created the world. And then He created football. I grew up going to high school football games (it helped that my mom taught at the school and they were always in the state championships). It was a very big deal. And then you graduate high school and go to college. Honestly, we just don’t do pro-sports down there (except baseball, and by baseball, I mean the Braves). I don’t know of anywhere else in the country where football is as serious as it is in the south.

    My college was a mix–you had the people who dressed up and the people who wore t-shirts. Most girls (the not skanky ones) would wear sundresses, cute tanks, or t-shirts. Guys would be in polos or button ups. But, at the end of the day, it’s the south, and you wear what will make you least likely to die of heat stroke. You’ll find that typically SEC teams dress up more than any other conference–I will never understand why one would wear pearls to a football game. You go to a football game to watch football and have fun, you don’t go so you can wear your Ann Taylor LBD and South Sea Pearls.

  4. When I started at Florida we wore t-shirts and shorts to games. By my sophomore year this was the exception, as most girls had started to wear dresses. A lot of it had to do with sitting in a block with our sorority and wanting to look appropriate when representing our letters. It was also challenging/fun to find orange and blue dresses that 20,000 other girls wouldn’t have. (This never happened. There are only so many orange and blue dresses available.) I honestly preferred it-dressed are a lot cooler than shorts, especially standing in 95 degree heat for four hours at a time.

    I’m glad to know there is another sports fan out there like me. I enjoy sports for the camaraderie, tailgates, and drinks but watching games is not something I would do alone on a Saturday afternoon. (Secretly, I’d rather be watching Real Housewives.)

    • I wasn’t in a sorority, but I am friends with a lot, and I guess that adds to the need/desire to dress up. And I’m all for going, like you, for the socialization, but when I’m home, I’m putting on Netflix or some trashy reality show and having myself a grand time. haha

  5. Notes from the Fatty File

    I went to a school where girls wore sundresses and pearls and guys wore khakis and ties (in the team color, of course). I am a total Yank, so this was really new to me but I thought it was fun because I’m not into football at all and I liked dressing up. The tradition has died down a lot, though, because right after I graduated, the new football coach asked fans to quit dressing like they were going to a cocktail party. T-shirts and sweatshirts are now the new norm.

  6. Sorority girls wear dresses at UT, and of course so do some girls who aren’t in sororities, but then they look like they are/were. I tend to go with a nice UT shirt (one year polos were all the range, the next year button downs, cute tanks are always a favorite) and a jean skirt or shorts with my cowboy boots. (All of the dresses are with boots.) Very few girls wear regular t-shirts (as opposed to fitted t-shirts), so I thought the law school girls wearing regular t-shirts stuck out like a sore thumb. Most upgraded their game day wardrobe after the first few home games! Generally my husband wears button downs now, but until about senior year he wore t-shirts. I have my eye on some cute new stuff this year, I might even splurge on a dress!

    • I think I’m going to invest in a cute fitted tee that will work for football and basketball. Or a polo is a good idea and I can wear it out and about and look like I have school spirit. ha

  7. We don’t have a football culture at my undergrad so dressing up didn’t really happen. Weird.

  8. YAY Boise State! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    I can’t believe people ever wear dresses to a football game, seriously? My undergrad didn’t have a football team but has a REALLY good basketball team and I have never EVER seen a girl in a dress at one of the games, and those are indoors. Maybe we are weird? Either way, I much prefer jeans and a tshirt supporting my team.

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